by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A personal Uranian moment

As I sit at my desk the sound of frustrated fighting floats across the garden. It’s ‘act 2’ in a drama I found out about just yesterday, when the owner of the building I live in sent someone around to say that effective immediately, the manager of 12 years here is no longer the manager.

Seeing her door standing wide open, as I went out a few hours later, I stopped by to see what was up. One of her grown daughters was standing in the hall weeping as the other was closeted with mother in the bedroom, each prosecuting a verbal Donnybrook on the other.

Violence isn’t the question in my home court, but this is a tell-tale sign of Uranus at 29 Pisces. Scheat, the fixed star which sits at this degree has a reputation for being seen in the worst sort of light, no matter how right the information or good the personal intention. An example I like to use is Galileo; when he said everything revolved around the Sun (not the Earth) in our solar system he got called a heretic and ended up under house arrest.

In this case, my manager is a woman with a soft spot for people in need of care, love and a place to mend their wounds. She fought to get my application accepted in a moment when things were bad for me and has done the same for others. When they’ve pushed or disobeyed the house rules, she’s mitigated the complaints, pointing out to all concerned that this small complex of some forty apartments is its own little community – we should try to get along. Slowly but surely, she’s helped forge a sense of family among us; where I live your cut finger won’t go naked for want of a Band-Aid here – just go outside and pronounce your need. Someone will come running.

On the other side, some matters of maintenance have gone wanting. The flooding of lower floor apartments this past winter is sure example of that. Yes, we got the gutters cleaned out (finally!) and surgery was done to clear out the clod-clotted drain arteries. But with that came a cooperative effort to clean the washer tops, sweep the walks and keep things picked up between visits from the gardeners.

Any planet in any position excites not just the energy of that degree, but the energy of the polarity that degree is only one half of. 29 Pisces/Virgo is efficiency and effectiveness – the ‘takin’ care of buisness’ of the Virgo side against the forgiveness, charity and possible sloppiness of the Pisces side.

And with Scheat on the Pisces side, where we have been so forgiving as to be sloppy, where we have taken too soft a stance where rules really do need minding – there things are happening despite all we can do….and they are likely to be seen in a bad light from all angles. It isn’t just big corporations or the Vatican or the banks and Wall Street…it’s the boss, it’s the friend you’ve had trouble with, it’s the baker, your children, the vet, your honey…it’s whomever.

The solution here is to talk it through, granted. Where things have gone wrong yes – there need to be better checks and balances and some means for correcting things before they go destructively off the rail. Here in my home quad, the owners seem to be finally taking charge. But they could have done things differently. I’m looking across the garden and there are boxes and movers going in and out of my manager’s apartment.

We all need rules. We all need to be held to rules and standards. This isn’t about being nice, this is about being effective. And though Uranus will move out of 29 Pisces come May 27/28 (depending where you are), we have from now until February/early March 2011 - when after its yearly retrograde Uranus will return to this degree – we have until then to clean up our act.

It shouldn’t be all explosions. It shouldn’t take personal disasters for us to get that we need to change our ways. It often does, but it shouldn’t. Yes, people learn far better through bad times than good, but geez…you’d think we would get that though Uranian ideals are really nice, that when we go with the ideal we end up getting undermined by the fact that Pisces fantasies are simply not Virgo functional realities.

Sigh…I’m going to miss my lady manager. She has her flaws, but so do we all. And though I’m sorry to see hers catch up with her, I have faith this is also the moment for her to move on.

The sounds of quarreling have now gone quiet. It’s time to reflect, then get to work - perhaps not so much on who I need to be as how I need to go about being the person I am. I get that will require emotional risks and risking feeling vulnerable - that's a big part of Uranus in Pisces...which is now coming to a head at 29 Pisces.

And no, I won't enjoy that. But what other choice do I have? What other choice to any of us have? We can either do the thing which makes us and our lives work or suffer the consequences of refusing to take on the 'hard stuff.'

As a so sucks. As a reality, it's true nonetheless.

Like I said....[sigh].

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  1. I'm glad to know we have until March to get our collective and individual "acts" together...but is that really a Good thing to know? I for one am an Excellent procrastinator!