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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pallas in Scorpio

In keeping with the Sabian Symbol for 0 Scorpio ('A Crowded Sightseeing Bus On a City Street'),
the photo above is of a sightseeing bus in 1909 Salt Lake City, Utah
(Commercial photo taken on assignment, published c. 1909, now in public domain)

That asteroid Pallas is entering Scorpio but a few days ahead of the solar eclipse at 0 Scorpio describes something simple in theory...and perhaps difficult to act on.

In short, what is wanted, perhaps needed - or which is simply becoming part of some consideration or some situation is a bit of perspective. Pallas represents our more cerebral side - including something of an independent quality which may  simply describe being alone in one’s thoughts, or something you do on your own.

Then again, Pallas can signify the moment when we gain perspective on our thoughts. Or when we finally stop to think things through, thereby gaining perspective on what’s happened and what needs to happen next.

And while all that is well and good, none of it - at least on the face of it - is all that Scorpio by nature. 

As part of the zodiac’s interactive (third) quadrant, Scorpio requires interactive involvement, whether with others or in the service of some cause, aim or effort - or even just because in order to comprehend we need to dig deeper or get more involved or more intimate with some subject.

When we find ourselves pitted against our concern for our reputation, that’s Scorpio, a sign which at its heart pits us against our own feelings about, and ability to risk. We approach Scorpio situations thinking about how to make it ‘work for us,’ and we focus on the thing, the other, the plan and what we ‘need’ to do.

But make no mistake - the issue isn’t ‘them’ or that goal, it’s how we’ll feel if we succeed... and how we’ll feel, most of all about our Self, if we don’t succeed, if we don’t win, if we lose all control of what’s going to happen. Every form of investment which comes with the risk of loss, be that an investment of time, money, hope or life is intrinsically Scorpio.

In short, Scorpio involves emotional intensity and focus while Pallas is all about taking a step back and establishing calm. Particularly mental calm.

It’s something of a dichotomy.

Or is it? If we were to stop and think about how or why we feel so strongly about something, whether positive or negative. Pro or con, Scorpio is all about strong feelings - and if we stop to think about them, that act of considering, providing we think with our head and not our heart (or some other body part), that would be rather distinctly Pallas.

Of course there are many ways for this to work. As Pallas comes into Scorpio as of October 19th at 1:09 in the afternoon UT/+0 time, you may change your mind about something. This doesn’t have to involve anything earth-shattering though it could, particularly because the solar eclipse about to happen.

And of course, the fact that in arriving at 0 Scorpio, Pallas is symbolically setting eclipse processes in motion, which may prove beneficial as the negatives associated with 0 Scorpio tend to be exacerbated by frustrations and misunderstandings along with situations which allow strength and/or resources to be purposefully used for private purposes or for any gain which is perpetrated through the auspices of unfair practice.

Will Pallas entering Scorpio mean an end to so much bad behavior? It may, and where it doesn’t end disagreements it well may signal the dawning of a will to be rational and figure things out or talk them through. That may take a bit of time to come to fruition (or alternately, for anything to come of such conversations) as Mercury is in retrograde until October 25th. But there would seem to be some sort of ‘reward’ coming down the pike...

...and it’s name is Saturn.

Why Saturn?

Simply because of this: as Pallas enters Scorpio, there is a Yod in the ingress chart.

 The transiting Yod of October 19th
This Yod doesn’t involve Pallas directly, no. However, though with this figure centered on 24 degrees of Taurus, Sagittarius and Libra, since at the time of ingress the Sun will be at 25 degrees of Libra and therefore conjunct Pallas at 0 Scorpio, there is a connection, it's just there's a little distance there.

You know...the kind of distance which allows for perspective - in this case on 'the relationship,' which may be literal (as in two people in a relationship of any positive or negative type) or which may refer to the kind of perspective which allows us to see how two things relate without any personal involvement.

That would be very Pallas.

As to the Yod, this particular Yod will like as not occur with a lot of people trying to hold their position while cutting off (rejecting, eliminating, ignoring, etc.) others, specifically those whose knowledge (i.e., raw information, facts) feel threatening.

Presented in Taurus as a confluence of Sedna and fixed star Capulus at 24 Taurus, these threats do not have to be real. Or extreme. They can be, mind you, but they’re just as likely to involve something totally everyday, such as the parent who tells their child that it’s time to take a bath and go to bed in just the right way or at just the right moment to trigger that child’s budding instinct to be their own person - a situation which every parent has probably seen erupt into dire protests even when nothing truly dismal is seriously at stake.

Meanwhile, as with all Yods, the ‘solution point’ is in opposition to the ‘tail’ of the Yod, that ‘tail’ being what we all instinctively seem to grab hold of in trying to steer some Yod-like situation. So the answer is not Taurean - it’s not actually about security even though it may be described in seriously insecure security terms. Instead, the answer is posed at 24 Scorpio, a degree which though known for difficulties (even tragedies) and the appearance of negativity is actually highly directed and fully capable of respectable (and respected) tangible achievements which though presented on a time-table (and/or in an order) which may mystify others, proves viable and virtuous over time.

Saturn arrives at 24 Scorpio on November 2nd (UT/+0) and will remain at this degree through November 10th, stirring up all the standard Saturn themes of responsibility, limitations, achievements, age, stability, career, work and effort...which because Saturn will be opposing Sedna at that point spells either resistance and denial or the acceptance of truths which don’t ‘fit’ some image or notion we have come into this time believing in.

 Pallas enters Scorpio (glyph chart)
October 19, 2014 - 1:09 p.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Not Location Specific)

 Pallas enters Scorpio (text chart)
October 19, 2014 - 1:09 p.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Not Location Specific)
Saturn-Sedna speaks to how ‘should’ be - not that there’s any ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ here, though there is a question of maturity and wisdom. And for this combination to come into any relationship which may represent challenges to what motivates us as Mercury re-enters Scorpio (activating the 0 Scorpio eclipse degree again) speaks most of all to where we stand with/within our Self.

Do we have perspective? Are we willing to see beyond some natural conviction or personal horizon?

Whether things are working well or off track is hardly the Pallas question as what Pallas in Scorpio asks us is:

a.) Whether we even know how to see our Self and the life around us without any passionate coloration,


b.) Whether we are willing to endure the internal trepidations which may come from our choosing to set various outlooks, orientations and biases aside as we decide to risk our ego standing with ourselves in exchange for an opportunity to gain some sort of greater or more honest understanding.

And at the moment - which is to say as Pallas enters Scorpio, that ‘understanding’ is (like as not) going to expose some factor or facet relating to how we are none of us as innocent as we’d like to think we seem.

Again, that’s not about what we are, mind’s as we’d like to think we seem.

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