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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Venus in Gemini

A rainbow over the Delaware River at the Northhampton-Warren County line
(photo credit: Nicholas A Tonelli, May 2008)
I don’t know about you, but I’m glad eclipse season is over. (Well, as over as over gets in the wake of an eclipse season.) And yes, this one has been particularly mysterious in its workings ... but what would you expect from a solar eclipse which not is made to melt away our ability to deny that which we most don't want to know - not about others, but about our Self?

And just to make it all much less enjoyable (which wasn't exactly what anyone wanted, I'm sure), after the solar eclipse came a Libra lunar eclipse - just the thing to make everyone touchy about something (with that 'something' mostly being somebody else - or your relationship to someone else, I should say).

All this is my say of trying to say that unless you’re a glutton for outrageously slung cosmic punctuations (and the cosmos has really good aim...) then what you’d probably like to hear about now is something about a change.

Less emotion, more ease, perhaps? Some sense or inner feeling that yes, whatever you've just gone through (read: eclipse season) is over.

I may have just the thing. It's called Venus in Gemini, and it's going to occur April 11th at 15:30 (3:30 p.m.) UT/+0 time.

Does that sound good? How about if I say that if you think of it as a celestial breeze which caresses ever-so-lightly, stirring that sort of laugh which signals inner relief?

Those kinds of moments when we feel ourselves having gotten through something can be so very Venus in Gemini - Venus being the accomplishment and Gemini pointing to the mental processing and feeling rewarded.

But that's not the only thing we would associate with Venus in Gemini. This is a natural 'transactional' pair, so we can expect life to hand us more to do so we can go about transacting. Gemini also being the sign of phones, cars, mail and all things mundane, errand-like or scheduled, we should all expect more mail, more reasons to get in touch with others and an increase (and consideration) of traffic - be that traffic vehicular, communicative or mental. Venus in Gemini opens the way, first and last in our minds, to all those things which give us the sense that life has a future, a purpose, something to go after and achieve, whether that’s the getting of an idea, making some plan, learning about life’s options or otherwise choosing ... or choosing not to choose what you’ll do next, and - because you’re choosing whatever you’re choosing, what that says about who you are and what you (as an individual) value.

With Saturn transiting Sagittarius (Gemini’s opposition sign) the light touch associated with planet Venus in Gemini may indicate a ‘softening’ of something to the point that it becomes workable - or even just better understood. Conversely, where things have been too soft, or where we’ve been behaving like slightly-less-cohesive-than-desirable pudding about things, this combination may indicate the introduction of necessary structure(s) or disciplined dedication which solves problems, whether in the short or long run.

Speaking of ‘how long?,’ Venus will be transiting Gemini for just a day or two shy of four weeks - from April 11th through May 7th (both dates UT/+0). And since during that time (on the 17th, to be exact), Pluto will go retrograde at 15 Capricorn ... and since position Pluto is sharing 15 Capricorn with fixed star Vega, we should expect some unexpected (at least by most) ‘turns of fortune’ which generates a loss or rise in our regard for something (or someone) we have considered attractive, desirable or yea verily, charismatic.

With Mars still being in Taurus (Taurus now being the sign behind Venus’ position, putting Mars in a 12th house harmonic to Venus’ efforts to make things work for our personal intention and/or benefit), we want to understand certain limitations or misunderstandings or lack of clarity. And we may even be willing to make an effort or two to clear things up, as this sort of Venus/Mars semi-sextile-by-sign sets up a subtle if persistent uncertainty deep in the cockles of our (insert a favorite locale) which we aren’t going to escape any time soon as Mars is going to be in Taurus even longer than Venus’ transit of Gemini.

So that’s one fly in the ointment - and a fly which is likely to set up quite a flap around the 21st and 22nd (give or take your time zone) as Venus sextiles Jupiter (still at 12 Leo) and Mars trines and sets off some sort of ‘pending’ potential we’d think of as being associated with the astrology of Pluto conjunct Vega.

Venus in Gemini (glyph chart)
April 11, 2015 - 16 28 (4 28 pm) UT +0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
You know, some loss of innocence ... (a subject no one wants to experience or witness) ... particularly as that pertains to our Self, as we would expect in the wake of the Scheat eclipse.

The loss of innocence we’d be astrologically referring to here has to do with whatever it is in your life which people - or maybe life itself - has been trying to get you to you look at roughly since last November 10th, that being when transiting Mars last conjuncted transiting Pluto (the current Pluto/Mars trine being a ‘stage’ or ‘step’ in a process begun or re/initiated back then).

Venus in Gemini (text chart)
April 11, 2015 - 16 28 (4 28 pm) UT +0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
And though certainly it’s possible that the Venus sextile Jupiter occurring as Mars trines Pluto speaks to an opportunity to make something happen (or to change something without incurring bad feelings) with regards to some 2014-vintage issue, since Jupiter just went direct (don’t believe me? look at the previous post...!) ... with Jupiter having just gone direct, opportunities of the moment would seem to be ‘big’ opportunities. Rare opportunities. Even rarified opportunities.

And yet, they are just opportunities - which in astrological terms can ... but doesn’t have to be a positive thing. It’s just an opportunity - one which is what it is because of who you are and who you’re currently being (all of which is inscribed in your natal chart, don’t you know...).

Being that the Moon is conjunct Pluto-Vega as Venus goes into Gemini (yes, exactly conjunct) suggests a deal of feeling about whatever is changing (whether in reality or in your regard) from boring to charismatic or from brilliant to utterly wretched (or maybe just disposable) ... which on the positive side could indicate some sort of fascination or fixation (temporary versus long-term would depend on your natal chart) - or maybe just the birth of a habit. (How filmic.) Or who knows ... Maybe with Saturn’s opposition by sign marking Venus’ ingress points to the acquiring of something - or the forming of some long term plan (or at least some notion that you should make such a plan) during the course of Venus’ Gemini transit.

By itself - with all due respect to all the Venus lovers in the audience - this isn’t the world’s biggest or most noteworthy transit. But the fact that the Sun will also join the Taurus parade as of April 20th (just prior to the whole Venus/Jupiter + Mars-Pluto-Vega tra-la) ... that does tend to say that we’ll be taking things seriously during these days.

And who knows ... maybe a little too seriously, at that. We can hope that with Venus moving into  Gemini people will think more in terms of working to create the good things and all the positives they want rather than being as self-absorbed as negative moments have led everyone to be once Venus and Mars teamed up in Taurus as of April 1st.

And what’s wrong with that? Why wouldn’t we want Venus and Mars to be in the same sign?

Well ... it’s not that they’re in the same sign which could be a problem here, it's more about how Venus and Mars both being in Taurus (which began on March 31st when Mars moved into Taurus) ... how that put (Venus), the planet which represents how we turn what we’re doing and being into a “result” in a sign of its own rulership (Taurus) giving us the astrological image of the philosophical question which asked whether what we are doing or aiming to (Mars) do is only for our own sake-or-benefit ... or whether we are doing something for some greater benefit to all.

And that question applies to the eclipse - the effects of which are still in the process of revealing us to our daily (Gemini) consciousness - which is really the first chance we have to deal with things knowingly. 

Zodiac signs are like steps in a process ... years in a life ... the progression of an evolution. As Venus exits Taurus for Gemini it sets up the opportunity to find things out and thereby determine our priorities. It’s a promise that despite the seriousness of all the earth sign energy which insists on keeping us grounded (thereby separating human wheat from its chaff) we can have some lighter moments.

We can afford to both talk to someone and hear them.

We can, in other words, be more aware of who we really are when we choose to be or become that person we would be happy to see waiting at the end of a long, unbridled day.

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