by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, August 2, 2010

Color August by Number


Having done my time in the money-and-finance end of the movie business, I know many a person sees or thinks 'augh! numbers!' and flees!

And yes, I do mean 'did time' in the movie business. As glorious and incredibly entertaining as behind-the-camera work is, between the power/people politics, and 14-hour days (not to mention the 6-day weeks), it can really get to you. When I see movie honchos, I recognize they've lasted through all the flame-throwing and bad behavior in the climb to the top.

And that says as much for as perhaps against them (said the daughter of a producer!)

So I'm not amazed at how many people fall by the wayside or crumble under the industry load. That  entertainment eats its own? That's just fact. That the terribly talented if vulnerable fall prey to entertainment's various rapacious? Oh how sad!

But unavoidable, too.

People talk about blood diamonds. Maybe we should contemplate how much blood is on that DVD, celluloid, MP3 file our pouring through that digital signal which so lustrously fills the HD flat screen these days.

And no, that's really not what the blog is about today...that's just on the way to warming up. The reason to bring up numbers isn't really about entertainment - it's about life. Namely the August you're about to live through.

Since the Moon changes signs every 2 days or so, I'm exunting it from this conversation. And that leaves us with a basic if mighty nine classical symbols: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Yes, even though Pluto got demoted to dwarf planet we still include the icy darling in our daily conversations. want to know the basics of how August is going to shake out?

Well, here 'tis - and no coloring outside the numerical lines!

AUGUST 2-4: With six out of nine planets in the physical-and-action-oriented 1st decanate, the emphasis is definitely on doing and harnessing of Self.

With the Sun in emotional degrees of Leo (an altruistic, will-driven sign prone to disappointment when reality doesn't meet the ideal...), reminding ourselves that ideals are here to motivate is useful, seeing as that way we don't get seriously disappointed. Ideals aren't reality - that's just the truth of it!

With Venus and Neptune in 3rd decan positions, nebulous communications are likely. Even when you do get straight talk, it isn't exactly what you want to hear - but don't take that to mean all's for naught!

Doing what needs doing because it needs doing seems optimal, though not delightful. Bear with - you don't know everything you need to know yet.

AUGUST 4-7: The piece which changes here is Mercury (communication) going into emotional mode. Still, it's all a matter of degree, so don't take this as a carte blanche to go postal on anyone.

Warmly practical and pragmatic caring approaches are a good bet, especially if you make an effort (and let others know you've made the effort) to see the bigger picture before deciding what's true, worth believing/believing in...or acting on.

AUGUST 7-13: Venus moving into Libra warms up  opportunities for productive (maybe even fun) interactions so long as you know who you are and get that you're going to be received as just that, with no un-warrented accolades attached. (Sorry, it just happens!)

Seeing as we have three personal planets in successive signs (Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo and Venus in Libra), that signals days not exactly made of wine, rose petals and luxury, but so long as you don't get your ego in a pinch good things can happen.

The key all about being openly creative, being neither manipulative of circumstances nor expectant of their outcome. It's all about what works, not what happens in the short run, so go for the curiosity and exploratory route, not the pre-planned dotted line.

AUGUST 13-15: We all have those days all about getting things done and these would be a couple from that box. 

With the Sun now in Leo's 3rd decan of 'where does this get me?' you're likely to feel a bit on your own and avoiding feedback isn't helpful.

But if you lead with a spirit of generosity and willingness to listen? That works pretty well, even if it doesn't scratch every itch. 

The one big warning here? Don't insist - that could lead to unpleasant drama down the line!

AUGUST 15-17: Feelings intensify as Mars moves into emotional Libra territory, prompting actions and conversations bent on communicating feelings. 

Since Mars is about ego and Libra about interaction and self-presentation, this may or work or not work, depending on everybody's Diva Meter.

And yes, how much of a diva you've generally been of late!

Bottom line, no matter how frustrating, irritating, boring, insulting or risky the conversation seems, try to have it. And when it happens, negotiate, don't accuse - and whenever possible rely on facts and not opinions!

AUGUST 17-22/23 (depending on time zone): Venus moving into emotional degrees heightens longings and those possibilities which if capitalized on properly, may just satisfies them.

Unfortunately, with the opportunity here comes the vulnerabilities. Either we're all more 'noticeable' or our personal auras are way cranked up now, and since
Mercury is going retrograde, this may just spark an important encounter.

Good or bad? That's as yet more than likely unknown. You may be taken aback, inspired to step back and have a little think or realize you need to consolidate gains (or your position) before moving on.

Whatever's happening it's in transition mode, so don't chisel anything in concrete, or try to glue anything down just yet.  By the end of Mercury retrograde (that would be in September), you'll feel a lot better clued in - best to wait for that than act now!

AUGUST 22/23-28: The Sun moving into early Virgo brings all a bit down to earth - rather like coming home from a fabulous vacation only to get there and realize there's no food in the 'fridge and you really need to do the wash.

No doubt, there are things to do and a near future to prepare for. Time to knuckle down, get organized and get your priorities on straight!

AUGUST 28-31: Venus arriving in Libra latter third tells us this is when we are likely to get a few questions answered. You may not have enough to make a move with yet, but you do have enough to set off on an exploration of the wilds with, so get out the canteen and pith helmet. (And yes, you look fetching in a safari jacket. Is it YSL?)

As Mars works on catching up with Venus just at the month's end we realize that we're not quite 'home free' yet.Things are changing. You're getting places...but where exactly are you getting?

There are choices in the air and many pluses and minuses going around. You may feel annoyed that no one left you in charge of this world now, but since that's the way it is, grumble and snarl if you must...but then get to doing what doable.

Or even yet, what must be done. Tying up lose ends is a plus now - you'll thank yourself soon enough!

If you find this sort of monthly 'planner' useful, leave a comment to that effect and I'll put it on the schedule. If not, no harm, no foul, no offense.

Such a deal, right?



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