by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, July 3, 2015

Under Eclipse Effects (Sun in Leo, Venus, Uranus and Eris Station-Retrograde)

Poland: Landscape
(photo credit Adam Ziaja, August 2006)
The zodiacal relationship between the Sun and Venus is about to become the thing which symbolizes much - and many deeply seated feelings - going forward over these next couple of months.

It’s a tale which starts off on a rather feeling note: the Sun is in Cancer (not due to enter Leo until 2:32 in the morning (UT/+0) on July 23rd) with Mercury joining the Cancer parade on July 8th ... and moving quickly enough that by the time that Sun reaches Leo, Mercury will have caught up, entering Leo just a few hours behind our local star (at 12:15 in the afternoon on July 23rd, UT/+0 time).

It’s also something of a picture of our catching up with ourselves ... with feeling the distance between where we are and where we want to be, between where we are and where we thought we would be ... and maybe a few thoughts about how all has happened, but most of our mindset turning towards where we go from here.

And in just looking at Mercury’s ingress chart ...

Mercury in Cancer (glyph chart)
July 8, 2015 - 18:53 (6:53 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Mercury in Cancer (text chart)
July 8, 2015 - 18:53 (6:53 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
... we can see an energy of emphasis on this sense, this subject in our lives: where we are and where are we going. How has so much we meant to turn out well turned into such a hodgepodge of the good, bad, ugly and glorious.

Metaphysically, each of us is where we are supposed to be in whatever process we’re involved. We exist in a same space of time, but for various and different purposes, all having to in the end simply acknowledge that most basic and faithfully metaphysical of statements:  unbeknownst to us, the universe is unfolding as it should. That doesn’t mean we need to be (or will be) happy with every moment, only that we need to understand that all is part of some far greater process than we can ever imagine, within with all is improved or not improved by our willingness to try being who we are to the very best of our ability.

Where that comes from and why we are who we are, that’s a very Cancer subject. And Mercury being the astrological emblem of thinking, Mercury’s entrance into Cancer on July 8th in an inconjunct to Saturn and at the apex of a t-square to the North and South Nodes is the very image of getting past everything which gets stirred up ... which has been stirred up and delivered so stirringly during the intensity of motivation which pushed us in so many directions throughout most of June and on into the beginning of July courtesy of the Sun running in conjunction with Mars, initially in Gemini and then in Cancer.

That passage, which began as a discussion (and for some, a debate) and which came to its head in feeling format is exactly what gets repeated at a ‘lower volume’ ... or maybe lower amplitude as Mercury also moves from Gemini into Cancer. 

Venus is already in Leo, having arrived there in June. And Venus will move on into Virgo on July 18th (at 22:39 or 10:39 in the evening, UT/+0 time). But before that, the July New Moon occurs on July 16th at 1:25 a.m. (UT/+0) at 23 Cancer - and combined with everybody else in the Cancer tide pool, that sets up a lot of personal (internal) Leo-Cancer energy which is either about valuing what we are able to do (which would come from Leo as the second derivative sign to Cancer) or, not wanting to deal with some unpleasant fact, idea or feeling - particularly where that concerns the idea you might be on some wrong path, behaving like a self-involved boor (not boar or bore, though it’s entirely possible either may apply in some cases ...), that being drawn from Cancer as the derivative twelfth sign to Leo.

Plus, all of this remains afoot (and in play) as Venus arrives at 0 Virgo, the exact position of royal and fixed star Regulus.

And even more to the point...? Once Venus arrives at 0 Virgo, there Venus will linger, as 0 Virgo is the degree at which, come 9:30 in the morning on July 25th, Venus goes retrograde.

Several ideas would seem to be in play here. The first is that Venus symbolizes quality more than process, and Virgo is all about the process. Venus also symbolizes that which we do (or which gets done) in order to make things better and nicer, a quality which Virgo tends to co-opt into workable, effective and efficient ... which satisfies the ‘generating gain’ side of Venusian efforts whether it’s pretty or not.

Then there’s the inherent challenge of Virgo itself. Virgo is pragmatic, practical and earthy. It is also - with Pisces as its opposition, far more likely to favor its own emotional perspective rather than that which is truly universal, that being where Virgo often gets into trouble. Whether Virgo functions with a ‘critical eye to quality’ or in a ‘criticism for the sake of criticism’ mode turns entirely on this polarity as one which over the long run teaches us that all which would be successful in the Virgo sense (functional and supportive of our health, that of everyone around us and a world functionality and health in general) .... those Virgoan answers, methods and solutions must either be workable for everyone or accepting of everyone else's needs and feelings. The Virgo instinct is often to simply inject one’s own method into a situation without finding out about issues of sensitivity - particularly those which are emotional and/or emotionally sensitive.

Plus all of this - 'this' being the Pisces/Virgo polarity - is becoming ever more important as the days and years go by. Why? Because during the Aquarian Age, Pisces is on the 2nd house of the Age (with Virgo on the 8th), making our ability to understand, embrace and embody the challenge of this pairing important for the next two thousand years or so, for in Pisces on the 2nd we see the image of our (and everyone's) sense of security for the duration of the Age. And when we go there, the reason (or 'the fault,' as the naturally highly partisan 8th house perspective will see it) for what goes wrong is always going to 'look' like it's with 'them.' And because this is Virgo on the 8th and Pisces on the 2nd of the Age, it's going to be a whole lot easier to try and 'fix' them than it is going to be for anyone (seriously, everyone!) to look at ourselves (or Self) first. In other words, if we think we can 'fix' the problem by 'fixing' them without having to examine who we have been being or whatever scary things lie under the mat of our own psyche's conscience ... that's what we're likely to do.

Not usefully, no. But the idea of such futility will be one of those 'burned hand teaches best' lessons for the next two thousand years (or so) - and thus we may be sure we will be setting us up for some of those oh-so valuable (Pisces on the 2nd house) lessons about what exactly does keep life in check, on course, and rewardingly stable.

The wheel of the Aquarian Age
(Virgo on the 8th house of the Age)
Compassion - and the ability and willingness to feel compassion without getting lost in our own vulnerabilities and pretty pictures is going to be a great test of this age ... which means that things which are going to test that compassion (and the lack thereof) are going to occur with regularity until we learn these lessons.

And seeing as the houses involved (the 2nd and 8th) are those associated with security, food, talents and resources (the 2nd) and conception, birth, control, finance, power, manipulation, sex, war and money (the 8th), we may be sure we will see and hear a lot about all of it - through news, through everyday doings and the world of entertainment as slowly but surely an integral form of human focus moves from how to interact to the far more dicey emotional arena of how to trust and thus choose to join, bond, agree ...or not.

With Virgo on the 8th of the Aquarian Age, the functionality and healthiness of why we do what we do ... NOT how they react (as has been true for the past 2,160 years or so...) ... becomes the path to our own ultimate (or eventual) security, including that which comes out of any conflict small, large, generational, personal, friendly or otherwise.

And with that said, back to Venus. And Regulus. As a royal star, Regulus stands for the standard (royal star) promise that success will be granted ONLY if we avoid one particular human trait - which in the case of Regulus (as opposed to Fomalhaut, Antares or Aldebaran, the other ‘royals’ most seen in astrology) ... which in the case of Regulus refers to revenge or vengeance.

So, what to expect or look out for?

Any planetary station speaks to the chance that something will ‘take a turn,’ with this turn being at 0 Virgo (a degree which lends dignity to those or that in ‘low places,’ thus challenging us all to see or rethink our values and general human priorities), that which embodies the ‘how’ and ‘how to’ of Virgo with Venus in one of its most reflective (and sometimes self-conscious and generally aware) modes comes into focus. And with Regulus present, we may be a witness, on the receiving end - or even come to some realization that we have been doling out something which is less that quality, or which others might seek vengeance for.

There are a lot of moving parts here, especially considering how Venus, which arrives at 0 Virgo (as said) on the 18th, goes retrograde on the July 25th, after which it’s still at 0 Virgo until mid-afternoon on July 31st.

And then Venus retrogrades back into Leo (on the 31st, UT/+0), which is where Venus is going to be until October after going direct in early September.

Under Venus retrograde in Virgo, we are likely to feel dissatisfied whether things get done or not. All our feelings that we’ve done enough and been appreciated enough (or properly) are not simply up for grabs, they’re likely to be slipping through our fingers.

Call us ‘not thrilled.’ It’s going to be a couple of months of ... not thrilled. Yes, a lot may get done. And it may be entirely satisfactory - in fact, Venus retrograde in Virgo can be a sign that something which was done incorrectly (or without sufficient quality) is being noticed as being in need of attention or actively getting worked on, improved, repaired - and so on.

So things can get accomplished. Upsets and wrongs can get righted ... and lacks of responsibility spotted can be dealt with.

Still, something doesn’t FEEL wonderful. We’re just not ... satisfied. 

Some will experience this as the kind of discomfort with something or someone which spurs us to action. Others may feel their discomforts more acutely. Still others will feel uncomfortable with doing something about something - whether that’s profitable or not.

Depending on your personality, this Venus station - and the retrograde which follows - may spur us to work entirely on our own ... or it may be or become exactly where the being ‘on our own’ thing ‘takes a turn,’ and becomes something else (maybe not so much on your own, whatever that may mean in your world). And no matter what happens, we’re likely to want more. Or wish we had done better. Or chosen better. Or that we had (had not) gotten into something to begin with.

Responsibility, morality and personal drive all apply here. Without question, the ‘why’s are going to be meeting up with the ‘why not’s, and some will feel end up slighted ... or at least feeling slighted.

On a more everyday level, Venus retrograde - no matter what sign it occurs in - has to do with something which should come to fruition, or come into your hands ... or even come to mind - which either needs to be deferred, or which is ‘deferred’ by getting stalled or simply not occurring during Venus’ retrograde. Given the Virgo flavor of this retrograde, the Virgo keywords - health, work, service - are obvious areas of life we might think this delay or need to give in to something in some way could surface in, with the question (of course, as always) being whether we’re on the giving or receiving end. In being connected to all things Taurean (through Venus’ rulership of Taurus) Venus retrograde is often a time when we feel less secure than at other times, whether for reasons real, imaginary or (just possibly) due to some sort of feelings of personal anxiety.

Considering how Venus is also the ruler of Libra, all things having to do with what we relate to, or what we need to be relating to (or with) during this retrograde - as well as relationships in general may simply not feel as rewarding or wonderful as they do usually. Is this a sign that something is wrong? Not necessarily, though it isn’t all that unusual for Venus retrogrades to coincide with questions about the ‘worth’ of a relationship or whether differing values are a good or bad thing. Certainly this wouldn’t be the moment astrologers would nominate for a marriage, a proposal (of marriage or business) or agreements of worth which are intended to last.

But that’s just the thing: there are situations which call for being done under a personal planet (Mercury, Venus or Mars) retrograde because we don’t WANT them to last. Maybe you want a temporary job? A job under Venus retrograde isn’t likely to last much longer than the retrograde itself - but that may be all you need. Or maybe there’s some issue which calls upon you to take a couple of months out of your busy life to help or support someone else, lest you suffer in some way for not having done so?

Venus retrograde may fit that bill.

Venus Station-Retrograde (glyph chart)
July 25, 2015 - 9:30 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Venus Station-Retrograde (text chart)
July 25, 2015 - 9:30 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Looking at station chart details, with Nemesis and Orcus in conjunction with Venus and Regulus, there’s some sort of ‘having been told’ which figures into things - at least at the time of Venus station (which with allowance begins on July 23rd and extends though the 27th), and for some, going forward. Is this about not wanting to press ahead because of something which happens at this time? Or will this station reveal something already done which (Orcus) cannot now be changed but which we (Nemesis) should have known ‘better’ about?

Moreover, with Nessus and Fomalhaut (another royal star) in opposition to this station, has trust been placed in something (or someone) unworthy of same? Or are we possibly being faced (opposed by) some feeling of dread, or some dreadful recognition that something thought proper isn’t okay, forcing us to go through all sorts of feelings on some subject?

Whatever is afoot, like as not there are many layers of it - things going on around us even as things are going on in our life. With Jupiter at 26 Leo (behind Venus if close enough to be in conjunction) there are goals uppermost in most everyone’s mind,  and with that Jupiter being at the ‘t’ of a t-square which begins with Capulus-Sedna-Algol in Taurus and which ‘aims’ at Saturn-Toliman in late Scorpio, the accomplishments so desired depend on various forms of unity (or willingness) we really really want (as our opportunities to get ahead lie in that direction) but which, at the same time, we feel somewhere between insecure and downright fearful about.

Somewhere deep inside we probably know that the fear, the insecurity is more or less about things being ‘the way we always thought they would be’ (or ‘should’ be) and we just don’t want to give that up. And why we don’t want to give it up ... well, that has less to do with necessarily losing anything in the short or long run and far more about the fact we’re getting past some really early (Taurus) ‘instinct’ about something - even to think it through rationally.

And that’s not about ‘them,’ that’s about us. 

As always, there are good uses for Venus stations and Venus retrograde for those who are willing to either wait for some ‘just the right moment’ or those who are willing to defer gratification (whether you’re working on something actively or not) until some set of questions get worked through. The initiation of the Venus retrograde in Virgo with its retrograde taking place in Leo is a good opportunity to see what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and for entertaining ... or maybe enacting different options. With this being Venus in retrograde, the Venusian ‘result,’ ‘reward’ or ‘opportunity’ isn’t likely to appear ... or be fulfillment until Venus’ retrograde is over (September 6th) ... and even until Venus either clears its retrograde shadow on October 8th (symbolizing the ‘wrapping up’ of matters focused on during the retrograde) or when Venus moves on into Libra - which will happen on November 8th, by which time we will all be due a rest!

Whatever Venus in Virgo is, it’s rarely passive. It may be quiet, it may be demonstrative. It may represent that which is useful ... or that which is merely something needed by one person, almost defiantly (if maybe not consciously) ignoring the cost.

And then there’s the fact that all of this is happening under eclipse effects.

Eclipse Map for the Partial Solar Eclipse at 20 Virgo
on September 13, 2015 - 6:42 a.m. (UT/+0)
(map generated using Solar Fire software)
At the crux of this incoming eclipse is the idea of Virgo being eclipsed, specifically at a very ‘basic’ or ‘base line’ systemic or public level - which makes it doubly interesting that this particular solar eclipse ... which will be occurring at 20 Virgo ... aspects the charts of a number of major corporations, nations, and major organizations and players in various fields of endeavor, from media to health to banking to politics to sports (and so on), world-wide.

And that isn’t to be too surprised at. After all, take a look around: a lot of things are in an uproar and disarray and transition - good and bad (and sometimes both at once) all around us. All around the world.

Could it be some sort of metaphysical preparation? That depends on your perspective on 20 Virgo, one supposes.

As a degree, 20 Virgo expresses the physicality of Virgo (the what we do, are capable of doing and why or how we do things) with the idea of 20 degrees of any sign being the first degree of the third, and most public decanate in every sign. So this becomes - on every level, a comment on where or how (or how well) we are ... or maybe more to the point, how well our efforts are working vis-à-vis others AND our goals.

It’s also a degree spoken which, in being spoken of as one which focuses on ‘my’ physicality or ‘my’ strength or ‘my’ ability to get where I want to go references both those who can’t get where they want to go, ‘their’ physicality and their ‘strength’ of effort, ability, functionality or ability to earn their way in the world (that last coming from Virgo as the functional support to Capricorn, sign of achievement).

Partial Solar Eclipse at 20 Virgo (glyph chart)
September 13, 2015 - 6:42 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Partial Solar Eclipse at 20 Virgo (text chart)
September 13, 2015 - 6:42 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Said to be a defensive degree, the defenses associated with 20 Virgo tend to be pointed at others when the issue is really within: with the mental fitness, the thinking, the emotional capacity and/or the willingness to be understanding or compassionate. Problems in, or with any of these precepts tends to be thought of as being ‘about them’ when they aren’t - they’re in the mind, mentality or morality (or lack thereof) of the thinker, speaker or doer of deeds.

Furthermore, there is such an investment in what might be referred to as ‘emotional avoidance’ that whatever one is doing becomes “too forceful” or “overworked” or “not sensitive enough.” Or maybe simply cloddish in ways which don’t serve one’s goals at all. And why does that happen? That happens because in all things Virgo there exists a tendency (read: bad habit) of over-focusing on Things External. We think it’s because the goal is so important. We tell ourselves that we should focus on the practical and pragmatic.

But the truth is that it’s the avoidance - the Virgo vulnerability with regards to emotionality - which is driving, and thus undermining its own aims. When Virgo over-focuses on ‘things’ ... that over-focus is not about ‘the thing’ - it’s about the Virgo desire not to have to deal with Things Internal. That’s why Virgo often focuses so hard on things - let’s remember that the derivative third sign (the third derivative always being a reference to mentality and thinking) ... the third sign to Virgo is Scorpio. So the Virgo ‘thought,’ when it comes to anything which makes the Virgo person - or the Virgo moment - feel vulnerable ... that ‘thought’ (read: Virgo instinct) is to assign the issue to ‘them’ (part one), to only talk ‘at’ people (instead of with them) as part two ... and to by all means focus on the nuts and bolts and any endless nuance we can find to focus on so that we DON’T have to feel those feelings.

It’s ‘their problem,’ we tell ourselves.

But it’s not. It’s one half of our problem - the other half being (of course) our denial ... which is the ever-present ‘down’ side of Virgo. When and where Virgo issues get in trouble, when and if Virgo people get insecure, they tend to try to eliminate ... deny ... control the conversation, the thought, the ‘reality’ they are willing to accept.

And that creates problems - problems which generally are again assigned to ‘others,’ leading most often to more complications. And sometimes this may seem welcome. After all, if the effort is to avoid the problem, isn’t a more complicated situation better suited to keeping us from having to deal with ... you know, our Self?

Eclipse effects are fairly infamous. Two ... even a bit more than two (but we go with two for surety) month prior to a solar eclipse, things start to shift as life brings to us, and begins showing to us, plain and obvious evidence that something is very wrong. It’s something we most often thought was fine not long ago. It can even be the point of everything we’re doing at the moment.

Yet something is wrong. Something is not working - for us, for others, for the world, for the times in which we live ... something. Eclipses are always about something in or about our life which is outmoded or functioning “well enough” but not in keeping with who we are really supposed to be. In the case of 20 Virgo, to these generic solar eclipse ideas we add a distinct strain of resistance (call it defensiveness of a mental sort) to whatever is actually at stake in real time, real life situations. And over the next couple of months this feeling is going to rise and fall somewhat, but grow ever more intense, slowly but surely, as we come closer and closer to September 13th and the solar eclipse. Things we thought were under control are going to start pushing back. Things we thought we should never have to deal with will become the necessity of our moment. That (and those) which have been left unattended to, or dealt with unfairly or improperly will now begin manifesting evidence proving why such things cannot be ignored.

There is also a tendency within this degree to be rather ‘sledge hammer’ when subtlety might serve better. So where that has been done, now it will have to be corrected ... or defended against, as it falls apart or makes its potential known. In natural opposition to fixed star Achernar, this eclipse is likely to bring various forms of ‘outpourings,’ some at least we have been warned about, and a few we may have been thinking about without moving into ‘action mode’ fast enough to stem whatever surfaces or manifests now.

As with all fixed stars, the nature of Achernar effects change if a planet is in conjunction (within five degrees) of the star, with most such combinations heightening what we think of as the most magical and (or) disappointing qualities of Pisces. For instance, Jupiter or Mars may indicate either a great capacity for generosity, compassion, faith or any other Piscean positive ... or it could indicate the tendency to be harsh or judgmental with (or about) others, or even the willingness or ability to think it’s ‘right’ to treat humans or animals or even the planet badly because some esoteric idea is being held up as the ‘ideal.’

With the eclipse in opposition to Chiron (and Chiron widely conjunct Achernar) there is a need to go beyond or past such feelings and notions, but we may not feel like we know how to do that. Or what we should do, or be, or feel instead. This eclipse is going to bring out a lot of what has been going on in the world as well as in our hearts, and not one of us is likely to be all that comfortable with such revelations. And with Chiron in semi-sextile to Uranus (which means Uranus is in a departing inconjunct to the eclipse), there is a clear indication that we can change voluntarily or be changed by the life and times in which we live.

In short, we will change now. We may change in response to something which happens during these next two months, or we may change because we realize we are not getting what we want ... and we’re not likely to get what we want ... if we keep doing what we’re doing, or what we’re doing in the manner that we’re doing it ... or possibly if we simply insist on continuing to be who we have been being in spite of the fact that the strength or weakness of our approach isn’t working.

In fact, it’s not working a lot. The Sabian Symbol for this eclipse, ‘A GIRL’S BASKETBALL TEAM’ is a reference to sport, another reference to physicality (this time trained and practiced individual physicality which plainly is linked to that of others on the ‘team’) as well as a test and use of physical skills in the making of one’s point.

With an eclipse hitting this degree, all the things which have been done incorrectly or in violation of morals are likely to come out here in those who are accomplished (those who have had the proper training) ... as well as those who haven’t had proper ‘health, work or service’ (i.e., Virgo) individual or team ‘training.’ It speaks to how we ‘train,’ teach and assure the morals of people in Virgo professions, be they members of the military, civil servants, members of the medical profession, “generic” employees (i.e., not middle or upper management) ... and how we treat others and our environment - our world - in general.

Eclipses happen when things need to be brought out. So we may be assured that from July 13th, when eclipse effects officially begin (some of us may have been feeling them a bit prior to that, of course) we will start thinking in these directions. We will become witnesses and participants in events and situations which evoke these kinds of questions between people who just weeks ago may have looked like they had not a care in the world about each other.

Eclipses polarize. And this one, with the best part of its prologue (the lead-in period) being experienced under Venus’ July 25th-September 6th retrograde, this next eight weeks or so of eclipse effects is likely to feel particularly unrewarding. You may be doing fine, but you’re not likely to feel like you’re doing fine - that’s the Venus part. And for some, that very feeling is going to set off the problems which then become the ‘events’ which contribute to the ‘eclipsing’ of things as they have been, replete with realizations of how wrong we’ve been, and how in some grand and esoteric sense our being the way we’ve been, our having ignored or denied or postponed that which we didn’t want to have to deal with ... how that, in the end, has harmed our today.

And our chances for the tomorrow we’ve been hoping to have, leaving us to ‘fix’ whatever didn’t need to be broken to begin with.

And that is also Virgo. Fixing as we recognize why its better not to break things or become misaligned is part of Virgo at its best. After all, though as the last of the first six signs of the zodiac and thus the last sign to have natural ‘residence’ below the natural zodiacal horizon Virgo tempts us to continue living in our own private world when what it’s about is readying our Self to ‘rise above’ that in making a contribution to the world.

How that hasn’t been done well is about to become visible. Wherever morality and ethical treatment of that which is native to all of us has been ignored, that will now be rising up to haunt us. A lot of what we face is going to feel like it’s ‘bigger than we are,’ tempting us to resort to helplessness.

But that’s just what we’ve been doing all along.

In other words, the problem isn’t the problem as much as our unwillingness to face, confront or tackle the problem (and our feelings about said problem) is.

And it’s those feelings, NOT the actual issue, which is being eclipsed. Issues will change now - and going forward - because we change, and because in changing we end up changing our approach or seeing challenges from some different perspective, reflecting Pallas (symbol of dispassionate perspective) in square to the eclipse from Sagittarius. With this square being Pallas conjunct Photographica, it’s as likely that we’re not seeing something about what we’re facing as things stand (or going into the eclipse) as they are - something about the ‘image’ of the thing, or possibly our own image (public or private) of what life is, how it works or what it’s ‘about,’ is causing us to miss something entirely valid in its own right, if also completely foreign to us.

One other thing about solar eclipses worth thinking about, that being how the ‘unfolding’ of a solar eclipse transit (and the events associated with it) take three full years to complete. But with that said, there is a marked tendency for there to be a ‘twist’ at around 2.5 years through the process. At that point, something arises which we couldn’t have the option to take advantage of (or possibly the wisdom not to get involved with) had we not experienced the original eclipse.

So while September’s 20 Virgo solar eclipse is its own force of nature to be sure, as we move into-and-through its prologue of eclipse effects we should also bear in mind that the eclipse of May 2013 will be moving into its two-and-a-half-year mark as this September’s 20 Virgo eclipse moves through.

That eclipse - the eclipse of May 2013 - was positioned at 19 Taurus, a degree known for a ‘lack of direction’ which given the eclipse, probably led to a lot of ‘elimination’ of things which had up until that time either served to provide some sort of stability (or) the elimination of stable situations which as of 2013 we thought were no longer offering us sufficient opportunities for growth and personal expansion.

And a comment on that ... when we come to September 2015, Uranus will be retrograding through 19 Aries - in a semi-sextile to that long-ago eclipse. Does this mean we’re not so sure about something we used to think was worth betting the farm on (so to speak)? Does it mean we’re finally ready, willing ... or even excited to ‘go’ for something we started back then, but couldn’t yet get to?

Or are we just not sure about what we want, and living with that is just irritating us up one side and down the other?

But back to present tense ... once Mercury enters Cancer and we get past the weekend, eclipse effects begin on the 13th and Circe goes retrograde at 20 Pisces on the 15th - a curious combination of factors which likely speaks to either the lessening of fascination with something, a recognition that we have a weakness for things which fascinate us - sometimes even to our detriment - or some sort of discovery (or rediscovery) of something of value in your Self, or in the faith or purity of your beliefs.

That Circe goes retrograde on Wednesday the 15th also means it’s a ‘last act’ in the previous (Gemini) lunar cycle, as Thursday the 16th begins our next monthly lunar cycle - the counting of our everyday days (as opposed to solar cycles, which have more to do with the whole of, and quality of our life), this month’s entire lunar/personal (and internal) theme being (not shockingly) Cancerian.

Sun-wise, that will change as of the 23rd, but prior to that, with Sun, Mercury and Mars all in Cancer as we come to the (Cancer) New Moon, that’s a lot of introspective feeling with a decidedly external factor - whether that’s about what’s happening in the moment, what has happened long ago, or the idea of where we go from here.

Or at least where we want to go from here ... all of which is being swept up into the incoming solar eclipse process, which either means that our introspection is going to ‘bring out’ something truly unacceptable or be subject to something entirely transformative (ultimately for the better - which is to say, the more honest) ... or that the solar eclipse itself has something to do with societal attitudes and feelings about society (be that our society or  world society), feelings which are pronounced, enlightening (whether we like them or not) and worth discussing - if not to us, probably to others.

...Into which comes the New Moon, a new cycle, a renewal, a recommencement positioned at being 23 Cancer - with asteroid Eos going retrograde on the same day at 16 Pisces.

As a symbol, Eos literally refers to the dawn, which most of us would (at a guess) associate with air or fire, because of the Sun. Yet the mythical Eos was a nymph said to ‘arise from the ocean,’ making Eos a symbol of ‘rising emotionality’ which ‘comes to light,’ or to enlighten us (or as part of something which enlightens us.

Dawn in Sydney
(photo credit Taro Taylor, October 2009)
As for 16 Pisces, lore speaks of this degree as one which is very family, home and tradition oriented ... albeit with a side of defensive quirks. However, that which is ‘protected’ can be expanded and adapted, which in keeping with the Sabian for this degree (“An Easter Parade” speaks to the power of positive moments and movements, particularly as that pertains to their ability to pull others in, creating an ever greater ‘celebration’ of eternal possibilities. In adding that to a degree (23 Cancer, the degree of the New Moon) which urges caution lest mistakes and missteps happen, there’s an obvious possibility for great good ... and for frustration and defensiveness. This may be moderated some by the presence of Pollux (the fixed star representing the more intellectual of the Gemini twin). Then again, it may merely make for a lot of debating for the sake of debating. (And if so, at least we’ll all know everyone will be bringing along their freshest and most fervent opinions!)  

Once the Sun and Mercury move into Leo on the 23rd, the whole aura of what this New Moon means (or how we may be choosing to operate it) considering how much more ‘fixed-focus’ Leo brings to everything about life, but prior to that things should be emotional but fluid - give or take the fact that this New Moon comes with a Eris-Uranus square.

New Moon at 23 Cancer (glyph chart)
July 16, 2015 - 1:25 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
 New Moon at 23 Cancer (text chart)
July 16, 2015 - 1:25 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Prepare for changes. And surprises. With Uranus, we always do better to be flexible, and with Eris, we do better to care about a cause - preferably one which is universal. And since there’s also a trine to Chiron at 21 Pisces (retrograde) and a semi-sextile from the Cancer New Moon to Jupiter right next door in Leo, there’s some sort of message about ‘a lot’ of something ... and whatever it is, it isn’t always convenient.

Maybe sometimes. Just not all the time.

Several other things are worth mentioning in this particular astrological text-breath, the first being how Photographica (‘the image’ or ‘my image’ or ‘how I look’ either to others or in our own mind) is going direct on July 17th - the day after the New Moon - and it’s doing that directing at 4 Sagittarius, which you may just remember as being the degree that Saturn went retrograde at back on March 14th (2015).

Welcome to an astrological checkpoint. Is it with others? With our Self? That differs (we’d need to look at your personal natal chart to know). But its worth noting. And thinking about, particularly as the degree of this month’s New Moon (that 23 Cancer we just talked about) is one associated with Saturn-ish qualities, particularly for those born during the first half of the 1900s.

Another thing is how the 17th is also the beginning of this year’s Perseid Meteor Shower. Extending from July 17th through August 24th and coming to us courtesy of comet Swift-Tuttle, like all meteor showers the Perseids represent a period of time (a little more than a month) when we are ‘sparked’ by ideas, situations or input in ways which we hadn’t thought about before ... or when we suddenly ‘see the light’ and realize something which may have been there all the time.

Is there any particular theme here? Not necessarily, though if we look at the orbit of Swift-Tuttle, purely in terms of distance from the Sun this comet comes from the same district of the solar system as Chaos, Huya, Haumea and Makemake, astrological symbols which all have to do with recognizing our inner potentials and learning how to work with them, or make something out of our lives using those qualities, resources and abilities.     

Then, as of 22:39 (10:39 p.m., UT/+0) on the 18th - in advance of its station - Venus moves into Virgo, introducing a slow if ever-less subtle lessening of our feeling that we’re accomplishing our aim.

Mind you, all may be perfectly fine - it just doesn’t feel that way.

On its own - which is to say without retrograde effects - Venus in Virgo urges us more towards the practical (and whatever results we can sensibly achieve) than comfort or whatever simply ‘pleases’ us. That’s the Virgo effect - Virgo’s ‘pleasure’ is what works and will make the life around us pleasant (which obviously benefits us by providing us a good environment) which isn’t exactly Venusian pleasure as Venus aims are more about advancing one’s self confidence through proving to our Self that we’re ‘right’ or ‘on the right track’ to be the person we conceive of ourselves as being.
So that’s part of an undercurrent which will shift as Venus moves into Virgo. It may not be all that apparent between the July 18th ingress and Venus’ July 25th station, but it will be there, with some (at least) of what happens as and during this relatively brief Venus-in-Virgo period coming back either to haunt us or to simply be carried on with and completed once Venus is done with retrograde and returns to Virgo as of October 8th (UT/+0).

Not that all of this is likely to go off without a hitch, seeing how dwarf planet Eris (things which cause disruptions or conflict) is also going retrograde on July 19th, which means we can expect some sort of ‘Eris Effect’ to be/begin circulating soon after Thursday’s New Moon and Eos station ... with such effects extending on into or through Tuesday the 21st. Putting this simply, Eris represents things we don’t control - like news, surprises, reversals of fortune and unexpected situations - which change our perspective on things and our balance of consideration.

That internal conflict, the having to consider something (even when we don’t want to) is very much part of the astrological Eris. And when we think of where Eris comes from (beyond Neptune) and how it’s larger than Pluto - an astrological symbol people seem to love quaking deliciously at the mere mention of - Eris stations are nothing to be sneezed or sniffled at. That its station ‘enfolds’ Venus’ entrance to Virgo and Photographica’s station says something about ‘images’ and ‘how things look’ - and maybe how a new look at, or perspective on things can now be achieved. In such cases, will all go smoothly? Given Venus in Virgo, maybe on the surface, but not so smoothly under said surface.

In other words, things may well get coped with now, but moving through how anyone feels about that which life is saying needs to be considered ... that’s another thing.

It’ll take time. And with Eris’ taking station in conjunction with Uranus, there’s a lot of dynamic energy afoot. Some may well be about energy (or energy sources or systems, etc.) while other areas of consideration, action, retention, contention or refusal (“blockading”) give way under considerable (and building) pressure. In fact, because this July 19th Eris station is only seven days distant from Uranus’ July 26th station, especially with Venus ‘sitting’ on the degree of its upcoming turn to retrograde speaks to big things being afoot. For some, this will be only a matter of stumbling onto something eye-opening, whatever else it may be (in other words, where you take it or where it takes you is yet to be determined). For some, this entire week will be one of excitement, tension, anxiety ... or sudden breakthroughs, discoveries and revelations. Things can be important or trivial - and sometimes both at once.

And this isn’t just about Eris, Uranus or Venus. There’s more.

If we give Charybdis a two-day before-and-after ‘station allowance,’ that says something about our willingness, or need to keep trying (Charybdis) starting up as soon as Eris goes retrograde, with the effects of both stations overlapping. Does this mean that the more we do, the more startling things we learn? That could well be. Does it mean that because something new or unexpected happens (or has happened) that we now can continue doing what we’re doing? Also possible.

And that takes us to the Sun and Mercury move into Leo on July 23rd.

Sun in Leo (glyph chart)
July 23, 2015 - 3:32 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
(Apart from the degree of the Moon, this is also a Mercury in Leo Aries Wheel chart as well)
Sun in Leo (text chart)
July 23, 2015 - 3:32 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
(Apart from the degree of the Moon, this is also a Mercury in Leo Aries Wheel chart as well)
Any time the Sun and Mercury are conjunct we all tend to be a little short-sighted and a bit over-focused on notions and ideas. This isn’t necessarily about conviction - sometimes it’s just that we haven’t seen a big enough picture on some subject. Sun-Mercury conjunctions are also known as lending a quality of ‘not being able to take the idea apart,’ which can be willful, but far more often is simply a form of that short-sightedness already mentioned.

The good news here is that this won’t last very long. Having come into orb of conjunction on the 20th (date approximate depending on where you live), Mercury catches up with the Sun soon after entering Leo and is out of orb by late on the 28th (again, time approximate depending on where you are, I’m calculating for the UT/+0 zone). With this conjunction taking place in Leo, there’s a lot to be said for creative projects and getting creative about our lives. However, given that Leo is also (a.) a fixed sign and (b.) known for being egocentric simply because Leo’s purpose (as a sign) is to get us to develop our Self and those abilities which will help us get along with others and accomplish things in the world and our life. The challenge with this sign (all signs have challenges) comes with, or as a result of that very centered-in-the-Self dynamic being because there is nothing intrinsic about Leo which causes us to consider the application, how others are going to feel about our feats of daring, imagination and self-mastery... and how that leads to how the Leo desire to ‘make something of my life’ in all of us so often feels frustrated by the Aquarian polarity which teaches not just that the world is bigger than we think, but also how in the end it doesn’t matter what we want or what our majority vote is, LIFE’s majority vote always wins.

And if we want to be accepted by and acceptable to the whole of life, we need to be creative yes - just not so egocentric as to say ‘I know it all.’ That know-it-all thing invariably leads to Leo trouble, and with the Sun and Mercury entering Leo in a moment when all is set up so that both planets will make their ingresses in opposition to Ceres (at 2 Aquarius) and in sextile to the North Node (which means also in trine to the South Node) care needs to be taken or is being in the finding of ways to improve on relations and relationship dynamics. With Venus sitting at 0 Virgo (a semi-sextile ahead of the Sun and Mercury), there is much which needs doing and an interesting mixture of conviction in one’s self and an awareness of challenges yet to come.

Sometimes Leo is entirely in favor of a challenge, and for those who are willing to - or even in favor of hard work replete with the considering of things both beyond the norm and not necessarily to one’s liking (i.e., not your first choice), this can be a productive period.

And of course there will be the reactionaries as well - those who can’t imagine doing things any way but their own way. There will also be those who for whatever reason don’t understand either the full ramifications of benefits or detriments which could come from either doing or not doing something now.

And yes, there will be a few who do understand and don’t care about anyone else either because of some long-standing internal issue (which given Venus’ retrograde and eclipse effects may be becoming inescapable) ... or because the brilliant promise Leo beckons with - that we can win, that things can be just perfect ... because the brilliance of such ideas have them Sun struck and Mercurially mind-blinded. As wonderful, playful and big-hearted as Leo can be, Leo times can also bring questions of risk to test that big-hearted and wonderful nature or time we’ve been having. Is it the right tact to take? Maybe yes. Is this the right time to be having a playful good time, regardless of all else? Maybe yes.

On the other hand, maybe no - and that’s one of the big sticky parts of Leo as a sign experienced through transit (as opposed to having a planet or other chart point in Leo natally). On one hand, Leo exhibits the strength of who we are. On the other, Leo periods bring out challenges and mistakes - theoretically so we can ‘develop’ past them. Yet because once the Sun hits Leo, one’s ‘territory’ (real, theoretical, mental, emotional or imagined) becomes everything, even if just the day before we couldn’t have cared less.

Why? Because Leo is the second of the zodiac’s fire signs, making it the sign all about our ability to develop that individuality we discovered we had under the first fire sign, Aries... all of which comes into fabulous joint focus when we consider how it’s only three days (give or take a few hours) from the time that the Sun and Mercury enter Leo that Uranus goes retrograde in Aries.

Put that in real terms and it says that our lives and mentality (the Sun and Mercury of it all) are going to be in position to be creative and to deal with situations which offer simultaneous opportunities and prickly questions as Uranus goes on station (starting the 24th) to go retrograde at 10:39 a.m. (UT/+0 time) on the 26th.

And that’s just a day prior to Deucalion going direct on the 27th (again, UT/+0 time).

Deucalion, you say? Yes Deucalion, the guy whose Greek mythic story is rather a spin on the Noah tale with a somewhat different metaphysical moral, the Deucalion version being more about ‘keeping your head above emotional water’ in spite of being tossed about by some life storm or suddenly getting tossed in some drink (oceanic, not alcoholic)...

....which is just the sort of thing we tend to encounter at Uranian moments.

Situated in the iciness of the Kuiper Belt way out there in the company of Pluto, Ixion, Huya and other mind-twisting impulse-drivers, Deucalion is one of those interesting Cubewano objects which isn’t affected that solar systemic big blue magnet called Neptune. No, Deucalion is about finding our own way in spite of the ‘sway’ of the crowd or the ‘magnetic pull’ of something which is seeking to get us to vote for our yearnings instead of our abilities.

In this case, with Uranus in just the right position to start its retrograde in tandem with Sabine, it would be natural to think we’re going to have to ‘break through’ somewhere (or something) in our selves which is (Sabine) ‘confining’ us in some way. With this happening in Aries, such ‘confines’ may be those imposed on us... or those we are required to adhere to.

Either way, with Sun and Mercury in Leo, we’re not thrilled when things aren’t happening on our schedule and we’re prone to seeing proof of personal validation in anything which does break our way (and yes, we’re perfectly willing to broadcast that wonderful news!).

And what about the idea that all this is happening under eclipse effects and Venus retrograde (once Venus goes retrograde two days after the Sun enters Leo)? With the September solar eclipse happening in the derivative 2nd sign to Leo, the Sun’s transit of Leo is likely to bring up questions of value and questions about values. Because we’re talking an eclipse ‘vibe’ here, the energetic functions within (us) and thus will create some degree of second guessing and the type of insecurities which create frustration (on one hand) which for some will get covered up with bravado, for some will simply be ignored (who wants to be distracted when they’re having a Leo moment?) and for some will simply become the reason to not try (at least yet).

Those reactions aren’t the issue here: the issue is how eclipse effects may be ‘rattling some chains’ in the depths of our psyches as we become aware of things which aren’t working, which can’t continue as they have been - and which, whether we like it or not are going to be changing over the next few months.

A photo of the maximum phase of the partial eclipse of August 1, 2008
(at 9 Leo) taken from Magnitogorsk, Ural, Russia
(photo credit Lakiza Mikhail, August 2008)
Some of these issues are likely to concern whatever it is which makes us uncomfortable as individuals (everyone has quirks, after all), but with eclipse effects setting up certain quandaries and Venus starting its retrograde in Virgo before retrograding back into Leo while the Sun and Mercury are still transiting said sign, August is likely to be trying as things we’re trying (or want to try) become less of a joy or inspiration and more of a task, a job, an effort and a duty we wish we could do without at the moment.

As for Uranus’ position at 20 Aries, that speaks to a change of activity or direction - and for some (or in some situations) a ‘break’ in the action or a ‘breakthrough’ in some process or effort. In keeping with the Sabian symbol (“A PUGILIST ENTERS THE RING”) the idea of fighting (sparring, training) for something is popularly identified with this degree and as it’s the first of the last ten degrees in Aries (making it the first degree in the third decan) Uranus taking a turn to retrograde at this position may indicate a ‘turning’ of a tide of disruption or disruptive urges as for whatever reason we recognize that the changes we had been thinking would happen externally are going to instead happen internally.

With Uranus going into retrograde a day after Venus does, this also may represent a series of, or sequence of circumstances with regards to some process or processes which represents (in some form) the willingness or usefulness to continue trying to get something done, or to create an opportunity or  ‘breakthrough’ with regards to something intended to affect the ‘health’ of some sort of system, be that system something broad scale (relational, electronic, financial/fiscal, societal) or something more individual. Known under every circumstance to symbolize surprises and that which is unexpected and often unpredictable (in the moment and going forward), Uranus tends to be equally connected with acts of brilliance and decisions made in haste, which as its here connected with Venus (a symbol of getting the results we want) going retrograde speaks to the possibility of finding out at this time how something was done in haste ... and how this may be a time when things may get done in haste ... and thereafter regretted or adjusted to over time (that being the Venus retrograde effect).

20 Aries is said to favor an open mind and that which is actually ‘new’ (as opposed to a renewal or ‘new round’ of something already known or experienced), which may have something to do with changes which occur, or which get discussed or contemplated at this time.

There’s also something to be said for Deucalion being the last symbol in this particular sequence. By turning direct at 13 Scorpio (one degree past fixed stars Alphecca and Acrux) this station speaks to having moved beyond our ability or perhaps our willingness to deal with life as a simple question of material, emotional or social values as we hold ourselves to (Deucalion) standards which are not simply about how we feel, and not simply about cries of emotional around us. Just as Deucalion as a symbol asks that we not get ‘swept away’ or ‘drowned’ in some form of ‘mass energy’ which is either emotional in nature (or about something which will trigger emotionality).

And as we do that, we should also take care that we’re not fooling ourselves. 13 Scorpio is positive when we are growing that which sustains us on our own, but has something of a reputation for being less successful at forming ‘bonds’ or connections with others than other Scorpio degrees. Combined with a Venus and Uranus station-retrograde point, does this mean we should be working on our own or turning towards that? For some - particularly given the weeks of Venus retrograde ahead, this is exactly what we’ll need to do as we realize we have to ‘get that done’ (whatever “that” is) before we can, or should, move on.

And that thought may well be all we need to know for sure at the moment as Deucalion’s station is the last celestial ‘act’ before the second of two Full Moons in July, this one occurring at 7 Aquarius on July 31st at 10:44 in the morning, UT/+0 time.

Full Moon at 7 Aquarius (glyph wheel)
July 31, 2015 - 10:44 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Full Moon at 7 Aquarius (text wheel)
July 31, 2015 - 10:44 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Like all Full Moons, this one marks a moment of ‘highlighting’ something - or something being highlighted for us in our current life. It doesn’t have to be big, but it can be - the image of the ‘perfect romantic evening’ under a Full Moon is all about just that, reflecting our desire to have our most personal hopes fulfilled.

In this case - and interestingly, considering everything we’ve just thought through with regards to Venus, Uranus and Deucalion - 7 Aquarius is a degree which speaks both to our ability to compromise ourselves (and the world around us) by not recognizing the true value or worth of something (or some ability) because of some conviction that ... as they say ... the grass is greener on the other side of some fence.

The question here being not about what shade of green the grass really is, 7 Aquarius - and thus this Full Moon - is a period of time meant to ‘bring to light’ the ways we may be undervaluing our Self. How that happens is variable, but with very few aspects to this Full Moon other than an inconjunct/semi-sextile from Neptune and Moon-trine-North-Node (with asteroid Germania conjunct the North Node) plus Sun-trine-South-Node (with the South Node conjunct Amor) while its easy to help those we know and like and something of a headache (if not a total and complete headache) to do what we should do, which is to do the thing which represents ‘reality’ and not so much of that which represents the more esoteric or wistful parts of what we like, long for or wish was true.

With the North Node of this chart also conjunct asteroid Kleopatra and Black Moon Lilith, there is some sort of denial in this mix which some will want to play or play off of ‘cleverly’ now ... and a few will accomplish just that, though for most, efforts to be or exhibit one’s cleverness are going to come off looking immature or possibly cloddish or even silly.

That Saturn (in retrograde at 28 Scorpio and about to go direct on August 2nd) is about to be squared by Jupiter speaks to challenges we face in building something or creating a platform or structure strong enough and yet creative enough to make it worth investing in. There is a continuing string of losses of things (or our conviction in something or someone) we value without having properly valued them/that in our headlong rush to suit ourselves and our personal goals.

Whatever or wherever we have failed to truly understand the full potential of our aims, choices or actions, those qualities are now becoming obvious and problematic. Can we fix our own lack of proper responsiveness, or are we simply going to continue assuming that the responsibility for what we don’t want to do (deal responsibly with  responsibilities) isn’t ours?

This tension has been growing all month - since around the time Mercury entered Cancer back on July 8th - and it will continue on after the Full Moon passes, coming to its peak as we move through Saturn's station (and that of Pallas, which is right behind it on August 3rd) as we work to balance hopes with burdens and effort with reward while bearing in mind the fact that Venus is retrograde.

So when we do 'win' at whatever we're doing, it isn't likely to feel as thrilling as we might have anticipated ... this being one of the reasons why astrologers speak of Venus retrograde periods as being tough on romance, relationships and finance, which with the current Aquarius touch thrown in as added metaphysical coloration may translate around the time of this Full Moon as 'relationships' and/or 'income.'

(It's also considered a bad time to make a "splurge" investment and when making changes in our 'look' may not achieve desired ends.)

Venus being a primary symbol of rewards (and all we do in order to be rewarded), any time Venus goes retrograde things aren't likely to go the way we want them to. And if they do work as anticipated, they're unlikely to work out (in the long run) as we might hope. Something will happen. Someone or something will change.

Like all retrogrades of personal planets, Venus retrograde works well if or where we're doing something which is meant not to last (buying something for the express purposes of reselling would be a good example here), but permanence of value is not anything Venus retrograde is known for - which is why its considered ill-fated to propose, sign major contracts, get married or to become involved in a new romance or business deal under Venus retrograde. This may or may not be at issue during the period of this month's Aquarian Full Moon, but seeing as both Venus and Aquarius refer to money and the 'power' which allows us to do things (whether that's personal power, personal-physical power or the kind of power which causes machinery or light bulbs to work), this Full Moon is likely to mark some sort of 'turn' in various issues having to do with money and 'power' of whatever sort - with Venus' continuing to be in retrograde giving us the message that more sorting is yet to be done.

And Saturn's impending directness suggests we're about ready to take on doing some of that sorting - and more, lest we be faced with the reality of why we should have been taking on doing some of that sorting (etc.) ... All of which leads to Mercury entering Virgo on August 7th (UT/+0) and the very last few days of Jupiter in Leo prior to Jupiter moving on into Virgo on August 11th - which is where we’ll take our astro-story up in a next post.

One last comment: I’m pretty sure everyone’s noticed I’m not posting as often of late. The ‘why’ that is not just simple - it’s in line with all these transits we’ve just been talking about (which yes, being an astrologer I saw coming down the pike). Between Venus retrograde, Uranus’ station, Deucalion going direct and the 7 Aquarius Full Moon, we are all in some form of process which is pitting what ‘works’ against what we are comfortable with not working - and all of that against how we know success and personal satisfaction do not come solely from what we do the most of unless that fits who we are as a person.

You know - who we are in our natal chart. So I’m working on being an author, as that’s a foundational building block for me where astrology is supposed to be a tool for self-learning (which it has been, that being why I offer it to others) and a hobby - which is why no matter what I have done in astrology over the past thirty years it hasn’t turned into viable support. And as disability increasingly doesn’t pay for enough to exist and have any kind of life, something else must be done.

After all, neither dead authors nor dead astrologers tend to write much.

As this pertains to the current transits (and to my mentioning this here as I am) I’m well aware of the fact that there are a lot of people who are unhappy about my having cut back on posts. You’re feeling the loss of information, someone ‘being there’ for you - you’re feeling it. You want what you had - and yet the reason why you don't have it are reasons which exist in reality (you know, that 7 Aquarius thing) which exists for the other person (in this case, moi.) There are literally dozens of reasons which fit the Aquarian mold, and for many if not most of us this 'recognizing of loss' - whether it's missing a blog post in the moment or missing someone who has passed or is no longer available to talk to, whether you find yourself twinging over missed opportunities or feeling awkward in some new social situation ... this is a time, a period of weeks and months ... where things are being lost and replaced or altered into forms unfamiliar (and sometimes undesired or simply undesirable) - all of which is part and parcel of our 'normal' being broken down in advance of September's eclipse.

And it's a theme - an undercurrent of theme which is going to be popping up in various places going forward. Between the Venus retrograde ‘not good enough’ and the Full Moon at 7 Aquarius, most of us are going to experience some sort of sense of 'what was' ... and how that differs from what's going to be going forward. And whether there's a good or bad involved or not involved - human nature tends to make us all reflect on what we 'had' simply because it was familiar. As adventurous as we may be as a race and as individuals, human beings build their adventuring spirit on a bedrock of security within - which is ultimately the lesson of Aquarius, the Aquarian Age and (yes) the whole of the solar eclipse process, no matter where any given eclipse chooses to occur.

All of this applies on all levels to all things.

And in that, as it pertains to me, when there comes the day that authoring supports me well enough so I can take care of myself and do the things I need and want to do in my own life, I’ll be happy to do more astrology than at present. After all, I know its value. I know how having dates and celestial ‘crib notes’ helps us plan, and how astrology helps making negotiating our way through life’s sticky wickets far more simple. I know how when you’re having a terrible time, how just knowing when that rancid transit is going to end can give you just enough patience and forbearance to keep your nose to the grindstone in getting to that finish line.

Yes, I know. And that's why I’ll be back next month (Lord willing) to do this ...if also (in part), why I'll be gone in the meantime.

Let’s just say that this eclipse requires me to do some hard (Virgo) work on 'eclipsing' my historical vulnerabilities. But then, whether we know it or not, isn't that true for every one of us simply because we're human?

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