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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Klotho/Lust Direct: Wanting Anew or Not

 The Greek Fates
by Alfred Agache (c. 1885)

Klotho is one of the three Greek Fates. Like many Greek concepts, the one of 'fate' as the Greeks saw it was not what we tend to think of today - i.e., "fated." That's pretty simply demonstrated by the concepts the three Greek fates embodied, too. Klotho is 'the beginning,' Lachesis is 'the duration' and Atropos is 'the end.'

Everything pretty much embodies these three qualities, and with a few exceptions (God, the Big Bang) we all understand that how that works. Everything starts somewhere, whether it's a relationship, the decision to bake a cake, a plague, a tectonic continental shift...there is a source, there is a process, and there is an end. They go by a lot of names (for instance: source-start-beginning; process-growth-maturation; end-result-conclusion) but it all amounts to pretty much the same thing, give or take the situation you're discussing.

This totality of a cycle...this is what the Greeks called Fate. And thus the three fates (Klotho, Lachesis, Atropos) represent stages in a process.
Klotho is the start or beginning or inception, decision, initiation...however you want to refer to it. And since that list of words is very much like a set of keywords for Aries, we would guess that Klotho in Aries is when initiations come more naturally to us than at other times.

OR...when they're maybe supposed to? And if they don' that about Klotho, or is that about us?

Oh go one's looking, go ahead and sigh at yet another thing you're supposed to be dealing with in life. After all, if you don't get off the Klotho mark and  Klotho/start dealing with things as they should be dealt with, they won't get dealt with and that's your not having utilized your Klotho power, right?

Yes could put it that way. And yet...there are those people who Klotho themselves right into a corner. We can decide not to do anything. Or we can quit trying. That's Klotho in a whole other guise.

And what follows from either....? That's the (Greek) fate we create (Klotho) depending on how we handle the doing/not doing of our lives.

Love Sacred and Love Profane
Giovanni Baglione (1602)

On the other hand, Lust is not about existing or the grand cycle of existence. It's about the drives which shape that which will manifest. 

So when we think of Klotho and Lust in the same breath, Klotho is the 'theoretical determinative,' of the thing. Will it be? Will it not be? And Lust is the nature of that being - which against the idea of Klotho as a fire sign-friendly entity would tend to make Lust emotional and thus more at home in waters signs - and perhaps most at home in Scorpio, the fixed sign of learning how emotions work (ours and those of others) through choices which at some level are forcing us to risk personal values.

As it happens, Lust is not going direct in Scorpio - it's going direct at 29 Pisces, a sign all about how we feel about our feelings. Or, in this case, maybe more about how our fixations (Lust) in having created expectations (a typical Pisces issue) are rewarded or defeated.

Or maybe how rewarding they are in general...or how through either giving in to or avoiding our Lusty fixations - how those (Klotho) decisions do or don't get us where we want to get in life.

That Klotho is going direct in Aries says 'yes, what we choose to do and not do determines what we get out of life.' And that may be in this moment - or in general. How have our lusts and decisions over the course of time led us to where we are today, in this moment, with or without whatever expectations of success or failure we do or don't have?

Now, as I'm sitting here typing about Klotho and Lust going direct, are you asking yourself 'why are there so many direct and retrograde notices going up lately? It used to be so simple!' 

The answer to that is sort of simple too - and it's all about the 'information age.' Certainly the internet and blogs like this one have allowed astrologers to get out there and broadcast information. But let's not forget that the advances in science (astronomy and astrophysics in particular) have just added a whole bunch of new objects to the list of what we can now follow and explore as clockwork cogs in this vast Existence we are part of.

And it's fitting that we have more points. Why? Because with every passing day we learn more about how biology and physiology and how psychology is it's own thing and yet connected by dendrites (body workings) to the physical side of life! Every day brings us advances in the understanding of geo-magnetics, gravity and how solar flares and storms affect so many things Earthly - like communication technologies.

But does get a little mind-boggling, which is why it's good that handy lists of articles are available to you in blog sidebars, allowing you to remind yourself of what's been going on. And as you learn more astrology, then you're able to see the patterns in your life and in life in general ever more clearly.

As an astrologer, let me assure you this will not (repeat, NOT!) solve all your problems! But they will give you an understanding of what's going on. And in time, that understanding will allow you both to cope with the present and to look ahead...gleaning from patterns yet to come what happens when, and how the chiming of those cosmic hours sing out when you can be most effective in one or another part of life.

Okay! So enough for the commercial. Back to our Lustful, Klothonic program.

Of these two objects, Lust goes direct first - that even happening on November 15th at 7:35 (UT). And why talk about that now? Because remember - all stations, be they stationary/direct or stationary/retrograde (and whether of a planet, dwarf planet, TNO, asteroid, wandering comet or anything else) - they all get a two day 'station allowance' before and after station exactitude. So Lust's station effects begin on November 13 in the early-ish morning and extend to November 17th in the early-ish morning.

Klotho will go direct at 8:42 in the evening (UT) on November 15, giving it the same November 13 through 17th station effect window.

As noted, Klotho will go direct in Aries. 4 Aries, to be exact. This being a degree noted for 'indiscriminate growth,' it's important to chose what you get into, as whatever started is likely to go somewhere whether you want it to or not.

On the Lust side, going direct at 19 Pisces adds a distinct challenge which is said to be of a 'physical and material nature.'

Together, is this something getting out of hand? Going too far? Having unanticipated repercussions? Probably that and more.

Moreover - and maybe most importantly - this is not just about life's situations: this is about us. These symbols appear in each and every chart, and like all main belt asteroids represent qualities in perception which lie between what we want and aim to do (Mars)...and the actual understanding and knowledge which governs not only just how to, but whether to will or should do any given thing (Jupiter).

Lust and Klotho - by main belt definition - denote issues which manifest in us. They're part of our thinking. Or maybe more to the point...whether we think. Or think things through. Or think better. Or consider all the parameters. Will we think only in terms of ourselves...or will we take others into account? And what are our thoughts based on...imagination? Feelings? The reality of now or possibilities, future and consequence? 
What do we focus on? Are we capable of overcoming our own focus with greater perspective and parameters....or are we overwhelmed? Has being overwhelmed or overcome (i.e., fixated) become a norm?

There are a million ways to conjugate these ideas and obviously given how unique charts are (they only repeat once every 26,000 years or so without using any of the 'new fangled' asteroids, dwarf planets et al!)...we obviously can't come up with every permutation possible in a simple, two-dimensional blog log.

But what we can say is this: a couple of weeks ago, Nessus went direct. When Nessus went direct, we all became a little more aware of difficulties in interpersonal dynamics. Then Chiron went direct - and we all realized we would have to go outside our comfort zone in order to achieve that we yet don't know how to do...but really want as part of our lives.

Then Damocles and Neptune went direct, throwing in a whole bucket filled with not just confusion, but the recognition of how confused we may actually be. Or maybe how confused we've been. Or how we tend to confuse ourselves.

After that came Eos going direct, bringing in all the questions of instinct, good and bad, proper and unproductive, noble and undermining.

Now with Lust and Klotho going direct, we have a chance to 'fix our fixations.' Attention may be good. But a fixation? And lest we deny that we know what our fixations are, chances are life will provoke us! Yes, either we'll get dragged away from something we're fixated on...or something will get tossed in our face, lap (or wherever) forcing us to deal with some fixation we have...or maybe even a fixation against getting involved in something! You fixations? Or doing something about something which needs fixing instead of just being a life fixation?

And whether our fixation is on starting, or on not starting. Or starting but never carrying through because we're so dependent on the urge and not the understanding of what's at stake to be gained or gone without.

The Chinese character for love looks like this:

The image of this letter-character-sinograph is explained as being a heart surrounded by acceptance, and  'feeling/perception.' In that, like in astrology, it is a picture of an idea which is a fusion of various factors and internal personal forces.

We have a chance to begin anew now, through every interaction and situation which fills our coming days, weeks and months. Back on August 23, 2010, Klotho went retrograde at 16 Aries, an emotional degree of a sign all about the Self. Retrogrades being all about our internal life, we've all been struggling with who we're supposed to become since that time.

Even before that (on July 23rd to be precise) - Lust went retrograde at 3 tandem with Jupiter. Same day, same degree: Jupiter (knowledge) and Lust (fixated focus) went retrograde together. That signaled a July which for many a reason in many a life had us turning inside.

And by mid-August - when Klotho went retrograde - we all realized we needed to begin making internal (retrograde) changes. Events were unfolding to reveal that the old ways weren't going to make it any more. We needed to expand our perspective, our horizons our world. We needed new answers.

All very Jupiter.

So we began to focus on what wasn't working. And the more it didn't work, the more it bugged us, niggled us, made us feel itchy and twitchy, in need of release from this...confined wrongness.

How very, very Lust. Or Lustful, if you prefer.

And yes, we'd all like to think the process of change is easy. Once you realize you need to change, can't you just go do it?

Unfortunately, evidently not. Jets hold their brakes on while building up thrust before they roar down the runway and take off. Chicks struggle to break out of eggs. Runners build up momentum before taking their leap in the long jump.

This is the other side of the retrograde. Retrogrades manifest as periods when we look inside, see what's wrong, figure out what we should-could-want to try next then force us to build up enough momentum (and maybe sufficient frustration to translate into determination) that when celestial symbols go direct, we're primed for action. If it takes letting go of something, we find the courage to do so. If it takes getting past our ego, we're so sick of being held back that we toss ego aside.

And we say that, we also know there will be resisters. Spoil sports. Stick-in-the-muds.

Yet life does seem to evolve, doesn't it?

Some want. Some want not.

What are you focusing on?


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