by Boots Hart, CAP

Saturday, February 4, 2017

February’s Solar and Lunar Eclipses

The annular eclipse of May 20, 2012 (at 0 Gemini) as photographed from Wolfforth, Texas
(photo credit: Eddie Wimberley)
This February is an ‘eclipse month.’ And with this particular pair of eclipses, the lunar eclipse is going to occur before the solar eclipse, which a situation we haven’t seen in a couple of years - since October 2014, to be exact.

And while no, this isn’t precisely ‘vital’ on the astrological level, what it does say is this: where over the past few years we have been in a ‘solar eclipse first, lunar eclipse second’ pattern which manifested as events and recognitions which have (in turn) prompted emotionalism and emotional reactions, now we are going to have a series of eclipses where feelings stirred up around the time of the lunar eclipse are bound to contribute to the events which shape our lives, and to whatever extent, our world.

The difference sounds subtle. And for a lot of us, this difference won't seem to matter much. (Thickness of psychic hide is an unpredictable thing, after all.) But from a broader perspective, what we are describing is a difference in orientation and how decisions get made (or not made) in life.

And that does matter.

However we feel about the switch, this new 'lunar first, solar second' order will hold until 2018’s mid-year eclipse season - which for information's sake is going to be a sandwich sort of affair featuring a lunar eclipse between two solar eclipses, which is part and parcel of how the pairing will change back again.

As for the current eclipse pair, our latest lunar eclipse is scheduled to go through its paces as of thirty-four minutes after midnight (00:34, UT/+0 time) on February 11, 2017 - and in being positioned at 22 Leo, it metaphysically speaks to our fondest dreams and visions - and a few notions which could possibly get in our way where or if we fail to think things through (or) inclusively.

Whatever goes on, being that 22 degrees of Leo (like 22 degrees of every sign) is a third decan degree, meaning, it falls between 20 and 29 degrees of some sign. And like every third decan degree (of any signs) that tells us how things which occur (or occur to us) now it entirely 'about' us or under our control, which given Leo as a sign of 'Self' development and efforts meant to earn respect from others may indicate one (or some) of the reasons we may get to feeling upset, frustrated or feeling ignored (undervalued, insulted, etcetera) or like we've got a thorn stuck in our emotional paw around the time of this eclipse.
Lunar Eclipse at 22 Leo (glyph chart)
February 11, 2016 - 00:34 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Lunar Eclipse at 22 Leo (text chart)
February 11, 2016 - 00:34 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
So this lunar eclipse may pertain to things going on around us. Or it may point to things we are ‘witnessing’ (directly or indirectly). Or maybe it will concern something we are part of, or involved in doing. That 22 Leo is the degree being ‘highlighted’ tells us 'we' are in the mix (to some extent) as 22 Leo is said to bring up situations which cause us to jump in or become involved (or even over-involved) despite any lack of preparation or understanding - which may mean we will be given the chance to become involved in something which offers us the chance to 'better' our Self ... and then again, which may mean we may be jumping into some simmering stew because our Self or our efforts are being questioned or criticized (whether rightly or wrongly).

According to lore on this degree, supporting the wrong cause (and therefore finding out we are supporting the wrong cause) is entirely possible here, and how it is just possible we will refuse to acknowledge such a discovery either out of pride or stubbornness, digging our Self in ever more deeply as we make everything a little more difficult.

But then, that is part of Leo too. Wherever Leo appears in our chart (and whenever we see Leo being highlighted by transit, be that through an eclipse or otherwise) we know part of what we are learning about is how (and where) ego (ours, specifically) can screw us up.

With that much now said, let's toss in a bit of history here, as sometimes, when thinking astrologically, it helps to recall other moments when the same 'note' of degree was struck. So when it comes to 22 Leo, 22 Leo was the degree Jupiter went retrograde at back in early December of 2014. (Did you have a good time that year? If not, you might have something of a '22 Leo issue'.)

Now (as then), the Sabian symbol for 22 Leo goes like this: ‘In a circus, the bareback rider displays her dangerous skill.’ When astrologer Marc Edmund Jones wrote about 22 Leo, he referred to it as “the audacity and perseverance to control and play with the powerful energies of the vital ream in human existence" referencing the physical skill of the rider and how such a 'ride' (exhibition, effort, trial) displays and hopefully proves our ability to take and/or survive risks even as we work through the process of 'mastering' our relationship with the world (audience) and our ability to demonstrate already acquired abilities as part of society. 

Given this image - and the fact that it centers on a 'circus,' whatever happens now, it would not seem to be about anything unheard of (circuses and circus performers have been around for centuries). Plus, whatever the 'performance' may be, while its existence (or that it can be done) may not be 'news,' and though for those 'doing the deed' that activity may seem common, there is something about it which is exceptional or ‘special’ to others - that being the thing which turns our ability into a 'performance.' 

Or not, as the case may be. (Not all lunar eclipses are a walk in the park or a ride around the big top, after all.)

To have a lunar eclipse in this degree does not say ‘who’ we 'are' now either. We can be the performer (the person demonstrating skill) or a spectator (one who gets to enjoy the performance) - or maybe both in different moments, as there is nothing about a lunar eclipse (especially one which aspects our chart with any accuracy) which says eclipse effects cannot just 'burst out' all over the place.

As this lunar eclipse (like all lunar eclipses) is a variety of Full Moon, that means the Moon is at 22 Leo and the Sun is at 22 Aquarius. And that puts the Sun (representing the consciousness with which we 'reflect' on things) in a highly energetic degree said to need some sort of ‘outlet’ for its ‘passionate nature' ... though with Aquarius being an air sign, the term “passion” (which is a water sign word) might well be better replaced here with terms like 'interest,' ‘conviction,’ 'fervency' or even ‘fanaticism.’

Another nuance here is how any part of the ‘show’ we are now ‘putting on’ (or watching) may prove to be ‘dangerous,’ whether directly to us (or) to our efforts, or perhaps just to our (lunar) feelings, with there being an implication that we could even take a ‘tumble’ or some sort of ‘hard fall' somewhere along the way, whether that 'fall' is a physical, psychological or emotional reference.

Next we come to the configurations which come as part of this astrological image. And that list of configurations is truly quite the list - an idea which implies how this lunar eclipse may involve a lot of ‘moving parts’ (or different feelings and concerns) or how it may be occurring during a period which is already emotional, without any additional input.

To be specific here, this lunar eclipse comes with four Yods, one magic rectangle, one grand square, one grand trine, one kite and one t-square, all as part of the figure. And that, besides sounding somewhat like a tour of astrology's list of standard aspects also indicates many factors, perspectives, options and requirements which are making things not so  simple and yet completely unavoidable.

Is that what is triggering all the emotionalism? Or, in being a variation on a Full Moon, might this mean this lunar eclipse will indicate the end of something - a concept which seems more than usually likely, considering the 11th is also the date that asteroid Atropos goes direct at 23 Gemini, a degree speaking either to questions of (or) the questioning of faith or  belief - not in others, but in what we are doing and why we are doing it. 

Given that, might this moment become one indicating the end of something? Will we make a decision that one thing should be ended and another begun? Perhaps. Or perhaps whatever happens now will cause us to 'shift gears' for some worthy reason (which we may or may not be happy about).

Whatever happens, particularly for those among us with prominent Leo placements, things will be anything but boring.

Then again, thinking of this more pragmatically, perhaps because this Leo lunar eclipse is 'leading' us into a Pisces solar eclipse, it could be that events, moments and situations which occur at the time of the lunar eclipse will move us to 'adopt' or 'take on' something (or some stance) which, in true Piscean style, involves confronting something we might not have wanted to know (or) would rather not have to deal with, as the feelings and reactions which go with it are an uncomfortable reality to have to grapple with.

Of course, effects will vary. Some of us have natal charts which will be aspected by only the lunar eclipse. Some of us were born with natal horoscopes which are not aspected by the lunar ecilpse, but which are aspected by the solar eclipse. Then there are those whose charts will be aspected by both, indicating a far greater likelihood that the situational dynamics of both eclipses are linked. 

Even when eclipses do not aspect anything in our personal chart, we tend to feel them. If nothing else, we hear our friends or family members experiencing their thrust, and react to (or) learn from that. As with all astrological aspects, the point is how the closer the aspect, the strong the effect - which leads naturally to the question: will my chart get aspected?

Here's a chart to see whether that answer is 'yes' or 'no':   

Faced with that giant list of configurations (the four Yods, one magic rectangle, one grand square, one grand trine, one kite and one t-square), apart from knowing things are likely to be 'complicated' on some level, it might be hard to know where to start or how to approach the general nature of the situation described.

And just so you know, with this partridge-in-a-pear-tree list of planetary pictures, there is just no way to come up with all the cohesive combinations which could result from them. However, if we start by dividing Yon Giant Configuration List into those in yin (responsive/reactive) signs, those in yang (assertive or initiating) signs and those which combine yin and yang, that will help structure things a little better than otherwise.

So let's start with that yin and yang list:

Basically, ‘yin’ signs are those signs of the zodiac which have a natural tendency and aptitude for building on experience, for working on that which is already in play (and) for building with (or on) things which are already ‘in hand’ or otherwise known and understood. Yin signs have a natural tendency to ‘respond,’ where ‘yang’ signs are prone to initiating, asserting, striking out on a new tact (and) representing some in-built need to differentiate, ‘own’ or individualize.

So with February’s lunar eclipse in the yang sign of Leo, with that yang lunar eclipse being in advance of a yin solar eclipse, that suggests a surge of emotion or emotion-provoking energetics only a few days in advance of Valentine's Day (among other things). And just to make the point here, with the lunar eclipse falling on the Saturday prior to Valentine's Day (February 14th) it takes no genius to know that in more than a few cases, relationships are going to be involved - which would certainly explain why there may be some sense (or sensation) of emotional ‘risk’ fluttering a few feelings (and stomachs) during this time.

But let's not get off track. With regards to configurations which in being strictly ‘yang’ are likely to indicate where we are asserting or initiating things (theoretically in the name of smoother and happier sailing), we have two: a grand trine and a magic rectangle.

Grand trines indicate ongoing or 'effortless' energies and situations which are unlikely to stop or be altered by us either out of inability or preference. That said, grand trines may also be an indication OF change - and specifically of change we cannot avoid - if/when such a grand trine forms up in such a way as to affect our personal chart. Often thought of as a configuration indicative of happiness or peace (because the energy is 'ongoing' and of an 'effortless' trine nature), grand trines can indicate things which come to us 'automatically' or virtually without effort as well as being a sign of some ongoing habit, or an effort which stays pretty much right on track.

Then again, grand trines can also indicate negatives - like a bad situation which just goes on and on without our having any ability to stop the 'ongoing' process or get away.

In the case of this particular grand trine, with all three points in the twenties of respective signs, we know this concerns something which goes beyond being just 'about us' or our personal concerns. And in connecting Saturn to the Moon, are also given to know this grand trine concerns things ‘of value’ are involved with Uranus-Eris at 21 and 22 degrees of Aries speaking to changes in, and our awareness of what all which goes on now may ‘represent’ or 'say' about us, our character, or perhaps just some current situation or goal.

With Saturn at 25 Sagittarius, some notion of ‘excess’ is present - though what that refers to, and whether Saturn is representing our determination to remain in ‘excessive mode’ or to rein in such excesses is individual. That said, 25 Sagittarius is also known for a need for realism, which in being activated by Saturn may indicate our arriving at a moment (or place in life) where we will be confronting, dealing with, or utilizing something of a factual and 'realistic' nature - and as 25 Sagittarius is also known for ‘habitual intoxication,’ substances (alcohol is specifically cited in writings on this degree), being ‘drunk on power’ or simply being ‘intoxicated’ about being ‘right’ (or in light of having a ‘right’ to do or be something) in trine to Uranus (plus) Eris may speak to a ‘reinventing’ of Self (or) a similar insight, change or updating of something systemic, social and/or difficult, if inspiring.

Tying into the grand trine through the Moon and Uranus/Eris, the second completely yang figure is a magic rectangle - which presents a few different ideas indeed.

In general, magic rectangles represent things which, like something ‘magical,’ have simply been furnished or provided to us without our ever having had to work for them, with things like talents, inherited resources and situations or positions we are ‘born to’ (or born into) being the most common variations on this theme.

(There are others, but hopefully you get the gist.)

In any case, wherever we see a magic rectangle, we know there is something which, whether intrinsically respected or completely taken for granted, has not been initially worked for, and which may never have been worked on, as well. Then one day something trips us up. Or our 'luck' runs out, the well runs dry - or something happens to end the 'magic’ as we have known it.

Once that magic is gone (or even diminished), we recognize what we have had - and how easy it is for life to change (which may be the most magical of all lessons.) And once that happens, we feel very much at a loss. Deprived of our 'magic' we struggle to 'replace' or 'rebuild' what we have - with that process (whatever it may be) being doubly hard due to the fact we didn't earn or build what we had to begin with.
In this magic rectangle we have Uranus-Eris, which while aspecting both parts of the lunar eclipse in sextiling the Sun in Aquarius while trining the Moon in Leo (also part of the lunar eclipse). Does this indicate some sort of unbidden or 'magical' revelation about our Self or our abilities? It could. And that Uranus is doing that at the same time it is opposing Jupiter (which is retrograde in Libra) may well speak to a few 'answers to prayers' even as in other cases it will refer to some form of revelation about our Self.

This is the figure which is also likely to be at the heart of many a person's lunar eclipse as it does aspect the eclipse itself (the Sun and Moon), all of which tells us this lunar eclipse concerns (or touches on) emotion-promoting changes which ask us to be 'flexible.' In drawing on two out of three parts of the months-long Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus t-square, it also indicates the possibility of 'transforming' (or realizing how to transform) situations we find individually daunting, or even downright objectionable.

This is a global transit which is pushing us each and all to ‘be transformed,’ virtually in spite of ourselves. And because Jupiter and Uranus are (and have been) part of Pluto's ongoing t-square while also being part of the magic rectangle, this may be a moment when something 'magical' indeed ‘breaks' a 'spell’ of some kind.

And that, considering the involvement of the Sun and Moon (the eclipse) says several things. For one, it would not be unlikely if something ‘magical’ ran into choppy waters about now (and in some cases, going forward), with this tendency being even more likely for those whose natal charts are aspected by this season’s solar and lunar eclipse, particularly as that concerns whatever may 'connect' these two astrological events.

Something is now producing unprompted (or) unexpected circumstances. And some of that is offering surprising (if informative) information - which if it isn't 'about' us, more than likely refers to something (or someone) we know or care about, which affects us. 

However, speaking of Pluto, Plutino Pluto is - at least as of the moment of this lunar eclipse - no longer in a t-square but now part of a cardinal (pro-active) grand square by virtue of opposing Vesta in Cancer.

And that turns the t-square dynamic (one which says we can solve our quandaries by seeing things from a more global perspective) into a grand square, a figure which challenges us to deal with 'many' (multiple) often seemingly contradictory factors while sorting through truths, priorities, preferences and possibilities.

With Pluto now in the mix, we have a figure with three “corners” (Jupiter, Vesta and Uranus-Eris) in less personal (third decanate) degrees with Pluto representing something either 'pushing' at us, needing to be dealt with or otherwise transformed or eliminated.

Plus, if Pluto is no longer part of a t-square but rather a grand square, that means while life has been priming us to learn a lesson concerning some more ‘universal’ issue(s) for the past several months, as of now, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter in a grand square indicates a time when we face “what it will take” (whether in time, effort, money, thought, etcetera) to achieve anything while dealing with what the (Vesta) ‘cost’ is going to be, considering our need to maintain balance and control.

Just to be precise, this grand square begins on February 4th. After that, due to the fact that Vesta will go on station and into direct motion while still in opposition to Pluto on March 7th (at 9:35 a.m., UT/+0 time), this grand square - - and Vesta’s opposition to Pluto will continue until Vesta moves out of orb of opposition on April 14th.

And that’s a long time to be feeling subtly stirred up for reasons which we either can’t place or which are seemingly ‘impossible’ to fathom through direct or logical thinking.

Inspiration(s) may help, and Uranus is known for ‘light bulb’ moments. But given Vesta’s opposition to Pluto, we are all likely to going to be going through some degree of discomfort as we ‘re-position’ a few concepts and personal (or) mental stances while also doing some psychic housecleaning with regards to pet desires and pet peeves (especially those we are looking to as something which might possibly halt the disquieting draft coming from the area of our vulnerabilities).

Grand squares are, on some level, a giant ‘balancing act’ which forces us to weigh ideas, alternatives and the relative strengths, merits and consequences of what we do, what we don’t do, and the order we do things in. With this grand square occurring in cardinal signs and ‘cardinality’ being a reference to that which we don’t hesitate about either because we understand it (or) because we accept the idea of ‘doing’ and learning from results - because of that, whatever is ‘ready to go’ (or which we have little or no issue with tackling or taking on) is where we can expect this grand square to surface now, and over the months ahead.

And given that, the very ‘success’ which has afforded us multiple paths or opportunities which we could do (or take advantage of) may be the source of current grand square “problems” (challenges). 

In other words, what should I do first - or should I do anything at all?

Moving on to the quartet of yods which are also part of this lunar eclipse, chances are they may provide some - if not all of our logical answers. Then again, given the nature of yods (and the fact there are so many of them) may in itself be an indication that none of our ‘options’ are likely to be perfect on their own - or at all perfect, which for some may be the crux and core of this lunar eclipse, inclusive of the getting us to recognize that fact as a fact.

And yods do define solutions. Each comes with their own “solution” point - the degree which is in opposition to whatever is at the base of the “Y” (and thus also automatically at the midpoint between the two forks of the “Y”.)

So what is the catch? The catch here is how we are seldom (if ever) delighted or inclined to want to do what the yod's solution describes. That’s the challenge of a yod, which being a figure composed of two 150-degree inconjuncts (focused on a shared ‘base’ point) defines situations which ‘hem us in’ or remind us of limits and boundaries which in some way require us to ‘adjustment’ our methods, aims or motivations, with our tendency being to 'sit' on the point which forms the joint 'base' of both inconjuncts, almost out of some personal instinct to 'resist' or to 'defend' our chosen position.

Which we can do, of course. But when we do that, yods promise nothing. Or to be precise, they promise difficulties and inconvenient moments carrying the 'flavor' of whatever frustrations, irritations or ego bruises the two semi-sextiles cast from either 'fork' of the yod's "Y" to the 'solution' point in opposition to the yod's base represent.

The good news is there is often nothing actually at stake apart from our ego (and getting past our ego) when we deal with a yod - in spite of what we think. That said, the bad news is how Yods seem to hit us in areas of our life where we are reluctant or even afraid to ‘give in’ or ‘knuckle under’ because of concerns about some form of 'loss' of confidence in Self (which may or may not be real).

In other words, Yods tend to test our inner emotional structures, morality and our willingness to compromise, particularly through situations which, for whatever reason, require us to carry through on aims even while feeling insecure (or unconvinced) as to results. There is always some sort of 'how do I match "this" with "that"' stress involved with yods as the double inconjunct guarantees a mixture of assertive and reactive energetics.

Yet there is always a solution too - which is something of the blessing which offsets not getting to exactly have our chosen 'way.'

Knowing all that, yod number one has Chiron at 22 Pisces as the ‘base’ of the yod, with the ‘solution’ point being 22 Virgo, a degree which speaks to our ability (or inability) to deal with reality (or) the facts and realities of our some situation or our abilities as they may (or may not) be applicable to that situation.

In being in opposition to Chiron (plus) in semi-sextile to a Leo Moon and Libra Jupiter, this 'solution' suggests native errors in areas where estimations have been made, with over-estimating being (or having been) likely. From Chiron’s position at 22 Pisces, we understand these actions or choices to be emotional’ (or) emotionally driven, and also that they are somehow tied to (a.) our notions of what relationships and relating is about, and (b.) how our actions and choices in such matters reveal who we are - and how even if we are not seeing that, others will.

With the Moon in Leo sextiling Haumea, Spica, Arcturus and Jupiter (with Jupiter in retrograde), this Yod speaks to our feelings about how we go through life and what ‘works’ for us, as opposed to other people. How we were raised and what childhood taught us is also activated here (which may be individual or cultural, depending), and habits we have (or which we have acquired) due to our upbringing (or culture) are also affected, particularly where we regard such things as some form of 'guiding light.'

With Chiron in Pisces, dealing with feelings is part of this process. We cannot avoid the importance of such emotions ... and yet, at the same time, insisting on our own emotional position is unlikely to get the results we truly want. 

Hold onto all that while we move to Yod #2:

Jupiter (and company) are also involved here. But in this yod, with Saturn being part of the 'other' fork of this Yod, Sedna at 25 Taurus at the base of this figure is about ‘letting go’ and ‘moving past’ how we have wanted things to be (or how we expected things to be) as part of getting a new perspective on things - and how we are like as not (at least initially) disinclined to do that.

With the ‘solution point’ here being defined as 25 Scorpio, something (or some change) of a ‘dramatic’ nature may be required in order for us to see where our thinking or allegiance to some idea, person or situation is founded in (or on) something which will not last (or) which is not appropriate to our future. Known for ‘criminal qualities,’ 25 Scorpio has a basic quality of rejection, specifically rejection of connections or being connected (and therefore responsive to) others. And this, in a semi-sextile to Saturn may well suggest 'situational friction' (real or emotional) which Jupiter (et al) adds to by throwing in issues having to do with loyalty, allegiance and ‘following’ something (or someone), and what that really means.

With Sedna at the base of this Yod, something about us - or our perspective on life (and how our life in particular works) may well be about to change or in the process of changing, and we may not like that. Or we may feel 'exposed' now in some way we hadn't expected would ever happen (or possible). With Sedna at the base of this yod, we are - assuredly - seeing things from some sort of 'immature' perspective (whether this has anything to do with age, or merely experience). There is something we need to 'let go' of in the taking on of some new 'role' in our own life - a role which may not feel as 'protected' but which in reality is more powerfully connected to our ultimate potential as a human beings.

Are we ready for that? And if not (which would seem to be indicated by the nature of this yod) what will it take for us to understand the nature of how we restrict our Self when we define our 'potential' through the lens of our preferences?

Yod number three puts Jupiter (in Libra retrograde) ‘on point,’ with its 6th sign inconjunct to Chiron (there are six signs from Jupiter to Chiron) and its 8th sign inconjunct to Sedna in Taurus indicating something having to do with how well we do (or don’t) know our Self, especially as that applies to others and what they think - specifically of, or about, us.

With Jupiter at 23 Libra being the 'base’ of this yod, some desire to ‘escape’ some truth or fact is key, with the ‘solution point’ (at 23 Aries) requiring a recognition (or) realization about how things in play are neither AS good or AS bad as we might tend to think, imagine or project. As part of this exaggeration and other forms of ‘fuzzy thinking’ and/or lack of maturity (or experience) may well get challenged - and as it does, we may be tempted to dismisses issues raised, along with any possible solution even as Jupiter inconjunct Chiron (on the 'other' side of this yod) raises questions about risk-taking (pro or con).

In focusing on one of two planets (Jupiter) involved (by direct aspect) with this eclipse, all three of the Yods we have talked about thus far represent qualities and factors which ‘apply’ (or are part of) the eclipse's emotional mix, with Jupiter's retrograde trine to the Sun likely manifest as useful insights if, where and as we take time to think things through.

And that Uranus - the other planet focused on the eclipse - is  not involved in any of these Yods suggests however we ‘become informed,’ it be an understanding acquired in more of a step-by-step fashion than in any fell swoop or ‘light bulb moment.’ Representing the restlessness, dissatisfaction, disquietude and discomfort so many all over this planet feel (and have been feeling) with life, the current (and extensive) opposition by Jupiter to Uranus represents that which is not working, that which is unstable and the awareness that things are changing, and how indeed things need to change.

We just have a bit of an issue with how they’re going to change. And of course, nobody who is happy with their life is all that interested in throwing their status quo out the window, despite the fact that metaphysically, their very resistance to such changes is generally what 'bottles up the energy' and helps cause the 'eruptions' through which change occurs.
Moving on to Yod Number Four, in featuring the lunar nodes plus planets Venus and Mars, this yod re-introduces the idea of ‘personal issues’ (at least those we have with, or about others) ... along with how we relate to others, our world, our work, our society and so on.

With the North Node at 3 Virgo, there is a preference expressed here which is in favor of doing what is needed and which 'should' be done, and a desire to do 'just' that rather than to have to deal with (or think through) other ‘solutions’ which may be offered.

First of all, if we think back, this contradicts other ideas where solutions depend on thinking things through - which is an indication of choices and 'conflicted feelings' if not necessarily out-and-out conflicts.

Secondly, this is rather a unique and curious astrological situation. As a pair, the lunar south node is usually that which represents the ‘path of least resistance’ or 'the easier way' to do, or feel about things. But here the North Node is representing what we are in favor or ‘wanting’ to do - which may suggest that the ‘easy’ thing is in this moment a particularly bad bet. Or perhaps, with Neptune in conjunction with that South Node, we are now in the process of having some sort of illustion, delusion or position 'dispelled' or 'melted away.'

And as for 3 Pisces (the 'solution' point, which here happens to be exactly conjunct the South Node) ... what is 3 Pisces about?

The degree 3 Pisces is a degree which somewhat like the idea of a magic rectangle speaks to blessings and ‘luck’ which if not understood eventually vanishes, leaving questions as to what happened and why - which, with the South Node in this degree makes this a time when it will be 'easy' to lose or 'lose out' on something or some relationship (or perhaps the opportunity to have or maintain some relationship). 

Also, though many of us don't think we have any connection to 3 Pisces through our personal natal chart, that may or may not be true, as 3 Pisces is the natal position of royal and fixed star Fomalhaut for everyone (that's the big and global Everyone) born between 1938 and 2008. So Fomalhaut's reputation as a royal star which promises success only if we avoid anything which is ‘corrupt’ or capable of corruption is actively part of this solution, as is the 3 Pisces tendency to require that we be in, and learn about our Self through relationships and how we 'relate' to people from many 'walks' of life - those we know, as well as those we don't know (or like) so well. 

And a few 'associated' aspects here: in aspecting this yod from 5 Aries, Venus is indicating a lack of some kind which, whether in past or present tense cites our internal development in conjunction with our ability to meet or cope with demands (or) requirements. Plus we also have Mercury at 5 Aquarius in this figure suggesting the possibility that unwillingness, lack of opportunity or even some inability to learn through ‘standard' or 'available' means/methods which nonetheless produces a quality of ‘brilliance.’

So there are the yods which are part of this lunar eclipse. And since each one of them as a configuration speaks to some sort of ‘adjustment’ (alteration, change, increase or decrease) which we are either facing, contending with (or) acting on, with each yod saying something about where and how we need to be more or less emotional, depending on our basic nature and situations involved. Even with one Yod, we often feel as though we have ‘no other option,’ which is part of what causes some to refer to yods as the ‘finger of Fate’ (or) 'the finger of God.'

Given that reputation, no matter what we may personally think of the actual concept of Deity, yods are something to pay attention to. And having so many of them associated with any lunar eclipse suggests feelings which will cause us to make a few choices we either had not counted on making, or which we would rather not make - whether or not everything turns out well.

Beyond the four yods, there's also a Kite flight scheduled to be part of this lunar eclipse:

Kites are composed (basically) of two different parts: the grand trine, indicating something which works - and may well already be in progress ... and a pair of sextiles connecting that grand trine to something (in this case, Fomalhaut and the South Node) which we would like to 'rise to' or 'attain' in some fashion.

The grand trine here being composed of Juno in Capricorn, Ceres in Taurus and (once again), the North Node at 3 Virgo, there is something about what we can, are, should or need to do (or keep doing) in order to ‘keep things going’ even while we ‘reach’ or work to achieve something.

And what are we working to achieve? Astrological kites being much like real world kites, there is a 'grounding' and ‘guidance’ quotient exerted through the string we hold onto. And this, which in metaphysical theory is “attached’ to the tail of the kite, means that Virgo North Node (and thus what we 'should do') which was talked about as a yod focus is again being underscored.

In other words, knowing the difference between what we 'should' do ... and what we may need to 'let go of' or redefine is essential, if we are to (a.) achieve clarity and (b.) do that which will have lasting positive benefits.

With the South Node (plus Fomalhaut) at the top of the kite, there is a desire to ‘fly high’ or to ‘rise’ or ‘ascend’ to a position or place where things (and people) are worthy of  trust, faith and relying on (which in turn, tells us something about where we are, if that represents some sort of 'goal'). With Ceres at 1 Taurus and Juno at 2 Capricorn, emotional habits, particularly those connected to our ‘risk averse’ or more ‘defensive’ instincts, may be challenged as to questions of ‘scale’ (size) or ‘breadth’ through our aims (or) our current method achieving those aims, with 'sweeping' changes being like as not either ill-advised or inappropriate to the moment. 

Whether we tackle these questions consciously or not, some sort of disagreement or misgiving may result, with many of us coming to see how our ‘trust’ issues are never really ‘their’ fault if or where we are (a.) equally untrustworthy, or (b.)  approaching situations from a biased (or voluntarily "half-blind") position - all of which is tempered (or stirred up) by the idea that the people we associate (or with whom we come to be associated) by that greatest of metaphysical 'people rules': like attracts like.

What 'like' has drawn us to them? And what about us drew them to think we were ‘like’ them?

Are we satisfied with that?

Remembering how this idea applies both to those we like AND those we dislike (or even loathe) is sometimes an unpleasant sort of contemplation - even if it is one we do well to remember and reflect on generally ... and beyond that recall and reflect on specifically at this moment as the last lunar eclipse configuration centering on those lunar nodes again (indicating relationships and that we do-or-don't 'relate' to) ... with Black Moon Lilith, a symbol of 'group' or collective denial) in Scorpio and at the apex of an out-of-sign (read: harder than usual to integrate) t-square.

Put in general terms, this t-square would seem to have at least something to do with our acceptance of what has been accepted (or what is acceptable), particularly where that concerns 'others' or the society (or some societal component) at large. That is not necessarily true of the other figures involving the lunar nodes: they may manifest as personal or impersonal, societal or private, But this one? Because this t-square involves Black Moon Lilith, there is something about it which is not personal and which does not pertain 'only' to us - which with Black Moon Lilith prone to indicating some form of rejection, denial or serious emotional issue with something may mean we are denying something being put to us by others ... or that they are rejecting some 'truth' we are putting out there.

Or at least trying to put out there. 

At 29 Scorpio, the Black Moon will be evoking a curious mix of well-grounded and purposeful strengths which may or may not be being aimed at (or used for) support of positive ideas (or) 'proven' or 'above board' methods or methodologies.

With fixed star Toliman (also known as Bungula) also currently in this degree, to have the spirit of self-assertiveness can be valuable, though if or where such values come from narrowed experiences or something which could be seen to be “spoiled” may well prove to be unfit for broad-scale use.

Black Moon Lilith may refer to a desire (individual or group) or move to deny such ‘rottenness’ or toxicity. Or it may represent objections to something ‘rotten’ which no one is willing to listen to (or) do anything about.

When we think about t-squares, the thing to remember is how they represent something which we are considering from a personal or individual level which isn't precisely (or solely) affecting us. In this case, Black Moon Lilith will therefore represent something we have to get past (or accept and work with) but which many others are being challenged by, having to cope with, or which they are fight against, too.

And that fact is key. Finding the 'through line' or commonalty between the 'many' who will be challenged now will lead us to what really needs to be 'fixed' in order for things to function better.

But will we take that on? And if we do, will we be listened to - and is that, in any way, connected to how this lunar eclipse will influence or 'lead' us to the revelations and changes we will make as the solar eclipse moves through?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Simply having a lunar eclipse with so many configurations is metaphysically indicative of a 'complicated' time - and like as not, the 'complicated' feelings which go with the many factors now floating about needing to be solved, faced, prioritized and taken to heart. Add to that the standard notion of lunar eclipses as 'special editions' of the standard Full Moon which on a monthly basis astrology sees as a 'highlighting' of feelings (and subjects which evoke, promote and trigger emotionality), and this isn't likely to be the calmest - or perhaps even our most 'decided' moment.

That doesn't mean things have to be bad - just the the proximity of the lunar eclipse and Valentine's Day is a promise that many will be having a happily exciting week.

Still ... with the sheer number of configurations which come as part of this eclipse, we shouldn't think things will be 'cut and dried' or completely 'simple.' (Like anything is?) 

As noted, having this lunar eclipse fall ahead of the solar eclipse may also mean events which arise now (or which we associate with this time) may prompt or affect more decisions and changes yet to be made in response to February’s 8 Pisces solar eclipse.

And what is that eclipse allegedly 'about'?

Solar Eclipse at 8 Pisces (glyph chart)
February 26, 2016 - 14:59 (2:59 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Solar Eclipse at 8 Pisces (text chart)
February 26, 2016 - 14:59 (2:59 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
First of all, is the solar eclipse as astrologically 'complicated' as the lunar eclipse was?

Looking at the image presented by the chart, the simple answer is ‘no’ as the horoscope for the solar eclipse has only three planetary pictures as opposed to the nine which came with the lunar eclipse.

And yet ... considering how the solar eclipse is rooted in Pisces (a yin water sign) as opposed to Leo (a yang fire sign) does complicate things a bit as Pisces - the sign - in part represents all those things we complicate, or where we find ourselves emotionally 'behind the 8-ball' because of something we don't ... or probably more likely don't (or have not) wanted to know (...or see...) about (or) in our personal Self.

So let’s start there. With the lunar eclipse having been in a yang (proactive, assertive, self-determinative) sign - among other things references that we know, are convinced of, or are willing to act on, defend or otherwise put forth, assert or bring up for discussion. In fact, in having occurred in Leo (a sign well known for an internal sense of personal will and judgment), we might say the lunar eclipse brought out the kinds of feelings which allow us to stand up to (and for) others and various types of challenges which calls on others to ‘prove' their point or assertion(s).

Yet the solar eclipse ‘partnered’ with this lunar eclipse is in a yin sign. So as where yang signs assert, yin signs react - which when we also consider how Leo and Pisces are in a natural ‘8/6 sign relationship’ (meaning Pisces is the eighth signs from Leo and Leo is the sixth sign from Pisces), just that (with nothing else said) implies some sort of 'adjusting' or 'adjustment of' certain attitudes, motivations, approaches, beliefs, plans and assumptions which will come out of this time.

Why that happens will be individual. And certainly there will be more (or greater) changes in some lives as compared with others. Wherever 8 Pisces falls in our natal chart, that is the area of life - or a source for the description of the ultimate effect this eclipse will have in our life. And since where yang signs 'announce' yang signs consider and question, any and all such qualities are likely to be brought out, especially wherever we do not know the truth of our own life, or where our beliefs and feelings come from. Pisces being the third of the water signs, its ‘realm’ is that of the 'natively emotional' - which can be a reference to our emotional foundations, or the ambient 'feelings' with which we are surrounded with in life ... or even how we feel after we see our Self in a whole new (and often, unanticipated) light - which may be good, or not so good.

Or even good with a side of wistful regret - as when we say 'why did it take me so long to (insert term) this?' The hesitation at not having tried, the regret at what might have been missed ... all those conversations we have with our Self are very Piscean.

Including the moods we get our Self into.

Including the lies or excuses we manage to put over on our Self.

Including those nebulous moments when we are astonished by something which "was there, all the time." 

In being the 12th sign of the zodiac (and thus a member of the zodiac’s last quartet of signs) Pisces is also non-personal, which means it also has much to do with what 'they' feel (or) are going through, and how that affects us - as much as Pisces is also about whatever we react to and how we feel about reacting to it (the 'guilt' in 'guilty pleasures' is rather Pisces.) Emotional integration or the lack thereof is also Piscean, as are our attempts to cope with situations which are 'bigger' than we are, whether that means we are overwhelmed, elated or simply not in the driver's seat. Pisces speaks to the degree of 'emotional honesty' (or lack thereof) with which we approach life and other people - and how we feel about who we are because we are/are not honest, most of all with our Self.

Pisces is about where we emotionally 'end up,' too. And that makes a Pisces solar eclipse a time which may 'explode' some real world, mental or other kind of security we may have been counting on, some achievement we have already achieved (or are aiming to achieve) and represent that as easily as it can represent a time during which something comes along and 'explodes' some illusion we have of personal lack or weakness. 

Classically, solar eclipses in Pisces raise issues or situations which end up showing us where (or how) we have been ‘fooling' our Self about who we are. It applies to our (solar) consciousness, but will do so through (Pisces) emotional, or emotion-promoting means. And like all eclipses, transits, stations and so on, the closer the degree of the eclipse is to points in our chart, the more deeply and obviously it will affect us personally.

As for 8 Pisces as a specific degree, like many Piscean degrees, this one appears to have different ‘sides’ and a variety of effects. Said to be more supportive in the area of business and more difficult, challenging or problematic where subjective or personal opinions and issues are concerned (or where business and personal issues get mixed or otherwise combined), 8 Pisces is said to be too pliable, indecisive and unwilling to make firm declarations (and stand behind them) than is useful. Along with that, 8 Pisces is also known for highlighting areas of life or particulars in our world where we may be stymied, inept, ‘imprisoned’ (literally or figuratively) or otherwise unable to ‘make a move,’ whether because of a lack of inspiration, direction, motivation or faith ... or simply because we are scared to.

Close enough to royal and fixed star Fomalhaut at 4 Pisces to affect and bring out those 'Fomalhaut Factors' which reflect tests of purity or which present us with that which will (or will have, or will be about to) cause us to fall through impure choices ... this eclipse is also in opposition to Zosma, an interesting star which merits mention.

Currently positioned at 11 Virgo pointing us to an earthy sort of emotional or emotionally motivated appeal or effort, Zosma is said to have a "Saturn-Venus" nature which astrologers speak of Zosma as being an indication of the worst in people when positioned or aspected badly in the natal chart, indicating that such people will tend to be overbearing, mean or obnoxiously arrogant, selfish and egotistical - if also quite astute when they want to be.

In being opposed by eclipse, this suggests whatever 'Zosma Energy' is alive and currently functional coming into this time will meet up with some lack of validity or 'way forward.' Or some 'myth' - one we believe in, or one we have sought to project - may get exploded or otherwise rendered unworkable.

Something will have to be faced. It may be possible to move in an entirely new direction, but that will require letting go of a basic part of current involvements in moving towards that which is - in truth - true(r) to our nature, if also something we have not (up until now) either paid proper attention or devotion to as a source of sustenance or emotional comfort (or perhaps inspiration).

In practice, I have noticed one other quality about Zosma which also bears mentioning, that being a distinct tendency to alternately play both sides of the victim/hero or aggressor/martyr role. As well, wherever Zosma is by birth, the house (in particular) plus whatever points major and minor (planets, asteroids, axis points, etcetera) in conjunction are importantly descriptive of Zosma's effects - and whether those effects work well or not.

Everyone alive is going to have Zosma natally placed close to 11 Virgo as if we go back to the year 1900, Zosma was at 9 Virgo. So we all are going to experience this solar eclipse by opposition to our 'Zosma Factor,' however that is expressed or experienced in our life. And more than that, with the eclipse occurring at 8 Pisces, the reality of this is that the older we are, the more 'focused' - and perhaps therefore focal - this Zosma opposition is going to be. 

Under the (often Self-generated) 'pressure' solar eclipses promote, cracks, qualms, quibbles, illicit qualities and bogus motivations - and how all of that may apply to our feelings (or) 'faith in' some method, aim, thing or person may well come to light. And where such things come to be exposed (in us or in our 'world'), that in turn will naturally stimulate an entire series of reactions and responses as we work to cope and sort through the feelings we have about what we may learn - and all which it connects to - as part of the idea of any Pisces solar eclipse being a transit which seeks to free us (or) imprison us, depending on our capacity to be honest with our Self (and thereafter, others).

Situated in constellation Leo, Zosma the star at the middle of the lion's back, traditionally considered a 'strong point' though we all know fables about that which 'breaks the back' of something or some relationships, and it isn't always big. In reading material on Zosma, the left side of the body is mentioned more than usual, suggesting there may well be some difficulty or lack of security (in spite of all) with moving ahead, or facing the future for one, or many reasons. 

As for the many Yods which were part of the lunar eclipse, those will be no more by solar eclipse time (which is probably a good thing.) However, some of the other configurations (like the Kite below) are still with us. Being how the basics of these planetary pictures remain greatly the same, I won't repeat it all - though there are some telling changes which do deserve mention, such as the change of positions exhibited by Ceres and Juno as part of said Kite.

Where at the time of the lunar eclipse they were at 1 Taurus (Ceres) and 2 Capricorn (Juno), now both objects are at six (6) degrees of respective signs, the sheer 'unity' of which indicates a need (and) the ability to cope with situational dynamics, particularly those which touch on personal aims and efforts (or) those affected by relationships in which, or which have contributed to getting ‘off track’ as far as personal aims or growth are concerned.

With this solar eclipse occurring at 8 Pisces, there is an emphasis and 'piling up' of problems having to do with whether things (or) people are worth relating to. That Ceres and Juno are in position to aspect the eclipse by sextile indicates opportunities we may come across now. Or this may indicate the timing of some 'opportunity' to gain or achieve some sort of understanding or insight which will (in turn and in time) allow us to change our approach to something (or) someone.

That the solar eclipse (at 8 Pisces) is conjunct the top of this kite also suggests something which 'was' (past tense) easy, or which we have been dealing with - and how some ‘should’ versus ‘should not’ factor now comes to change, or be changed. Why that occurs may vary: we may have a change of heart or a change of goal. Then again, whatever our aim or ‘destination’ was ... it may now come to be unavailable or unattainable.

Or it could just no longer seem attractive.

The Black Moon Lilith t-square is also still with us. By the time of the solar eclipse, Black Moon Lilith will be squaring the lunar nodes now from 1 Sagittarius - as opposed to 29 Scorpio, where it was at the time of the lunar eclipse, indicating how the 'usefulness' of something may be changing, whether that means we find it more or less useful. We may also now find we have not taken certain considerations into account when making some original assessment - whether of someone, some possibility, some opportunity or something we've heard. Legalities may well figure here, as may social alliances, loyalties and affiliations which, in being (or having become) a 'negative' make it necessary to stop and think through certain priorities in a new light (or) from a new perspective, before reordering and moving on.

And let us also not forget about the grand square! 

Oh yes - the grand square. Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus (plus Eris) are still in their cardinal grand square, courtesy of Vesta opposing Pluto. Plus, with Pluto now at 18 Capricorn, consequences of (and the responses to) lies, 'gaps' in honesty and the kind of belligerence and bullying which speaks to a lack of internal integrity and cohesiveness either surfaces or becomes the focus of debate.

Of these five points, Jupiter is probably the one we should think about first and last when it comes to this grand square. Why? Because Jupiter is the 'in door' ruler of Pisces (the first fish ruler, we might call it) where Neptune is the 'results' (second fish) ruling planet for Pisces. So what can Jupiter tell us?

For one, that Jupiter is in retrograde as the eclipse moves through suggests there is some mulling, 'dismantling' and mental brewing which is likely to go on in the short run - which means any real gains (or the starting of something new) is more likely to be a ways off yet (particularly with Venus in retrograde), though information received and contemplated, along with discussions undertaken and decisions made now may well have a concrete influence (or) impact on what comes to be, or be achieved.

Through whatever happens, Jupiter's position at 22 Libra indicates a need for 'greater,' more expansive (or) more inclusive (or encompassing) focus which may well only be achieved (or achievable) through some form of ‘letting go’ involving some sort of reduction in the volume of total 'activity' being attempted, experienced, planned or otherwise, with this applying both to 'mental activity' as well as activities done in real time. There is some danger of acting ‘out of turn’ here - and where someone has acted out of turn the consequences of same may now require 'cleaning up,' with any effort to 'escape' from such circumstances or consequences tending to become some sort of problem.

Grand squares often refer to times when nothing seems to ‘go right,’ and where it seems particularly difficult to cope due to being pulled (or pushed) in too many directions. Known as testing and taxing, they indicate the kind of pressure which causes many of us to feel inept or 'put upon,' and given the overarching aura of the solar eclipse, there are bound to be those who now feel 'criticized' or 'hounded' by something (or someone) which/who "represents" certain limits or boundaries. Grand squares in cardinal signs (like this one) always denote a lot of energy (and intent) which wants to go somewhere and accomplish something (be it positive or negative), and that can lead to the kind of (emotionally driven) 'pushiness' or choice which itself belies the lack of inner calm. In spite of all, traditionally many an advance comes from these challenges and challenging times - though advances and gains tend to materialize only after we come to some point of 'grief,' frustration or challenge which causes us to learn, relearn, or realign our orientation towards something (or someone), with all of the above teaching us something more about life priorities and how our sense of priority may need a bit of a tuneup. (Or even a complete overhaul.)

In comparison with lunar eclipses, the days around the time of a solar eclipse often seem relatively quiet and even uneventful, creating the impression that lunar eclipses (with all their emotional fireworks) are the more powerful of the two events. And yes, lunar eclipses do tend to be accompanied by more drama and ‘noise’ than solar eclipses - an idea which is exemplified by the current lunar eclipse being in Leo (a sign known for its love of celebrations, theatrics and social events) with the solar eclipse being positioned in Pisces, a sign known for its love of nature, solitude, the arts and working in a ‘behind the scenes’ manner.

So we can expect our feelings about life to be more connected to external matters as February begins ... with a more thoughtful, reflective mood sneaking in ever more pervasively as we near February’s end.

Known sometimes as ‘moody,’ Pisces is known far more for its vulnerability than its steeliness - and that may just be the point here, as solar eclipses are well known as markers of a time when our lives, motivations, attitudes and ability (or willingness) to utilize some strength changes - or altered, often circumstantially. This particular eclipse will alter our perspective on Self even as it manifests as an entire series of events and evolving situations which cause us to change our beliefs and what we believe is true.

That Neptune - Pisces' 'outcome' ruler - is conjunct this eclipse makes it certain that we will not come out of this period thinking entirely as we did going into it: something will change, and our feelings will change with it. Neptune's presence in conjunction with this eclipse speaks to the futility of ego as a resource in this moment ... and how ego, or how we have behaved (or are behaving) because of the strength (or) weakness of our ego, is perhaps unjustified, unneeded, or even counter-productive. 

In being at 11 Pisces, Neptune also alludes to a certain sense of 'negativity' which may be at issue now - with any strict belief (or) strict disbelief in negativity (as opposed to the concept of acceptance of whatever happens or comes to be) being an issue, which is not going to go down well with the positivity-optimist crowd or the doomsday folks, but so be it - astrology and metaphysics both teach that acceptance, not definition of attitude, is the ultimate goal.

In any case, with Leo being a sign which utilizes ego in order to develop the Self and Pisces being a sign which denies ego so that we will become sensitive to needs and flaws in our Self as well as in others (and recognize our joint mortality in both), having this solar eclipse appear with Neptune alongside indicates a time which, in removing some sort of 'veil' allows us to see what we have done, and who we have been being in an entirely new and considered light.
In being conjunct Neptune, this eclipse may also be overlaid with (and/or prone to exposing) Neptune's famous 'what you are sure is real is not, while what you think least likely is the reality, truth or answer' hall-of-mirrors effect. Projection (speaking of mirrored halls) is also a classic Neptunian quality, which at the very least means many of us will either go through a period of thinking someone/something is something which it isn't (whatever that may mean) ... or we will, through something associated with the eclipse, discover that which we thought 'false,' 'unnecessary,' 'faithless' wasn't so false, unnecessary or faithless after all.

Which means the 'lack of trust' we have been feeling wasn't about 'them' at all - but rather, about us.

So, will this eclipse cause us to discover - or perhaps present us with some situation through which we recognize some error of estimation of some sort? Will something we were secure with (or about) now dissolve - and 'should' we have known it would? Have we been disingenuous, with others - or our Self ... and what might all of this mean in terms of how we feel about our Self (and therefore what we are now considering) in light of such a flexing of our 'Self'-conception?

And just to think back on Jupiter in Libra again for a moment, as Jupiter so often 'sets the scene' through which Piscean energies then play out, might this point us towards relationships, whether that refers to a relationship we have, do not have, think we have (without being able to prove it - which is very Neptunian!) or one we either might like to have, or lose?

Are are conflicted about our motivations for reasons both nebulous and having far more to do with us than 'them'?

Yes, it might. That would be very Pisces solar eclipse - especially considering how 8 Pisces is a first decan degree, indicating a solar eclipse the effects of which are going to be 'personal' and perhaps physical or having to do with our active choices and actions.

Whatever we experience, it will be something we will be working with for some time yet to come (with the effects being greater the closer the eclipse aspects your chart, of course). And like all solar eclipses, this one is a long-term transit which from here will evolve, becoming 'part of life' (and our inner 'dialogues') for the next 36 months (3 years).

Like all signs, Pisces seeks a particular truth, which in the case of the last of the water signs, concerns the power and potency of values and feelings which we may hold in common with some ‘collective’ and the inexorable allure and inevitable fear we have - as ego-driven beings - of dealing with energies impersonal, inexorable and irresistible. As a sign which ultimately exposes us to our own sense of failure (no matter how successful we are, look or would like others to think we are) Pisces represents not our standing IN this world, but our feelings about who we are and are not - with the 'are not' parts generally being those which show up when things like eclipses roll around.

All of this means this eclipse is bound to have deep and long-lasting repercussions in many of our lives - and on what we think of our life, and life itself. Being that it will be an annular rather than a total eclipse, the metaphysical meaning varies a bit from 'standard' eclipse lore basics, but not all that much.

In a total eclipse, when the entire face of the Sun is blocked and therefore 'blacked out' by the Moon crossing in front of the face of the Sun, that reveals streaming tendrils - the spectacular sight of the Sun's solar corona. That 'revealing' is why astrology speaks of a total eclipse as an event which reveals 'hidden qualities,' or that part of our life or Self which we do not 'normally' see because the daily of the Sun's brilliance and glory is also a bit blinding.

In an annular eclipse (like this one) however, there is no solar corona because the relative distances of Sun, Moon and Earth causes the disc of the Moon to cover most of the Sun's face, but not all of it. The "classic" result of this is the so-called 'ring of fire', such as in the following photograph: 

Annular Solar Eclipse 'ring of fire' as photographed from New Mexico, USA
(photo credit: Kevin Baird, May 2012) 
And that makes it far more likely that - though things will change, there may not be the wholesale sense of 'loss,' ending, termination or 'elimination' which is so often experienced when a total eclipse of the Sun aspects our chart. So while something is likely to change now (particularly in how we see our part or place in it), not only is all not 'lost,' but there are things (people, ideas) which we have been thinking of as ... perhaps 'on the sidelines' or 'less central' which may be or become useful going forward. 

Where a total eclipse refers to the 'what' of our focus, in other words ...the annular eclipse refers more to the 'how' we are seeing it - our perspective or metaphysical 'position' in things, one might say.

Like all solar eclipses, this one will tend to pose many questions. And most of those are going to be about what we want to do in (or with) our life as a whole, why we feel that way - and what the difference between what reality is and what we want to think it is really says about us.
Note: due to February being a shortened month,
the astroPPM March 2017 article will be available
as of midnight (UT/+0), February 27th
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