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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ceres in Sagittarius

Just below and to the right of the center of this photograph is the Milky Way's
Galactic Center - which is currently located at 27 Sagittarius
(Photo credit: G Kopan, R Hurt, Caltech)
Asteroid Ceres will be entering Sagittarius late on Monday (UT/+0) time - at 22:04 (10:04 p.m.), to be exact. Which first of all means that as this post goes to digital press, Ceres will be positioned at 29 Scorpio, a degree known as more inward than otherwise and particularly bent towards figuring out or doing whatever sort of investigating is needed in order to understand what’s ‘behind’ things or comprehend either how something works - particularly with an eye to stabilizing some situation.

Which as we all know would in Scorpio ultimately mean a stabilizing of feelings and/or reactions: the situation creates the emotionality because it touches on some insecurity or vulnerability in each and any one of us.

And that’s just the degree. 29 Scorpio is also the current position of fixed star Toliman, a star which in being the foot (or hoof, if you prefer) of the Centaur is connected both to life-long learning (the habit of learning or learning to learn) and either the sense of being grounded or learning to be grounded.

It’s a star which seems to represent how we light our own way...and as such is a very thematic ‘doorway’ to Sagittarius, zodiac land of expansion and all we learn through the process of expanding on any level, some of which we like - and some of which we tend not to like all that much.

As for Ceres, it’s easy to think of Ceres in earthy and rather pragmatic terms as particularly by transit Ceres both acts a bit like a yes-no, stop-start “traffic light” and a personal GPS the point of which is (in the end) more or less about our Self depending on where Ceres is in our natal chart (and how its aspected and all such things) plus the house Ceres is transiting as it leaves Scorpio’s hot-and-cold water for realms which are as boundless as we imagine them to be.

At least in Sagittarian theory.

But all is hardly negative here as Ceres and Sagittarius go together not quite like peanut butter and jelly but more like rubber tread meeting road: Ceres provides the plan (or the need to plan) and Sagittarius either provides the need or opportunity to get things done - a quality which may motivate us to get out of neutral and into gear...or which in keeping with other recent events (like Mars entering Capricorn) speak to the actual getting to the issue - whatever that issue may be. Where Mars in Sagittarius contributes just a bit (just a bit?) to spinning our wheels and instances of getting dizzied by options, problems, details, input or other things, Ceres in Sagittarius is a plus for organization and for at least a focus on priorities if not an out-and-out letting go of Things Unnecessary.

There is a nurturing quality to Ceres which in the immediate tends to be the nurturing of something (the idea, the project, the plan, the effort...even our tolerance, perseverance, curiosity or willingness to be less defensive and more open). But beyond this there’s a reason...a rationale...a ‘plan’ which is eventual and much bigger than this moment.

And that’s the plan we’re most interested in - and, if truth be told, most vested in.

A diagram of Ceres orbit at October 27, 2014
(Generated by the JPL small body database)
Ceres will be in Sagittarius until January 9, 2015 - just over two months, which is rather quick for an object with a 4.6 year-long orbit. What does that suggest metaphysically? Well for one that we may have to hustle our bustle, lest we not get everything done - which in turn suggests there is (and is going to be) a lot which needs doing and to get done. As a combination Ceres in Sagittarius also suggests a need to secure new/more resources and to harbor or conserve what resources we have - which could be about some problem or blockage in some system (Mercury will be revving up to go retrograde just as Ceres completes this passage)...but it may just be because we don’t have the time or inclination to have more details or more things we need to deal with.

It all depends. Again - check your chart, and when in doubt, talk to a qualified astrologer.

There are a few dates we could cite as Ceres makes its way through Sagittarius though. The first would be November 18-20 as Ceres conjuncts royal star Antares.

Plan on not obsessing. Or obsess about your plans - whichever works.

Ceres-wise, nothing appears globally all that fascinating thereafter until December 8/9, when Ceres will be in conjunction with the Sun as part of a transiting grand trine/kite which just happens to occur with Jupiter on station (to go retrograde) at 22 Leo.

By itself (which is to say, apart from anything else which may be happening at the time) this amalgamation would seem to speak not to what we could or can do with-for-with regards to others, but what we should do - particularly if we want things to go more easily/pleasantly somewhere down the line. Plus, that Ceres will move on, degree by degree, while remaining in (grand) trine first to Juno/Nemesis and Uranus-South Node-Eris in Aries (wanting-needing-finding ways to maintain control of our Self as we have learned we need to in order to reach our aim)...and then to Jupiter and Eris/South Node?

That suggests a rather long period (December 8/9 through December 31st) which to start with is simply hectic. There’s a lot under way and no matter what we do and no matter how good we are at doing it (or avoiding it, depending...) there are things which are going to come along which either disrupts what we have been doing or which causes us to see things from a bigger and more potent perspective - thereby suggesting (yet again) why we probably should be thinking thing through based not on our current position/s or past performance/s, but rather on our potential.

Yes, happy holidays to us all.

Then the grand trine dissolves. And that it does so as Ceres reaches 27 Sagittarius (the current location of the Milky Way’s Galactic Center) speaks to needing to fulfill our purpose to others - whatever that may be or mean - before we ‘get ours’...which could be good or bad.

And that means we’re going to start 2015 with Ceres at 27 Sagittarius...which is rather like being asked to go into our next year asking ourselves not what we can give, but whether we’re going to give - and what may come of our giving...and not giving, should that be our choice in a moment where preference - specifically the preference to make contributions to this life, this world - to people you don’t know and will never know - is said to be a requirement.

That’s rather poignant, don’t you think?

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