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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Neptune-Damocles Station Effects: Layering on Reflectivity

Neptune and Aphrodite (Venus) - detail from
a painting by Frans-Fracken de Jungere


This post is about a pair of astrological signal lights suddenly beginning to blink. And of the many lights which could go off at the same time, to have those symbolizing Neptune and Damocles going direct...what, at the same moment ?

That's a celestial odd couples if there ever was one! 

And yet...that's what's happening. So on one hand, it's up to us to cope. And on the other, those among us who have some sort of belief or faith that What Is happens when its supposed to happen...? Those folks will say these are the attributes we are supposed to learn about at this time.

Specifically, this pair of attributes. 

But maybe you're not so familiar with these two? Or maybe you've never considered them in tandem? Well then - you've come to the right place! That's why we gather here several times each and every muse over (and occasionally get all aghast about) the doings of life and the the universe - which is surely more convoluted and surprising than we suspect! what's up here? For one, Neptune is an immortal and Damocles is a mortal - which astrologically pretty much comes out to the difference between something we are and something we experience, do or choose.

Put another is fate (Neptune) and one is free will (Damocles). And yet in either case, if is what you do about the situation once you're in it.

There are certainly longer forms of the Neptune and Damocles stories than we're going to go into here. If you want to read them, here a full scale article Damocles link...and here are the links to Neptune Part 1 and Neptune Part 2 articles at Daykeeper Journal. (And yes, all these articles are by yours truly.)

Getting back to our musings and ponderings however, Neptune is about to go direct in late Aquarius: the emotionality of our world society and how we feel about said world society. And Damocles? Damocles is also going direct in Aquarius - but in the Aquarian 2nd decan.

What's a decan? From the Latin 'deca' meaning 'ten,' a decan or decanate is a group of ten degrees. The first - of any sign - is physical and pro-active. The third is experiential - results, reactions and responses from the world around us.

And the second? That being degrees 10 through 19 of any sign, that decan is where the sign manifests emotionally or through evoking our emotions. 

So if you start with Aquarius - the world, what I get from the world and how I'm treated in the world - and you add emotionality and funnel it all through the testy and testing measures which are so very Damocles (how everything looks easy until you're the person in the hot seat making the hard decisions)....'at'sa pretty darn toasty hot seat, no?

Ouch - yes!

Then we have to deal with Neptune. Neptune is famous (yea verily, infamous) for its ability to fog issues, delude us, inspire us while baffling us. And Neptune in Aquarius? That's about life itself. About our ability to deal with the world and be understood by it. That's about finding our place in the world and getting what we should get from that world.

Neptune clouding these issues? That would seem to spell a lot of insecurity. Or what seems like irrationality. People who make no sense, and getting presented with options which would seem to be either too good or not enough, which when real turn out to be nothing and which are served up like slices of pie in the sky which we're supposed to believe in but which....what, we really think that's going to hold water?

Whenever a planet goes on station, its effects are felt as is intensified. Life seems 'full of that' for those given moments. So Neptune plus Damocles? Let's just say these next couple of days are not likely to be filled with peace. More like a bunch of internal question marks, most likely!

And when is this going to happen? Well, since both planet Neptune and comet Damocles go direct on November 7th, that means station effects start tomorrow - November 5th - and continue through two days after the station, which would be November 9th.

Understanding that astrological effects work like swinging doors (that is, we can be walking into the mess or the mess can be being delivered to us on what in this case is likely to be a tarnished silver tray...) our quandaries, puzzlements and downright despairings on what to do about....whatever ....can be about looking at the world (who can fix THAT?)....

...about what we can do about our lot in the world (heavens to Betsy...what ever am I to do NOW?)...

...or about what's going on in our personal world which prevents us from even being able to really cope with that other stuff (don't bother me with that stuff, I have my own catastrophe in progress...!).

Or any combination of the above (she says, trying to smile in spite of an inner conviction that her face may possibly crack).

 The Sword of Damocles (1539)
source: Artshooter

Last week we had Nessus go direct as Mars moves into Sagittarius - just as bodies as yet unnamed tried to ship packages containing explosives into the United States). Mars equaling things which are 'new or foreign to us' combined with Nessus' 'poisonous jealousy, even beyond death' is very fitting to this scenario. And to many a dynamic I heard floating around at that moment. 

The point in raising this is so that you can understand what Neptune/Damocles may be going into this joint station/retrograde. You thought last week was a bump in the night, a shudder of the window, a crinkling of you wanted-to-be-peaceful-and-lovely-day?

This is likely to be stronger. Not necessarily worse, just stronger in its effect on you. Mind you...there may or may not be any real tragedy here at all. But the effect of this moment is one where we all are likely to feel a sense of 'OMG..I hadn't thought about that!'

And that may just be the point. Maybe we should all stop insisting and hoping (instead of doing something about things) and trying to cling to our ideals....maybe we should all deal with reality?

Those who don't, or tend not to? Those are the people who will feel this station the most strongly. Those who are used to sorting fact from fiction and who get how to enjoy the moment without relying on it will do okay. Those who don't...? They're going to have a few problemos.

The station occurs on Sunday. Lore suggests that events which happen prior to that time have yet to fully unfold. Events (recognitions, realizations) which happen in the wake of the station but before station effects end are like as not about learning the lesson(s) implied.

Of course, with all of this happening under Venus retrograde, it all feels a bit more oppressive than it might otherwise. But this too is part of a process. It's not fate as in 'no option' - this is fate as in here's the situation - what are you going to do about it?

Considering we are likely to be able to see the possible difficulties and dangers of the situation (a nice Damocles touch) there is a distinct possibility that this can indeed be a turning point when we stop ourselves from going over some brink. Neptune is a wholly positive signal in that it's premier theme - that of ego negation - allows us now to take a breath and see where we have maybe put the cart before the horse. Or where we have made a really bad bet and need to cut our losses.

Whatever happens, this is yet another one of those odd moments in time which believe it or not, is meant to allow us to educate ourselves. On what? On who we are, and what actually will work, never mind what we want to work or think should work.

Sometimes that square peg just won't go into that round hole. Do we want to break ourselves, others or our world - or are we willing to admit we may need to refine our ideas and ideals, that maybe we have gone down a wrong road, that maybe we need to take a more productive tact? 

What can I tell you? Life has its Damocles recognitions and its Neptunian quandaries. It's up to us how we deal with them each and every time they arise - yet again!


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