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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Leo Full Moon

The Full Moon Over Lake Michigan
(photo credit: Kim Scarborough, August 2005)

By the very nature of Leo as a highly creative sign, with a Full Moon at 7 Leo on Sunday, January 27th (at 4:39 a.m. for those in the UT/+0 zone)…this would be a time for big ideas.

Or maybe when something happens to opens a whole new world for you.

Also known as a sign of good times and high spirits, a Leo Moon can also bring out our spirit of play. So perhaps you’re thinking to have a party? Or a special little get-together with someone you really like? 

Considering how with the time zone adjusted this Full Moon happens on Saturday night in the Americas, we can expect some high times and fancy dance steps.

More on a personal and dynamic level, considering that Leo’s is a sign all about bringing things into being in the creative sense, maybe this will be a great time when you find out your plans are coming to fruition. Or that something has been cleared off the deck so you can plan something new. Full Moons are not typically a signal of starting something, but seeing that they do indicate ‘bringing something to fruition’ (hence the reference to a ‘high tide’) this can be a time when some obligation finally gets out of your way, allowing you to do what you really want to do!

The particular degree of this Full Moon (7 Leo) is known by default as a personal and sometimes physical Leo degree. This is one of those Leo degrees where ‘a little of this’ and ‘a little of that’ can suddenly produce magic. Or insight. Or a complete change of heart. It’s said that there’s a certain amount of luck which is found in this degree which suggests that those who have been working towards something may get some positive news.

But there is some reason to be cautious now. Why? Because 7 Leo is a degree which also tends to polarize me/them type energies. So when or where you’re getting along with people, things are really, really good. But where things are bad, or where you do that Leo no-no of acting like your opinion, your preference, your aims or abilities are ‘all that’ and the rest of the world should just feel lucky they get to listen to you…? That could surely blow up in your face now!

Let’s also remember, this Full Moon is occurring as Vesta has just gone direct. So maybe you’re going to suddenly remember you have a term paper due? Or maybe you made some commitment of some sort and have suddenly realized you’re over your head?

Okay…so maybe you need to get creative. In that, the Leo Moon may help. But people around you shouldn’t expect you to be calm. Being a fixed sign, a Leo Full Moon will have many of us ‘fixed’ on something we want to get done. We may be driven by some need…or just feel driven by some need.

 1000 Cubes by Nevit Dilmen (2002)

Relationships are likely to be part of this Full Moon dynamic as well. And not necessarily the easy part of relationships, either.

What’s that all about? Well, that would be because the South Node is going to be conjuncting Sedna on Monday (January 28) at 22 Taurus. The lunar nodes always being about how we relate – whether that’s to a person, our job, society or whatnot…the conjunction to Sedna highlights the need to be our own person and accepting that our ‘job’ as a human being is to do what we are capable of doing, whether or not we recognize its worth.

Sedna’s tough. I’m not saying it isn’t tough – it is. We’re talking about a dwarf planet which orbits at the very edge of our solar system in conjunction with experiences our world which can be (and feel) very personal. No matter what happens between January 28th and February 7th (when the South Node finally parts company with Sedna) the greatest benefit we will ultimately realize involve understanding how others see us.

It may not all be pretty. But it’s likely to be valuable.

And all this starts just as the Full Moon appears in the sky. Coincidence? Probably not!

As for modifying factors to the Full Moon itself, there are several.

The first is Circe. You may remember her story, she’s a spell-casting Sorceress who holds onto men by casting a spell over them, turning them into animals. (Seriously!) Circe is conjunct the Moon.

The second is Nemesis, the figure of either standing up to say the unpopular-but-true thing…or the ‘I told you so’ which whether uttered by someone else or in our mind gets us kicking our derriere because we KNEW we should have done something (or not done something) but we ignored the ‘unpopular warning.’

Considering the Moon is in Leo and the Sun is in Aquarius for this Full Moon, there’s a heavy societal accent here, particularly where our interactions are concerned. With all taken into account, it would seem likely that we’ll hear – or hear of - some fractious statements. And warnings given or warnings ignored.

With Saturn at 11 Scorpio, we would also expect to encounter some t-square effects, too.

Whatever it at the ‘t’ of any t-square represents what we need to get ‘over’ in order to accomplish our task. Considering this is Saturn in Scorpio at the ‘t’ of all things, the question would seem to be emotional values…whether that’s someone’s expectations, need to feel included (or recognized), or maybe some sort of monetary issue. With all of the major players here (Sun, Moon, Saturn) positioned in fixed signs, the general tendency to dig in our heels is likely to be an issue now – and that the ‘me’ part of the fixed equation (Taurus) isn’t occupied at the moment…?

Frankly, that strikes this astrologer as a test of personal proportion, especially since that ‘Taurus quotient’ is going to get energized (big time!) starting the day after this Full Moon.

Normally, the Scorpio/Taurus polarity has us wanting things to go our way because if and where they don’t, we tend to feel personally invalidated, threatened or otherwise diminished. It doesn’t have to be serious to be real in this area of life…we just want to feel we’re right. And that we’re on solid ground. And that we’re safe. And that we aren’t going to get rejected, neglected or otherwise shut out.

Those are all Taurus/Scorpio issues. So considering the juxtaposition of this Leo Full Moon and Saturn sticking it’s icy rings into the mix via a t-square WITH all the South Node/Sedna stuff about to go off?

Oh, one wonders.

In all likelihood, people will fall into two camps. One group will be perfectly happy to be noodling off on their own doing their own thing. The other camp will be embroiled in contention with people who may or may not (and who certainly can) make life harder by screwing up our works. Or our relationships with others. Or our avenues for proceeding on in life.

Makes you want to run out and get happy and creative, doesn’t it?

There’s one more thing to remember here, and that’s the idea that Jupiter – which has been hanging out at 6 Gemini getting us all focused on how unfocused we’re capable of being – is about to go direct.

 Jupiter as seen by Voyager
(photo credit: NASA-JPL)

So! Do I have any ‘tried and sure’ suggestions for this lunation? Frankly, no. What I can (and obviously will) say however, is that your ability to understand where others are coming from – for good or ill – is your best salvation. You can’t ‘abandon’ yourself to them, and you can’t ignore them, either. Nor can you have everything your own way and emerge smelling like the proverbial rose.

Leo has a talent for seeing what’s possible and expecting life to fall in and go for the envisioned gusto. If you can inspire others with your ideas, great – then you may become the happy partying person and pass through this time with nary a ruffle to your mane. But if there’s a gap between your vision of how life ‘should work’ and how life actually is – or is working? Then the question becomes whether you’re going to deal with reality or use your vision to try and better the current situation.

Whatever happens, don’t get discouraged, get happy to listen, to help, to chip in where you can and to figure out what will work best where all is in tatters. Those who do can get a whole lot done now. You can even salvage what might otherwise be a difficult situation. That’s the other side of the impending Sedna/South Node issue: it’s a definite opportunity to change your ways, to let go of wanting life to ‘fit you’ at some level and to become a participant and individual others can respect.

Have a seriously creative and enlightening Full Moon!

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