by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BP's Top Kill Attempt

BP announced that it's 'Top Kill' attempt began at 13:00 CDT today.

The chart for this event show fixed star Thuban and asteroid Echo at 7 Virgo, right behind the 8 Virgo Ascendant. Thuban's lore is all about difficult processes which have to be worked through. Echo is about 'echoing' what you've been told. 

The combination of these signals in Virgo's proactive first decanate (degrees 0 through 9) tells us that BP is doing (Ascendant) what they have been told will work (Thuban/Echo).

The foundation of this chart is represented as being 7 Sagittarius - another first decan point (therefore about "doing")...and a degree with an interesting lore as pertains to this attempt. Known as a degree which is 'quite' and 'materialistic' and capable of turning enemies into friends, perhaps the most important note about this degree is that it wants to be 'undisturbed' or 'left alone.'

Given that Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, we look to Jupiter in this chart - conjunct Uranus/Scheat (a combination which speaks either to nastiness or innovation) and asteroids Byblis (that 'long known') and Klotho (beginnings) the image seems to be that this is a lesson. BP will learn better about what it does - and like as not (given that Jupiter is in the 7th position of "the audience") the world is going to reconsider the true 'cost' of using oil. 

Is this really - astrologically - about oil? Yes. Oil as a substance is astrologically Piscean - the drilling part? That's Scorpio.
So here we have Uranus, Jupiter (et al) all in Pisces: the matter is clearly about the oil itself and oil as subject. Yet since all Piscean outcomes are Neptunian, we need to look at the Neptune in this chart.

And where is Neptune? Conjunct Athena and (calculated) Lilith (that we didn't want to look at) in the 6th house of employees. It's a cinch we don't know everything that's going on - nor are we ever likely to know all or exactly what actually took place. Or whether BP (Transocean, Halliburton, etc.) are going to find out who did what, or if they discipline anyone even if they do find out. 

At least not at this point. 

There is a whole section of astrological theory which is horary and rather 'progression-oriented' which astrologers routinely use for 'time-telling' when it comes to doing certain kinds of predictions. Using this chart, with the Moon at 20 Scorpio and Uranus (the "last" aspect to be made by said Moon) ... the trine between Moon and Uranus which is eventually to be struck says this is not so simple a problem as everyone is thinking, but it can be solved. At some point in the process signified by the number seven (hours? days? weeks? months? years?) there will be a turn in the process. One tick later (at "eight" after commencement of this process at 1pm CDT) information will surface. Then we'll get to the solution...and maybe a few more actual facts.

A note more on this sort of progressive/horary theory: all such 'time slots' often apply. So while it may be only hours (or maybe days or...) until we know whether this 'top kill' method works to seal the blowout, we can also expect to see repercussions (ecological, financial, legal, etc.) echoing off this event chart in terms of what it says about timing.

Last item for the moment...the Scorpio Moon of this chart is in the 3rd house of communications in a degree which is "public" by nature. But Scorpio as a sign is very controlling. Do we think we're getting the whole story? With this Moon ruling the South Node (the "easy way out") in the publicity/marketplace 11th house and conjunct charismatic dog-star Sirius, BP could probably do itself some long-term good by being totally open about everything going on. 

But will it?  

With Icarus (flights of fancy/reckless actions) conjunct Fomalhaut (dreams and intuitions) just under the 'here's what we're telling you' 7th house cusp with the rather domineering symbol of Hera (the overseeing wife) sitting atop said cusp, it's a pretty good bet we're not getting the whole story. 

Will update this blog saga as soon as something else happens...more soon! 

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