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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

News Notes: Mercury-Klotho-Medusa

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The Sun and Mars are in Aries. And as of this Saturday (April 6th), Mercury will be exiting the shadow of its February-March Pisces retrograde.

That doesn’t mean that Mercury is out of Pisces yet. But that Mercury is exiting the shadow of its retrograde does tell us that there are things we have been dealing with (or which may have been ‘shadowing’ our thoughts or mood) through late February into March which will now be shook off.

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The image of a wet dog sort appeals to me here (more than it generally has when I’ve been too close to one) because Mercury still is transiting water sign Pisces. So there will be some of us who will ‘shake off our mood’ by dampening the moods of others.

Nobody’s saying this is good or not good – for all I know, it could be what someone needs, deserves or even expects. There’s no judgment on that score.

However! (You knew I was going to say something, right?) Since we are talking Pisces, there are two rulers of Pisces to consult on current doings mental and emotional, including those ever-lovin’ emotional thoughts and those thoughts which while not innately emotional may be on an emotionally laden subject.

Part one of Pisces: the Jupiter question. That question goes like this: how well do you understand your own emotionality, and why your emotions work that way? No matter what the subject is, was or is about to be, the purpose of Mercury in Pisces is to grow our personal knowledge of how our feelings work, how feelings work in general, and how to handle emotionality without being afraid of it.

It’s time to get down and get human, folks! Yes, and if you’re someone who has spent the last however long ducking an issue or hiding under a mental pillow, this applies to you double!

Jupiter’s current position in Gemini tells us there’s a lot to be said. That Atropos and Scheherazade are sharing space with Jupiter at 12 Gemini tells us there’s a lot of thought or information or things to be learned (or other Jupiterian whatnot) which have to do with ‘the end (Atropos) of a story.’

Now…this may be you having told yourself some story. Or it might be the end of a relationship…the story of you and…

It might even be about the end of a job, the end of a vacation, the end of trying to do or not do something.

The 12 Gemini part would seem to add to the Mercury-in-Pisces ‘fluidity’ here as this is one of Gemini’s more unrealized degrees, which especially with the addition of Mercury as ruler of Gemini and thus this Gemini influence means oops…I made a bad choice. Or maybe you choose badly in not getting involved. 

Or, or, or…

The outcome ruler of Pisces being Neptune, if you’ve been hanging around astroPPM for any length of time, you’ll already be saying ‘uh, yeah…Neptune is still conjunct Fomalhaut, that royal fixed star thing about needing to be good and pure and on the up-and-up, lest everything go kabloowie.’ 

And you would be right.

For those who would prefer a more dignified version of the Fomalhaut concept, here’s the link:

So to wrap this all up in a nice Mercury shoe lace (which I’m borrowing from Mercury’s winged sandals), what happens in over the next few days probably has something to do with a choice you need to make now based on choices you made at some point prior to now. If your past choice was not so nifty and pure, things will be less genteel and more trying now. Yes, you may have to double up (or double down, depending) on your cover up (read: denial, refusal to deal with something)…but be forewarned – we are talking Neptune here, which means this is a classic bad time (BAD TIME) to tell lies, ignore the truth or otherwise think you can get away with something, particularly anything which affects anyone else and/or which violates some tenet of faith (Neptune) or legality (Jupiter).

Meanwhile, we have two other items on the astro-menu. The first is Klotho going retrograde at 18 Sagittarius on Friday the 5th, just as Mercury is about to exit its shadow. And as Klotho goes retrograde, Medusa is starting the day off right by entering Pisces bright and early at 4:14 a.m. (UT/+0) time.

Klotho is one of the Greek fates. Specifically, she is the fate who ‘spins’ the yarn…which goes rather curiously well with Jupiter conjunct Scheherazade. So we wouldn’t be surprised if someone spun a story now. Or if they told a second story (read: lie) to cover up for their first story.

The Spinner
William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1873, oil on canvas)
One thing to remind ourselves of here is that this may not be active storytelling we’re talking about. This may be the some sort of course of excuses or justifications one part of our psyche is telling some other part of our psyche so that we don’t have to face something.

On the other side of the fish scale would be the possibility that Klotho, in going retrograde in the ‘let’s see if this can work’ Sagittarius represents our realizing we need to change course and start again. Or that we need to stop ‘spinning our wheels’ and get something done.

It depends on where these points fall in your chart as to how you’ll deal with the yea or nay of all this.
Then we get to the Medusa part of the thing. If you’ve never read an astrologer’s version of what Medusa represents, I sincerely urge you to give it a read as this isn’t just about being turned to stone. Or if it is, let’s say it’s not because of someone else. It’s our chart, so Medusa in our chart is all about US.

In general terms, Medusa in Pisces is either all about the feelings we are afraid to feel or where our feelings have caused us to break our promises, violate our standards or otherwise do something which ordinarily we wouldn’t do.

Alternately, Medusa in Pisces can be all about the fear we feel towards some subject. We’re either scared of what we’ll think of some truth…or maybe we’re scared of the emotional effort we’ll be put through in the process of learning some truth. Or we might even be fearful of becoming (or what it means to be) the person who knows enough (or who should know enough) to either know better or be the person who is inevitably going to be asked to step up and take charge.

And of course there is that little matter of Medusa entering Pisces and joining up with Neptune and Fomalhaut.

Those who have done wrong and who know the proverbial moment of justice is upon them aren’t likely to like this transit of Medusa in Pisces. And since Medusa’s going to be in Pisces until mid-June, there’s plenty of time to spread the dread (of consequences created for ourselves) around.

Need I mention that there will be not two, but three eclipses during this time?

Probably not.

So these next few days (call it the weekend) is going to be full of fun and mental frolic. If you’re prone to ghouls and poltergeists – be they real or emotional – this weekend has your name on it.

On the other hand, for those living an ordinarily clean and self-owned life, this weekend is likely to be dappled with a little spookiness on the part of others, and maybe a brief sprinkle from a passing wet dog, but otherwise you’ll be in the clear. Mercury exiting the shadow of a retrograde does assure us that we are leaving at least a few things behind.

So I bid you enjoyable emotional sailing…may your winds of fortune carry you towards the dawning of new dreams!

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