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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celestial Edge Play


Let me start out by saying to those who saw the term Edge Play and went 'OMG!'...this blog post is NOT sexual. And if that brings on a sigh of disappointment, sorry - this isn't an x-rated blog.

But I am borrowing a term from one of civilizations more-than several x-rated arenas. The term is 'Edge Play' and I am borrowing it from world of BDSM (Bondage, Kink, S&M - whatever you want to call it). 

What Edge Play means in a generalized sense is pushing the limits. So personal relationships and sexuality aside, Edge Play is applicable as a concept wherever and whenever any of us push the edge of what we know is right, legal, safe, sane and agreed-on-as-allowable is.

If you've been following celestial news for a while you know that transiting Saturn began opposing Uranus back at the end of 2008. Given that Saturn was in Virgo and Uranus was still in Pisces at the time, there was a whole social/societal, cleaning up what's going on. It was a vibe which in articles I likened to Batman cleaning up Gotham city, replete with the fascination so many of us have for that 'darkness within' thing, whether real or imagined.

Or maybe rather 'real and imagined' since we all have a dark side. There's something each one of us doesn't want to admit, touch or deal with. Your dark side may have to do with what you don't want to do. Then again, it may be about all you don't want to acknowledge isn't good in what you do. Or think. Or feel. Or refuse to feel.

Since this was an opposition (and still is one) the 'facing off' "oppositional" conflict here made for a lot of projection. A lot of 'it's them, not me' stuff.

As Saturn first hit 0 Libra back in late October of 2009, that stepped the game up. Libra being about who we are to others and thus who we attract and who we end up being in relationship with, opinions of others started changing. And yet the reality of this is it wasn't really them - it was our relationship to ourselves which was changing.

And it wasn't a graceful change - that we know from Saturn doing this entrance into Libra in a hard-on square to Pluto in early Capricorn: a combination all about who we are in the world and what structural standards in 'our world' (personal or societal), need to change.

But then again...there was this ongoing opposition in progress, so a lot of this was projected. And inverted, meaning what we thought had to change when it came to structural standards in our societal world may have been about us. What we thought needed changing in personal structural standards - that may have been all about our lack of understanding of how the world works, and hence who we need to be in the world.

And yes, this is one of those instances when our normal 'why isn't it about me?' IS about us - each one of us. And yet we're so not likely to like it! Welcome to the wonderful world of oppositions.

The point is that as Saturn moved into Libra, for a while there Uranus was still in Pisces, setting up a real dichotomy of action-versus-conception. The realities of proportion and responsibility went over the stress line. Many of us went into areas where we were ill-equipped to deal with our own internal emotional/moral/ethical balance for any of a zillion reasons.

I won't complicate this with planetary pictures and degree patterns and whatnot (though I could...) because the real point is that as Uranus hit Aries in late may and Jupiter followed into Aries in early June we 'exposed ourselves.' Most of all to ourselves, but probably to others, too. Aries being about physicality and the Self, suddenly all we are/were came into focus. It crystallized. It came into full focal force in whatever we were doing or up to at the time.

And there was still that giant opposition going on. Because of retrogrades, June and early July had Saturn in Virgo, emphasizing the 'health' of the thing, the activity, the attitude - or maybe you yourself. But as Saturn hit Libra again in late July, the emphasis became again all about relationships: how you were presenting yourself to other, the degree of responsibility you were putting into your choices of relationship and how you treat your relationship with others and the general oppositional tra-la having to do with how others (and society) feels about who you're being.

Why mention this now and what's with the edge play?

The reason to mention it now is because with Jupiter having joined Uranus in Aries, that really pushed us to our edge. And for some, over the edge. This is also when where we had already gone over the edge would have in begun to surface. Once Uranus retrograded back into Pisces, the chinks in our psychic (emotional) armor start showing. Or begin to heal. Or get exacerbated.

It all depends.

What this gets around to is the concept of how we grow. We absolutely need to try new things as we go along and there is always more in our own characters to explore, test and experience. But some of it isn't okay. Unfortunately, in order to realize that, generally we have to dredge up the 'not okay-ness' before it can be recognized and rejected or healed or dealt with or whatever has to be done with it.

There's a lot of 'stuff' (we'll just say) hitting the proverbial fan during these days, weeks and months, so don't think this is about just one thing in life. Or for that matter, just one person. It's all of you and all of the rest of us going through this taking ourselves beyond the line of tolerance.

This week - tomorrow (August 16) actually - Jupiter strikes the exact opposition to Saturn. This is a new high in lows and a new low in highs, depending on how you want to look at it. We are standing at an edge...with ourselves. This is a moment when a lot of us are going to get a better grasp on who we have been being. And even why we've been being that person. And what we've learned by being that person.

But do we want to keep on being that person? Maybe, maybe not. It's not all that cut and dried, nor that self assured (accent on the word 'self' there).

Because Jupiter is currently retrograde, the resolution of the moment is internal. It's something we realize or recognize (maybe finally!) about ourselves. For some, big shifts stemming from this realization, particularly with regards to shifts and changes made back in January 2010 will take a next step as of early-mid September. There's a reflexive, reflective quality which will come in then which in a lot of lives is going to get people staring at themselves in the mirror saying 'I did that?'

Answer: apparently you did. And let's not kid ourselves or be soft-soapy about this: there's going to be a lot of doubling around and undoings going forward from there, some of which will be trying on levels emotional, financial and self-confrontational.

This cycle doesn't actually end until March 28, 2011, with a jolt of a bump coming in January 2011 - around the 4th. And in the end, this is all about growing. Good or bad, painful or fun, periodically we have to approach our own edge in order to grow.

With Vesta hanging out currently in Saturn, some of us need to be more of help and some of us just plain need help. That this Vesta/Saturn thing is happening just as both move across and emerge from super-massive black hole M87 tells us that we have just seen our alternate reality or just realized we've been living in one. It isn't all going to be pretty, but it is all going to be incredibly  human. And for those of us willing to accept human imperfection with due humility, in the end that is likely to be good enough.

But in the meantime, we are likely to be still a lot edgy. We've gotten used to flirting with the edge of our perceptions and norms and some of us have grown to like it. Which is okay, providing you know what that means and that there really are some edges we dare not cross over, lest we take a great fall as ultimately the risk we take are those designed to test our own respect for our humanity - which includes our regards for others.

Saturn in Libra: the responsibility to self/others.
Uranus in Aries: a change of life.
Uranus in Pisces: fluctuating emotions.
Jupiter in Aries: learning about Self.

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