by Boots Hart, CAP

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Mercury Direct Reminder

 Pandora by John William Waterhouse (1896)

Now that everybody in the US has gotten Black Friday out of their system (or hair, depending) it's time to consider this: Mercury will go direct today on Monday, November 26th at 10:49 p.m., UT/+0 time.

That means that the "standard" allowance going into this station begins as this post goes up on Saturday, November 24th.

(And yes, there may have been twinges of Mercurial station effects even while you were out there shopping on Friday!)

Station allowance extensions aside, from the 26th, we move forward. Considering where Mercury is going direct (at 18 Scorpio). And that as it moves forward the first things which will be encountered (astrologically, that is) are Klotho (beginnings) and Pandora, a symbol about all which life throws at us while asking us to hold onto hope.

One suspects the week ahead will be interesting, to say the least.

Pandora carries with it that famous note of ‘swirling ills of the world’ which can be seriously testing. And that the objects currently just beyond Pandora (and within orb of Mercury's station station position) are Huya and Industria suggests that we will do best and accomplish the most through work or effort (Industria), succeeding in particular where we offer lessons we’ve personally learned the hard way.

And yes...for some, this will be the moment when you learn some lesson the hard way. That probably depends on how you (Mercury) think, and whether you think first and last in terms of (Scorpio) yourself or whether you are aware of others and willing to take everybody's needs, aims and priorities into account without trying to dominate, control, deny or manipulate them...or the situation.

Mercury stationing at 18 Scorpio is a sign of great emotionality which above all asks us what it is that we hold dear and why it’s so important to us.

Sometimes such a moment teaches us that what we’ve been holding onto really isn’t as important as where that idea of holding onto it comes from. In other words, is the ‘thing’ as important as the person or life moment which caused us to value it? Mom’s baking dish may be hugely sentimental to us, but the sentiment is about Mom and what Mom baked in that dish, not the heat-proof glass of the dish itself, right?

Do we value things correctly? That would seem to be the question now as (yes) half the world goes out shopping - which does make Pandora "opening the box" something of an interesting image for this event, don't you think?

Also...just incidentally - what do we think of Mercury going direct on Cyber Monday? Will it be an online squeaker? Or will stores rake in the big cheese? Only your mouse knows this part for sure, though since this station will take us right into the lunar eclipse on November 28th, choice is everything! it's not everything. As someone who has watched this stuff for some time, computers (particularly commercial computers) do the oddest things during Mercury stations. So print out those receipts and double check your statements. Try not to get over-rushed or over-hassled and be careful with your credit/debit cards and money.

Better to be safe than to find yourself standing in your kitchen in the dead of night going "EEEEK!," right?


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