by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Uranus Station-Retrogrades in Aries

Andrew Jackson's Right Eye from a United States $20 bill
(photo credit: RawheaD Rex, December 2008)

If Swedish astronomers ruled the earth, apparently planet Uranus would be known as Neptune.


When William Herschel discovered the-planet-which-would-be-Uranus back in March of 1781, he did what any loyal Brit would do: he notified the Astronomer Royal, one Nevil Maskelyne.

At the time, Herschel wasn’t even sure this object he had ‘discovered’ was a planet – he evidently referred to it as a ‘comet’ until an astronomer from an entirely different quadrant of the globe (Russia) did the math and – at least on paper – proved that this blueish-green object wandering around out there beyond Saturn did indeed orbit the Sun.

And yes, it fit the definition of the day to qualify for planet-hood.

It took a few years, but Herschel was eventually convinced that he had indeed done a wonderful thing – he had carved a niche in history for himself as the discoverer of a whole new…and as has came to be known…highly unusual world.

In honor of this accomplishment, Nevil Maskelyne asked Herschel if he would ‘do the astronomical world a favor’ and name his find – to which Herschel obliged by naming it after Britain’s current king, King George III.

The name didn’t stick. Evidently it struck folks outside of Britain as a bit too idiosyncratic. Or maybe aristocratic.

So other astronomers threw their planetary naming hats in the ring. One John Lalande suggested this find be named after its finder. But calling the planet ‘Herschel’ also didn’t stick. Apparently everybody outside of Britain kept saying ‘Who???’ 

It was at this point that Swede Erik Prosperin stepped up, suggesting that the new planet be called Neptune. It could even be combined with some variation on King George to celebrate some Royal Navy victories which came about in the course of fighting those feisty, pesky New World would-be Americans during the Revolutionary War.

After all, Neptune is the god of the sea, right?

Yes, but the war was ultimately lost. So out went ideas like Neptune George III and up stepped German astronomer Johann Bode who, after pausing to check and make sure that Anders Lexell (the Russian) had indeed done the orbital math correctly (lest it not bode well for Bode to stand up for an out of position planet), came out with a rather sterling and inventively logical suggestion, one which draws on the long-established hierarchy of Greek myth.

Bode’s premise was that as the mythic Saturn (Kronos) was the father of Jupiter (aka Zeus), so this new planet should embody that which Saturn came from. Thus he put forth the idea of using Ouranos, the Greek sky god, taking us back to more primordial times.

In the Greek beginning there was the sky… Ouranos… and Gaia, the earth. From them have come Saturn (the fact of hard reality) and Jupiter (the idea of all which may yet be or become).

With a little astronomical tinkering, we thus arrive at Uranus.

And about Herschel…not to worry. Though the astronomers (the factual group) went with some theoretical naming methodology, astrologers (the allegedly theoretical group) memorialized the guy who actually discovered the planet by coming up with a glyph to represent Uranus which is a Herschel “H” atop a circle/globe representing a planetary world.

 As the Uranus glyph has evolved, the 'H' for Herschel has
become more stylizes - at least in the world of astrological
fonts. But it's still there!

Funny how these things work, isn’t it? I actually got involved in this fracas when a couple of years ago planet hunter sublime Mike Brown was taking public votes for what to name a newly discovered moon orbiting dwarf planet Orcus.

It was absolutely an exercise in futility, but I wrote a long and impassioned email to Mike Brown asking that the astronomical community consider breaking with its long-held tradition of using symbols of difficulty as moon names for objects named for difficult premises.

No, I didn’t ask him to name the moon Candy Floss or anything so banal, but I threw our a handful of options.

And I was summarily bypassed – which to me only proves that metaphysical theory which says we learn what we need to learn when we need to learn it. Despite best efforts and Mike Brown’s subsequent public statement that he has no problem with astrologers or astrology as good astrologers (note the qualification, please!) know their stuff, do their research and don’t act on whim.

So Orcus’s moon got named Vanth (an unpleasant little Etruscan spirit assigned to shepherding souls off into the underworld) and the world got a public statement by one of its honcho astronomers that astrologers aren’t all full of hooey.

I took the compliment as intended and went my way, ne’er to darken Mike Brown’s email ‘in’ box until there came the day when I needed to ask about the rate at which the center of our Milky Way Galaxy (a black hole which is currently at 27 Sagittarius) moves for my 2012 book on travels through the land of the Maya, Travel Gossip. (Here’s a LINK to where you can pick up an eBook copy of same.) And yes, Mike-the-Gemini was very helpful.

Now that you know more about how planets get named than you had planned to ever know, back to Uranus.

But don’t think all that was not Uranian. Uranus is all about the unusual. The thing you never knew before. The surprise. The shock, the breakthrough, the discovery, the leap of faith, the flight of mental fancy. And when Uranus goes retrograde at 12 Aries on July 17th at 5:21 in the evening UT/+0 time, its likely that life will be showing us all just what we didn’t expect. Big or little, delightful or horrifying, Uranian stations always offer something unexpected.

That’s just the way Uranus rolls. And it does roll, you know. While other planets spin like tops, twirling along their orbits around the sun, Uranus rolls. All the other planets are relatively upright; Uranus is on its side. With an orbital period of just over 84 years Uranus spends just over forty years with one pole aimed at the Sun and the other forty-plus years with the other pole aimed at the Sun.

And yet…according to scientists (those astronomical types and their cousins the astrophysicists) Uranus’ equator – that part of the planet which is never aimed directly at the Sun – is still the warmest place.

Uranus and its rings (photo credit: NASA, JPL)

Of course, warm is relative. Uranus is a big thing – it’s about 63 times the size of Earth. And it’s quick. While Earth (which is tiny in comparison) manages one full revolution in 24 hours, it takes Uranus only 17 hours or so to spin itself around.

Somehow that makes me think of Uranus as the solar system’s Roto-Rooter device. Apparently life around this part of the galaxy periodically gets constipated and Uranus has to shake things loose.

Anyway…back to that temperature thing. According to NASA (who knows if anyone knows) the average temperature on Uranus is around 59 Kelvin – which to us Earth types is minus 350 Fahrenheit. So if you decide to visit Uranus, take warm socks.

Take ALL your warm socks. And some serious mittens.

The next factoid is astrological. Seeing as we give any planetary station a (minimum) 2-days before, 2-days after ‘station allowance,’ that means that while the Uranian ‘turning point’ is on July 17th, the ‘Uranus station’ starts on July 15th (maybe even the 14th) and extends through the 19th…maybe even the 20th.

And dwarf planet Eris is going retrograde on the 19th.

Plus Mercury is going retrograde on July 20th.

And let’s not forget that ongoing Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune grand trine in water. The ‘core’ period of that configuration ends on July 17th, just in time for Uranus’ station.

All this with Mars in Cancer. Mars will not have yet even entered the orb of opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, but as we talked about in the ‘we’re in for a crabby time!’ Mars in Cancer post, there’s a vibe which is going to be pretty pervasive for the entire six weeks or so that Mars is transiting the first of the water signs.

It’s so going to ‘stir up’ the Jupiter side of things. And the emotional side of things. And the money and family and the general life-or-death side of things.

All things.

Into all this comes change-provoking, dynamite-like Uranus?

Gee. If I could, I would take a quick bus to another solar system for a week or two. (Or three.) But if I did that I’d miss out on all the doings here.

And life here on Earth is nothing if not in constant need of keeping up with. With Uranus going retrograde at 12 Aries, life is bringing us to where we have to make peace with ourselves about who we are…and aren’t. Some of this will be in spite of what others want, or despite our own misgivings. There are times when we have to fail one thing in order to succeed in another, and with Uranus taking station in the zodiacal company of Medusa, Nemesis and Orpheus, embracing our fears and abilities in all their naked primacy seems inevitable.

Being true to our capabilities is often a very far cry from what’s convenient. Or comfortable. The dual t-square presented at this station (with Uranus at the ‘t’ of both configurations) is a pretty sure sign that we need to stand (and stand up) for the necessary, not the popular.

And that’s not likely to be all that popular with us. But evidently talk (Vega) isn’t going to get us to any sort of lasting state of (Sphinx/Bali) happiness. Nor is not (Industria) tackling the (Facies/Pluto) intricacies of dug in situations going to help. We want to be who we know we can be…and yet so much and so many voices and warnings and challenges are standing in our way.

Besides, to really be as potent and powerful as we can be, to own our potential and not just go with sufficiency is strange. As Marianne Williamson said so well, it’s not the idea of being weak which scares most of us – it’s recognizing how powerful we really are.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
- Marianne Williamson

Power scares a lot of people. The idea of wielding power and being powerful sounds great. But with great power comes the greater responsibility to control what we do with that power, a test which is about our internal sense of entitlement - and whether we're a good judge of that...or even capable of holding ourselves to those limits we know in our hearts we truly believe in. Some of the scariest people to ever walk this earth are those who aren't scared of power at all simply because they lack sufficient conscience to care whether they do hold themselves to those limits.

And because we are scared of what we might do if given that 'absolute power which corrupts absolutely' we are afraid of that power which resides in each of our souls. It isn't about 'them''s about our willingness to take on the responsibility to govern ourselves. To many of us, that’s scary. And many of us think of having children as a total blessing? Isn't the responsibility for a helpless young life unable to stand on its own the greatest responsibility of all?

Medusa in this Uranus mix virtually guarantees we will all be meeting up with some sort of truth about ourselves that we’ve (Nemesis) always known but not wanted to (Medusa) face.

However these days…and those which have gone before…and those which are soon to come play out for you, the real question is whether you will break through your own resistance or not.

Retrogrades symbolize times when the work is done on the ‘inside.’ They’re when – in this case – we will do our changing on the inside, whether that’s voluntary on our part or driven by (in response to) external circumstances. Those of us who can use the next five months to work through or free ourselves from those invalid assumptions and the difference between the hope we aim for and the dream we think will magically ‘become’ reality will ultimately gain ground towards that which we (Alhena) purposefully strive.

Well, as long as that aim reflects our genuine Self, that is. And if it doesn’t, you’ll know as the uproar around you will increase. The debates and general sense of fracas will become overwhelming.

And yet…that could also be your challenge. So many of us give up and run away (another Uranus symptom) when the going gets tough.

So what’s the difference? How are we to know we’re headed in the wrong direction as opposed to simply meeting up with ‘normal’ challenges or interference thrown at us by those who may be less willing to challenge themselves and live up to their potential?

That is a very big problem, you know…the metaphysical rule known as ‘like attracts like’ is a 100% sort of thing. And when we’re not living at our potential level – or even striving to be what we have the capacity or capability of becoming as opposed to what we are willing to settle for because it’ll suit someone else’s fancy (or image or dream) – at that point in our lives we tend to get hooked into other people who are living at that less-than-sterling level in their lives.

And as we’ve all heard, misery loves company…which in the world of ‘like attracts like’ becomes a tendency for people to puddle together based on their weaknesses as opposed to their strengths. And when one person says ‘Gosh this puddle is muddy! I need to find me some fresher waters to swim in!’ everyone who isn’t ready to strive or let go of their own fears will generally try their hardest to keep you from excelling and moving on.

We see this all the time in relationships: one partner wants to grow and change and the other likes things just the way they are. Business, intimate or platonic, relationships need to have room for people to grow. They need to support our growth, not hinder it. Uranus in Aries is in the sign of Self – Aries. And this passage, whether internal or experienced as something happening ‘to’ you is often most destabilizing because you don’t want to change, because you’re afraid of shaking ‘the’ status quo or your personal sense of the status quo.

But let’s remember…you were born to be who you were born to be. That’s the Alhena part of one of the two t-squares presented at this station. Positioned at 9 Cancer, Alhena is all about learning to be grateful for the graces and talents we each have and our ability to make something of our life, no matter what that becomes. Modified by Mercury being at 13 Cancer with a little Sirius ‘brilliance’ added on top, this t-square asks us whether we are willing to have a reason for working as hard as we do to become ‘someone in this world’ beyond the obvious.

Our humanity, not our things, define us. And with Nemesis-Orpheus positioned with Uranus and Medusa at the ‘t’ of this station’s double ‘t’ square, it is to be guessed that a lot of people…a LOT of people…are going to be going through things which will lead them to realize that in the end it isn’t our image but our reality which fills us with happy motivation or stress, regrets and a feeling of instability and loss.

Orpheus in the Inferno by Mihail ┼×tef─ânescu (c 1870)

Loss itself is a two-sided thing. There is of course, the loss of a person. Or a 'thing' (or things). But our experience of that loss is the destabilization of our sense of status quo. Our security about who we are in this life and what we're doing in this world.

You know, the Aries part of our life.

Having the ability or the talent is one thing. Learning to use it is another thing. Realizing that our gifts are only gifts when they’re given to those whose lives we can enhance…and that it is for that action, that choice, that ability that we are rewarded in the most worldly and ‘life’ sense…that’s an ultimate sort of recognition, one which takes place inside us, and which at some point either changes the trajectory of what we’re aiming at in life – or doesn’t.

This is not a stable moment. It may be exciting, it may be a headache, it may be tragic, it may be motivational, delightful, confounding or anything else.

In the end it’s meant to open us to that we have not experienced yet. It’s meant to break through our hard shell so that we can feel that part of ourselves we haven’t yet allowed to come forth and become our ticket to new experiences.

Uranus doesn’t represent the subtle. At it’s most gentle end, this is the energy we know as ‘flexibility.’ But as anyone who has been made to tolerate a period of not knowing understands, that’s a trial of its own.

At it’s most volatile, Uranus represents sudden eruptions and breakages. A great earthquake which wasn’t in motion a second ago and which is destroying my status quo in the next is a Uranian event. The Uranus part for Earth is the shifting of Earth’s crust…that thing science refers to as plate tectonics. But in my life, that moment can be devastating. Or it can merely provide me with a wakeup call, a reminder that I’m not in charge of this world, life is.

Ultimately, all events which occur around any Uranus station pertain to this idea. We tend to get complacent. People are fond of thinking they’re in charge of this world and ‘masters of all they survey.’

Then life comes along and shows us that there is far, far more to life than we had suspected. An earthquake can hit. An economy can fracture. A marriage can end. We can get hit by a train. Our home might get burglarized. We might have a child. And that child may grow up to be a genius despite our thinking they were nobody.

Or they might turn out to be a mass murderer.

Everything ‘out there’ which orbits beyond Saturn is by definition ‘beyond human limits.’ We talk a deal about everything beyond Neptune (our solar system’s last full-sized planet) being that which we hadn’t experienced before, or suspected.

But between Neptune and Saturn…there orbits Uranus, which at some level represents exactly that – the ‘break’ between what we fully understand (Saturn and everything within the orbit of Saturn) and that which we can never fully predict or know until ‘the effect of it’ (the ripples caused by objects moving through space) comes past Neptune heading for that Saturn boundary where it enters our reality.

Along the way, such ‘unknowns’ pass through the realm of Uranus. And in doing that, they pass through a ring energized by a planet which operates in a manner entirely different from any other planet in our solar system.

Uranian effects are about a liberation of perspective. And for that to happen, sometimes the crust – be it of our earth or our thinking – has to be broken through.

This 2013 Uranus station-retrograde is part of a greater collection of processes. But it is vital on its own, representing a moment when what the Maya called wheels within wheels click into place to change us – maybe a lot, or maybe just a little. Changes don’t have to be massive in size. Great trees grow from small acorns. Huge discoveries have come from a minute, spur-of-the-moment thought.

With every moment we are given a Uranian opportunity for change.


  1. It puzzles me that there is almost never any comments on your fine articels. Like me, readers are probably in awe and don't know how to respond, fearing they will reveal their ignorance, or maybe because there is nothing to add. You are always very thorough. Nevertheless I feel compelled to express my gratitude.
    Your insight is amazing. YOU are amazing precious woman. (Don't let that get to your head my dear) ;-)

    Best wishes to you Michael

    1. You and me both, Michael...I've long wondered why so few leave comments - or even questions! I really don't bite...well, not much.

      I think you're right about being hesitant to expose their vulnerabilities (ignorance)...but isn't that how we learn? If people knew everything they wanted to know about astrology and astrological 'doings,' why would they be coming to the blog to read it? All I can do is try to be as approachable as possible and hope people will feel more and more comfortable as time goes along.

      Your comments - and the compliments which come with them are dearly appreciated, Michael. But as for not 'letting it go to my head'...gee, is there somewhere else I should let it go to?

      (Now I'm just getting myself in trouble...!)

      Anyway...thank YOU for commenting, and to your words of gratitude I say 'I am glad to be of service' you, and to all others. I believe very deeply that we all have things to offer and that we all should make contributions to the world - not just where or when it's convenient, but as a matter of course, because we can, because we're here, because through experiencing what we are interactively...however that happens...we stretch our definitions of Self and in time come to know we are a more complete Self than we were starting out.

      By and large we all know what we can be. It's just that pesky getting past the fear of being it (our polarities, the unknown of change, the letting go of "perfect" images - all that) which is the hard part.

      Inlakech, Michael - all the best to you as well!

    2. Thank you for replying. I am happy to have brightened up your day a little. That was my intention after all.

      You are right about the hard part being the letting go of "perfect" images. I am dealing with that as I sit here wrestling with Google Translate to make my comment sound just a little intelligible. Trust me, if I made a direct translation from danish it would make no sense to you! So bear with me as I try to navigate through the grammar and spelling like a rhino in a beauty salon.

      I had to overcome my fear of appearing "stupid" , because for a long time I have felt increasingly uncomfortable with seeing that "0 comments" at the end of every article. You give so much and from my point of view don't seem to get a lot in return.

      Your work is of the highest quality and I am still convinced that the feeling of awe is what keep people from commenting. Every article is so full of wisdom and insight. Your overwhelming knowledge and intelligence shine through every time.

      I know you must have had to endure a lot of pain and sorrow to become such an exceptional astrologer, but I also know you don't have to hold on to the pain to still BE exceptional .

      Depression is a state of mind - Change your mind.

      You ARE amazing, you ARE precious, dear Boots. You can let the energy from that go wherever you feel you need it to go. It is my gift to you. ;-)

      You owe me nothing-I owe YOU.

      I wish for an abundance of love, happiness and money to enter your life and the lives of the people you love.
      I wish that all the emotional and physical pain you and your loved ones may be feeling will disappear.

      Yesterday I did not know the meaning of inlakech, but now that I do, it is the only way I can finish this comment.

      Inlakech, dear Boots. Laugh at the silly circus that is the human existence. That is how we will find the way home. All the best to you and your loved ones.


    3. I agree with Michael. You are incredibly thought-provoking. You discuss deep, profound topics that I have pondered on for decades but never resolved! I lose track of time and reality when I read your posts, and go off into never,neverland. I always think of many things to say or question as I read, and then by the time I'm finished with a post, I have so many things to say, that I don't know where to even begin and not enough time to cover it all!
      Thanks a million always!

    4. Now who's being more than sufficiently impressive to chase other comments away?

      All I can really do is say thank you...mumble "wow" a few (dozen) times and be deeply moved by all you say. I can also say that I know the translation issue. Google has gotten pretty good at it (which strikes me as pretty wondrous) but as someone who learned three languages on their way through school (though my father claimed I didn't know how to speak or write in English - and yes, some parents ARE more fussy than others!) I understand what you mean about literal translations. They so often don't work.

      On the other hand, there are more than a few thing to be learned from doing a direct translation and from that realizing the differences between cultures and a bit more about why people are who they are.

      Staying with this theme - and to your thinking that people don't comment because they may feel some sort of 'awe' for what I write...well that might be the relationship between 'awe' and 'awful' - a pair of words which are curiously linked by polarity. After all, why should being "full" of awe make awe into awful?

      As regards pain and sorrow...the great among the workers in energy mental, physical and spiritual have all had hard moments. I tend to suspect that those experiences of pain are meant to force us to stop and recognize our porousness to That Which Is and the ability and responsibility to learn and provide for (and to) others that which otherwise they would have no access to.

      Why does it have to work that way? I think it has to work that way for the same reason that we can have a thousand happy days and one truly terrible one and that anguish is what we will remember - and ultimately learn the most from if we will only allow ourselves to treat pain and sorrow and loss with respect instead of instantly trying to 'replace' it with happiness.

      Humanity is a silly circus - you're right. But in that silliness is an endearing quality of naivete which is proof that we are all still capable of growth.

      And that is probably a goodly part of why I do what I do here at the blog. Yes, I wish more people would stop to comment or ask questions, but from being a writer in other venues I know that when you affect people at their core, often they fall silent.

      The 'war' between laughter and shock is akin to the yin and yang molding of light by shadow and how the shadow softens at it's edge where it gives way to illumination - which by the by (since this is an astrology blog) is exactly in keeping with why the area just before any of the four primal axis points represents areas of life where we are so potently in transition.

      Thanks ever so for taking time out of your day to write again, Michael. I'm sure those in your world are blessed to have such a giving soul in their midst!

      Inlakech, traveler.

    5. Maybe I have misunderstood the passage about the difference between awe and awful, but in case I have not I need to set the record straight; I meant awe as in totally impressed, not awful as in lousy. I too learned three languages in school but I haven't written in English for many years, so I try to limit the number of errors as much as possible. You keep a very high standard, therefore I feel obliged to do my very best too.

      Anyway, I will stop spamming your comment section and return to normal procedure (Summer Holiday). I merely wished to give you the recognition I felt was long overdue and maybe "break the spell" that apparently keep other readers from commenting. At least they can now see that you don't bite....much.

      Inlakech, lioness

      (I think the "spell" is broken, Angi has joined) :-)

  2. Hi, Angi...

    For more reasons than I care to say, the fact that your comment didn't post into Blogger's system for two hours validates a whole world of commentaries on this time, one which most folks will simply think of as 'Mercury being in retrograde.' Illuminations, being stumped, getting startled or shocked by new visions of what is and what can be and who we all seems to be coming to be, or to some point of fruition for good and/or frustrating or painful here as Uranus goes on station.

    You're welcome (a million!) always. And as for those questions, I say just ask them. Pick one and start there!

    Your being willing to ask is the facilitating of the opening of a door many others will walk through on any given day...and in days, weeks and months - even years yet to come. One of the difficult things about blogging (and in particular, about being an astrologer blogging on various subjects) is that I can't know what others don't know. I can't always 'see' what you WANT to know. Michael spoke of people feeling ignorant...well, there's all sorts of ignorance, including my 'learned ignorance' about what it feels like not to know, not to understand how to gather perspective on the metaphysics of astrology as a cipher (a "secret decoding ring") to all Which Is and which may yet Be, Become or enter our personal or global actuality of consciousness.

    If we are all here on this planet together (which we are) then your asking and my answering is a way we release the bounds of ego and join together as One.

    And if we are all energy, or Existence manifesting, then we are all One - and our job is to find ways to learn how to personally and profitably be unified with our Self and through willing connection to each other.

    Even as we own and control the owning of our Self in not overwhelming the pulsing essence of what someone else is, or is working to become or master in their own right, so in connecting to and with them do we experience ourselves ever more acutely and accurately.

    Namaste, Angi.


  3. Hi, Michael...!

    I totally understood your reference to awe - being a writer (one which has spent a year or so "dating" an etymological dictionary looking up roots of words so that I could write what is now my 'forthcoming' fantasy-fiction epic) I became rather fascinated by word derivatives - and thus how 'awe' which is a positive (with one possible exception, which I will cite) is by appending the suffix "-ful" made into a negative.

    And maybe it is exactly that one exception which illustrates the bridge: there is in Hebrew a word "Yirah" which in the common terminology is generally translated as 'fear' although the word has a decided cant towards a rather Cecil B. DeMille quality which is more akin to 'so in awe as to be frightened beyond one's ability to comprehend fully or fully process in the moment.'

    I'm thinking of Moses witnessing the engraving of the ten commandments in the movie of the same name by the 'finger of God' (which some say is the Archangel Michael) and which - oh incidentally - is concept of the Yad or to those of us in the astrological quadrant, the Yod.

    And yes, I mentioned that Michael reference for a reason. The idea of Michael as the Archangel and 'mouthpiece of God' has long been that Michael is the guardian of children...or the supporter and protector of all which is childlike in each one of us - which includes our ability to speak up, and to be taught.

    Your English is excellent (by the by) and I welcome your comments and the conversation it creates. If spam were anything as close to as pleasant as your reaching out to connect is, this world would be a far better place and advertisers would probably be getting a far better return on their ad buys!

    Summer on, dude - you're welcome around here any time!