by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, November 5, 2010

November's New Moon: Raining, Reining, Reigning Emotions

 A Florida freshwater swamp 
photo credit: United States Geological Survey (USGS)

Tomorrow's New Moon occurs at 4:53 (UT) at 13 Scorpio.  Metaphysically, this is a moment where experience and choice meet, symbolizing a moment in which we can choose to decide not only what we're going to do, but how we will feel about ourselves as we go about doing it. 

There are those who will simply go through this moment saying 'I can't help it.' That's very Moon-in-Scorpio and this is a Scorpio New Moon. There is a strength of loneliness portrayed in this image which is about safeguarding the Self; whether that is out of pride, out of fear - or out of an understanding that each person not only has the right but the responsibility to decide for themselves - that's the basic question.

With TNO Huya conjunct Vesta and Echo just ahead, the question is what will we do, what can we do which in being useful in general (or to others), paves the way for us, our existence, our security, our taking that next step towards things we want to do and accomplish.

With Scorpio's first ruler being Mars, and Mars here being in Sagittarius conjunct Eros, our desires play a very large part here. Yet as indicated by Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) the real question is why we desire what we desire.

Those who understand this 'why' will do better than those who follow their cravings more blindly.

And the stakes? They seem particularly high at this moment, seeing as the outcome ruler of Scorpio (Pluto) is in Capricorn, conjunct Hel. Being that Pluto as Scorpio's outcome ruler is all about the emotions of elation or despair we experience as a result of what we've chosen to do (or stances we've chosen to take), this Pluto/Hel at 3 Capricorn tells us that we are now in position to use the New Moon symbolism of "beginnings" to move towards means, ends and interactions which will either heal our troubles or plunge us into a maelstrom (Hel) of our own actual making.

What separates plus from minus here? Mostly our ability to reign in our own point desires and personal point of view to the point that what we do becomes a 'rainmaking' event first and foremost in the lives of those around us and hopefully, farther afield.

And we need to have timing. And patience. That the Full Moon (the 'fruition' of this moment) happens just as Venus and Jupiter have both come out of retrograde - and that Venus will at that time be finally moving out of its 'standstill degree' (the symbolic 'taking a step forward')...that's when what we do - or at least decide to do now - begins to free us from whatever sludge we feel emotionally burdened by in this moment.

To have the New Moon positioned in an emotional degree of a sign (Scorpio) which the Moon is neither graceful nor gracious in tells us things feel particularly 'sticky' at the moment. We're touchy. Everybody's touchy. We're frustrated. We feel diminished in our natural power and easily put upon by life itself.

That's the challenge. And if we recognize that in each challenge lies the kernel of its solution, maybe we'll all do well. We cannot have what we want unless others get what they want too. This thus is a moment to think in terms of 'us' - the all-inclusive 'us,' regardless of preference or drive. What do we all share? What do we all need? 

 The Atchafalaya swamp basin
photo source: US Army Corps of Engineers

There's a good reason Scorpio is so often associated with swamps. Swamps can be stagnant and kill life - or be the most fertile environment on planet earth. Whether any swamp is one or the other is all about whether water (water being the metaphysical image of emotion) passes through the swamp fast enough and constant or consistently enough to keep the system fresh (not stale, not toxic) and well supplied with nutrients.
For us, this is about fear and resistance and hoarding. This is about locking people out or locking ourselves in. This is about being too strict or too lenient - yes, swamps can be ruined by floods as easily as they can sour and decay if sources and outlets get plugged up.

Those who understand this in terms of their own life, their own situations and their own question will, in dealing with the 'not enough' or the 'too much' or the 'nothing new' or the 'overly toxic', recognize how to solve their own problems...and from this moment, move towards new and better functioning solutions.


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