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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dateblog: February 2013

February starts off in a jumble. Jupiter has just gone direct (on January 30th) and thus it’s “station window” effects the first day (maybe even two) of this month. This Jupiterian event being all about Gemini ideas, choices and whether we have (or even can!) think things through, one expects a lot of noise, if nothing else.

Oh…and communication/transportation issues, too.

That all of this decision making and dealing with details may not just be personal but also manifest on the corporate or national level seems another distinct possibility, as February 1st is the date that Saturn rolls across the date of last November’s 21 Scorpio Solar Eclipse. We probably all remember that as a time when life gave us some promptings which got us all into a baseline realism mode which tossed rhetoric out the window because suddenly the basics of life and life’s necessities mattered most.

Added to this gentle (ahem!) reminder is the fact that come February 2nd, Venus moves into Aquarius as Mars moves into Pisces with Ceres (planning as a major factor) going direct on February 4th and Mercury entering Pisces on February 5th.

A long-range photo of Ceres, which no doubt will soon be improved on as NASA's Dawn spacecraft is due to visit this super-large asteroid within a year and a half or so. Once Dawn gets there, scientists will determine whether Ceres is indeed an asteroid, or whether Ceres' physical characteristics qualify what we think of now as an asteroid as a dwarf planet. What's would that say on a metaphysical level? Considering Ceres is all about planning...(example: what all it will take to turn a pile of seeds in your hand into food in the warehouse)...we can look forward to this 'Dawn-ing' moment as a time when the 'size' of our plans, and how good those plans are either do or don't start meaning substantially more than they do now.  
(photo credit NASA, ESA, J. Parker (Southwest Research Inst.),
P. Thomas (Cornell Univ.) L McFadden (Univ of MD, College
Park), January 23, 2004)
Hence the jumble. Or muddle, if you prefer. But because the Venus/Mars (wanting-getting) relationship here is less personal and more thoughtful than it has been of late, we may find ourselves…and others…thinking less about personal aims and more about what we can do which will create a world or situation which will make it easier for us to get where we want to go in part by making things better for others. Maybe even everyone.

With Mercury entering Pisces on the 5th (within Ceres’ “station window”) however…errors in judgment are likely to surface. As disheartening (or annoying) as that may seem, try to see this as ‘better now than later.’ Those who do a little editing now will be spared disappointments later.

With the New Moon of February 10th at 21 Aquarius, we arrive at a ‘check point’ which also refers us back to last November’s solar eclipse (which was at 21 Scorpio, in a square to this New Moon). Can we afford what needs doing? If not, then we need to consider what that word (‘need’) really means. If the need is real, sacrifices must be made. If the need is really a want, that’s a different sort of adjustment. The best constructs now are a.) based on facts, b.) are well thought through, and c.) those which aim to make a group or social/societal contribution while building something which will become a factor in our personal future.

That’s about it until Saturn hits it’s February 16 -20 station allowance with Saturn going retrograde at 11 Scorpio on February 18th, the day that the Sun enters Pisces.

Clouds over the Atlantic Ocean beyond the coast of Salvador (Bahia, Brazil) on a
 sunny day recalls the universal and oceanic qualities of Pisces, the beauty of life
 and our world and just how big a (Saturn) task can really be. Are you ready to swim
across that ocean? Are you grateful that you don't have to? Many of us will never
 face anything so daunting or so vast as the contemplation of such a challenge, but
it's a good thing to think about as many people will face such things and having
thought through them on our own helps us understand those people, their
situations and perhaps how we can help...or at least learn from
their experiences.
 (photo credit: Tiago Fioreze, July 2008)

Think emotional, think intense, think tests of emotions…especially the kind of emotions which have to do with your values or sense of personal worth (read: self worth).

Sun in Pisces is a yearly time through wholesale, worldwide emotionality…and often the ‘airing’ of our emotions. Adding to the flux, flex, uncertainty and indecision of this moment is that Mercury – also in Pisces – goes retrograde on February 23rd, making its station/slight-of-mind window February 21st through 25th.

Those who experience this confluence as a time to realize what works, what doesn’t work and why one works and the other doesn’t will arrive at the Virgo Full Moon of February 25th and Venus’ ingress of Pisces (on February 26th) with insight and an understanding of what needs to be done next. Those who don’t are likely to feel befuddled as to why their dreams aren’t coming true.

When in doubt, try to remember that the stars in the sky on which we dream are the same stars for everyone. We don’t really succeed in this world without understanding that we’re as human as the next person…and they’re just as human as we are.

We all want our dreams, right?

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