by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Moon in Aquarius ... Sun in Pisces

According to NASA, 'a new moon occurs when the moon and sun are at the
same geocentric ecliptic longitude.' Astrologers refer to that as 'conjunct.'
(NASA-Goddard Space Center, June 2011)
Like every other last degree of any sign, 29 Aquarius is imparted with a stressful sort of energy either about trying to get something done before some deadline, or before it can’t be done any more.

Then again, you may be all about getting past ‘this’ in order to get to that next thing ... person ... opportunity.

It’s all in the way we approach this moment of a New Moon, yet either way, what we have been doing - even if we continue doing it - is going to change. In real time and daily awareness terms this change is likely to be subtle. But it will change now as the cycle begun back on January 20th (UT/+0) at the 0 Aquarius New Moon moves out of last (lunar) month’s more physical/’doing’ first decanate sort of mode into a more reacting-to-that-which-is-going-on third decan sort of mode.

But still conceptual mind you, meaning this next month’s issues and emotional (lunar) concerns are going to center in the idea of the thing as it stands right now rather than the (earthy) physicality of it or the (elementally watery) emotional cost of it - or the (fire) vision of possibilities, good or otherwise.

The New Moon at 29 Aquarius (glyph chart)
February 18, 2015 - 23:47 (11:47 p.m., UT+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
The New Moon at 29 Aquarius (text chart)
February 18, 2015 - 23:47 (11: 47 p.m., UT+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Year 2015 is starting out with two air sign cycles, which either means we’re going through a time when we’re very much emotionally invested in ideas and concepts ... or when we should be.

It depends - and considering Aquarius’ reputation for being a sign which delivers things in a singular impassive manner which even when it isn’t directly critical can sometimes feel terribly denigrating, like as not we shouldn’t be looking for a particularly cuddly time.

And yet... the Sun is about to move into Pisces, that most universal of emotional periods. So what could this possibly be about?

For one, it may be about the fact that this New Moon has only two aspects, the first of which comes from  Mars being at 29 Pisces at this New Moon ... and the second of which comes from Saturn doing Saturn things at 4 Sagittarius.

29 Pisces to 29 Aquarius being only thirty degrees, this ‘critical’ (read: intense) degree Aquarian Moon comes inscribed with a note of feeling daunted. Or maybe frustrated.

Plus ... (and maybe more importantly) ... 29 Pisces is the degree of the Solar Eclipse our lovely Planet Earth is going to experience in just over a month now on March 20th.

Twenty-nine degrees of Pisces is just like 29 degrees of Aquarius in that it can either represent our trying to fix something or make it work as it should before some ‘deadline’ or point where for whatever reason it “won’t matter any more” ... or our trying to get through something or past something (think: ‘I’m just counting the days until...’) because you want to get to the next thing, which here is theoretically an Aries thing pointing to wanting to be able to do things the way you think they should be... or the way you think you should be being able to do them.

And all of this - being so very Piscean in nature means this is all about the reality of those desires and hopes of yours. Pisces is not exactly about the ‘thing’ we’re trying to do, you see ... its about all the emotional issues which could possibly come up while we’re doing that thing. Or because we do that thing.

Or even because we though we could ... or should do that thing.

And given that this is Pisces we are talking about, not only is the ‘thing’ something which we have some depth of feeling about ... but whatever happens to that thing or to our efforts ... that will also affect our emotional perspective and/or sense of calm in such a way that we begin to realize somewhere in our heart of hearts where we have been ... and probably still are (to some extent, and probably more than we know or want to admit to) in danger of allowing our Self to be led astray.

Not by others, mind you - but by that Self of ours which is either by being too malleable or too indeterminative (probably much to our dismay) gets us into some sort of jam with ourselves (read: not necessarily with others, but surely with our Self) because our own history leaves us vulnerable to marginalizing or negating that part of our Self which if correctly valued becomes the lynchpin which actually does make things work.

It’s just getting to that issue which we’re unlikely to like.

Meanwhile, this New Moon is also in a square to Saturn while Saturn is sitting at the apex of a t-square which the New Moon itself isn’t (by standard orb) a part of.

Plus Saturn’s sitting at 4 Sagittarius, a degree it arrived in on February 9th and which it will remain in through its date of station (March 14) until in retrograde Saturn reaches 3 Sagittarius on April 18th.

And yes, it will return to 4 Sagittarius (a degree known to go from quiet to savage in nothing flat if properly provoked) later this year, between October 31st and November 8th, to be exact.

The t-square which doesn't involve the New Moon appears to be bent on eliminating or 'dissolving' something (the goal being Neptune). But there's something in the way.

And that which is in the way evidently is waiting on something else ... which is a problem everyone is having, transferring the gumming of works all along some (Saturn) timeline time.

In terms of the New Moon configuration however, Saturn squaring the New Moon tells us to consider what we do in the weeks ahead carefully. Like all squares, ‘weighing’ each ‘side’ of every issue is important, though in the end the resolution of squares depends on not dealing with each thing separately but as part of a structural balance either in its own right or in terms of some balance which must be struck (most likely with your Self) about how to go about things.

For some, this process will be the proverbial piece of cake. For most of us, however ... things won’t be insipidly or blissfully easy. That we are given to know here because that which is ‘challenging’ the New Moon (Saturn) is also the foundational ruler of Aquarius, sign this New Moon is in.

Again, some of us have sufficient self-discipline or healthy enough work habits (you know, the stuff of Saturn structuring) to not go overboard in any (or every) direction. But not all of us are likely to be as seamlessly integrated. Fissures and fractures of every kind may well arise during this lunation ... or as a result of something done during this lunation.

Or maybe this lunation is about avoiding just that. Will we make some sort of concerted effort to embrace that which is universal and systemically functional, allowing for differences while honoring the whole?

Are we even willing to feel?

That quality or quotient of feeling - that may be greatly absent in some minds and some situations until the lunar cycle itself hits next month’s watery eclipse. Lore describes 29 Pisces alternately as a stoic and fearful, as a great spirit of deep wisdom and a cosmic nitwit fully capable of snatching defeat from those glistening jaws of victory.

Astrologically, Mars sitting at the degree of next month’s solar eclipse sets its clock to ticking.

Or ticking more loudly, perhaps we should say. That the New Moon occurs at 23:48 (11:48 p.m.) on the 18th and the Sun exits Aquarius only three minutes later speaks of being pushed to some edge within our Self even as we’re pushing ourselves to some edge where letting go and accepting our mortality becomes our only choice.

To some degree, the Sun's passage through Pisces is always lived behind the scenes. Problems occur when we're hiding from our Self - or from reality, to whatever extent ... with the problem being that so long as the Sun remains in Pisces its perfectly possible we may not notice. Or that we'll make some excuse, because under Pisces our first instinct is to try and make sure nothing is ever about us - that's the basic emotional position.

And yet it is about us. Entirely about us. This moment and this cycle, this isn’t about ‘them’ ... what they say, what they want, what they may come to think, feel or do.

It’s about us: the core, crux and most private parts of us. If you have something you don’t want to think about, this is the kind of cycle which can evoke it. If you know you’ve done something you don’t want to feel you were a part of, this cycle can get your heartstrings strung up tight.

We’re all going to go about our lives wearing our social(Aquarian lunar cycle) masks, day in, day out.

But inside we’re going to be wrestling with some melting dream of important personal measure.


  1. You're brilliant! This is exactly how I feel - I think..... emotional undercurrents and sooo vague, I can't get a grip on them. Perhaps its time to visit my basement and see what aspects of self are feeling neglected - or waiting for me to discover them. The new moon is sitting on my Aquarian ASC and heading for my Mars in Pisces. I might just stay in the basement. Thank you again for your wonderful insight, Taleya

    1. You're welcome - I'll tell the digital butler to bring you some tea to keep you company in that mental basement of yours. Do you take honey?