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Monday, April 1, 2013

Dateblog: April 2013

If you look at the April monthly diagram, you’ll see one color dominating the scene – a bright sunny yellow signifying Aries.

(Oh - and thanks for the emails and comments letting me know you like the bar charts!)
Among astrologers, there’s a joke about Aries being the sign of ‘first person perpendicular’ – in other words, “I.” That joke makes total sense if you think of Aries as the sign of ‘I Am,’ but maybe a little less sense when we think of the Aries modality – the nature of Aries activity, which is cardinal. Aries is a sign which is all about DOING. And since by element Aries is a fire sign, we know Aries as a sign all about the vision, the ideal, the possibility.

Put it all together and you have Aries as the sign of what I can become. Or an ability to see what you can do if you put your Aries muscle into it.

Yes, Aries is a sign which tends to be a little egotistical and a little prone towards getting into debates replete with butting heads on any of a number of subjects.

But the argument can’t be the object. Winning – or winning through - can’t be the object. It’s that vision, the why you try which means everything with Aries. If you’re a prince, yes, you do want to slay the dragon. But you want to slay the dragon not for the sake of dragon-slaying, but so that your kingdom is protected. So that you can go home and, having learned what it takes to fight and risk and defend that you believe in, invest your Self (to the hilt, one might say!) in that world you’ve protected in order to make something of it…and of yourself.

So what are our challenges? Well, there is the need to temper ourselves (and our tempers) so that we aren’t SO into our own goals that we’re totally obnoxious to live with. And as part (or apart) from this, we will have a first half of April with Mercury in Pisces (purple) and Jupiter (beige) in Gemini – which is a recipe for not thinking things through…or learning the cost of not having thought things through prior to now.

This would also be a classic time to speak out of turn. Or say too much. Or become overly aggressive or defensive-aggressive. Or even evasive.

There’s also a little factor here that involves Mercury passing through Pisces as Neptune (also in Pisces) connects with Fomalhaut, that famous royal star which rewards us where we’ve been very, very good…and which unseats us where we have done anything shady, dishonest, or otherwise emotionally corrupt. As a pairing, Mercury-Neptune is known for lying and representing liars or lies. So with Mercury/Jupiter eliciting all the qualities of standing on our own tongues (or shooting ourselves in the foot, if you prefer), this is a time when we should first and foremost be careful about keeping our own slate clean.

And others? Well, this would be the time to find out that others are not the peachy types we thought they were. And yes, if (make that ‘when’) things surface, you’ll be tempted to blame that ‘other party.’
But don’t. At least not totally. Yes, they may be crumbs, but remember – your disappointment is all about the expectation or whatever self-illusion/delusion quotient you have cloaked yourself in up until now. Call it a case of celestial ‘buyer beware’…this is a time for being very sure of who you’re dealing with and that people really are who they say they are.

Or aren’t.

The good news here is that all is not lost, even in the most difficult situations. Some losses cannot be made whole, true. But Pluto’s going retrograde at 11 Capricorn on April 12th tells us that the first part of April is greatly about personal structure, individual capacity, and whether we own our Self (fully) and our sense of life consequences.

If things are difficult now, try and work them through. If the ‘other party’ will not discuss things, wait a while. There is a Solar Eclipse coming up on May 10th, which means the whole of April is enfolded in that Eclipse’s ‘breakdown’ period. Your situation in your life…and whatever the ‘joint’ situation means in that ‘other party’s life are two separate experiences of this upcoming 19 Taurus eclipse. Life is trying to tell you that something needs letting go of. The ‘size’ or ‘importance’ of this issue (and its nature) would be told by whether your chart is aspected directly by 19 Taurus, with hard aspects (the Taurus conjunction, the Leo or Aquarius square, the Sagittarius or Libra inconjunct and Scorpio opposition) being more rather than less in the ‘target zone.’

Once we get past April 15th (income tax day in the United States – hello?) energies shift. Some planets (like Venus, which is first to enter Taurus) are very good in Taurus, picking up more or less easily on the Taurean desire to just be satisfied with life. The Sun can be good or bad in Taurus, depending on how happy you are with yourself. And with Mercury moving into that First Person sign of Aries as Venus moves into Taurus, we can expect people to be doing a lot of self assessment or development of plans they have for the future, particularly as the Sun and Mars enter the sign of the bull (or just plan ‘the sign of bull!’) on the 19th and 20th respectively.

Mars in Taurus is known to manifest as feelings of frustration. With Saturn retrograde in the opposing sign of Scorpio, things could get explosive, especially around April 25 when we’ll be treated (if that’s the word!) to a Lunar Eclipse at 5 Scorpio.

**An American Event Note**
April 25th is the date of the dedication for the GW Bush Presidential Library in Dallas.Maybe it’s karma, and certainly nobody asked me, but had they asked me I wouldn’t have picked this date - not necessarily in the specific sense, but in terms of the greater 'life' of the Library.

5 Scorpio is a degree known for actions and activities which can often be typified as “good energy after bad.” With Saturn and Mars involved directly in this lunar eclipse, we are being given a recipe for high tension, vast amounts of contention and intransigent unwillingness to hear anything but what you want to hear.
Of course there is another possible side to this eclipse. For those who have worked hard and whose efforts are worthy of attention, support or reward, this would be a time to get good news.

For those whose charts are not directly aspected by this Lunar Eclipse, you’ll probably hear someone in your personal world or on the news who is ‘owning’ this moment. And maybe that will key you to make a move.

This is a good time for planning, working through options and self-development. Not wasting our opportunities is important, but so is our productive use of time, personal abilities and individual resources. Thinking long term and being honest with ourselves may bring some (maybe even many) of us to the realization that certain things, positions or attitudes we’ve invested in over quite a long time have to be let go of.
But what’s our choice – to continue doing the thing that doesn’t work?

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