by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dateblog: December 2014

I know you're expecting to see a post on Mars entering Aquarius. This would not be that - which makes this me cutting in on my own digital conversation, an act which is curious even for moi.

But the clock is striking December, so it's time for another  edition of DATEBLOG.

As for the above (the chart, I mean), it’s probably rather easy to come away from doing a survey of December’s general planetary movements with two very different impressions, one being that there’s something ‘orderly’ about December (after all, look at how neatly the Sun, Mercury and Venus are marching along through the signs!)... and the other being all about those four white blocks denoting two major planetary stations (anything from Jupiter on out being astrologically considered ‘major’) plus two notices of major planets (again) finishing their 2014 cycles and initiating their 2015 cycles.

In the most general of terms, this spells two very high energy moments during the month. The will be felt almost as soon as December begins; with Jupiter going retrograde as Saturn opens the metaphysical wrapper on its box full of 2015 challenges on December 8th what goes on the table will be about us and affect us personally, but not be exclusively about us.

(In other words, use a non-individual framework.)

The second high energy district is highlighted by Uranus going direct on the 22nd (UT/+0) just before Pluto crosses the line into its 2015 Plutonic Work Zone on December 25th (hopefully after Santa gets home).

More importantly, both of these moments occur pretty much just in the wake of transiting Uranus squaring transiting Pluto on December 15th - just as Saturn reaches 29 critical (read: intense) degrees of Scorpio.

Stand by for that - in terms of the blog post, I mean. But considering how this is a ‘break’ or ‘breakthrough’ (Uranus) in some process which seems ‘inevitable’ (Pluto), those of us who are - or maybe more importantly who have been working through what it is inside us which (Pluto) drives us to put our Self into such “inevitable” positions...

...let’s just say that where Uranus is concerned, flexibility is always key - and that applies whether you’re someone working to create/recreate your (Uranus in Aries) Self or the life that Self is living.

Let’s also say that between Jupiter going retrograde on the 8th, Uranus squaring Pluto on the 15th, Uranus going direct on December 21st and Pluto entering its 2015 Transformation-in-Progress work zone, we probably shouldn’t plan on doldrums until about a-quarter-to-New-Years.

Of course before we lock that thought in cement, we should at least consider December’s astrological flow of the more elemental kind...

Yes, there’s a whole lot of fire going on. Visions, being a visionary, our ability to envision and (on a more everyday basis) the simple idea of the thing, the seeing of anything (physical vision) and the passion, the fervency which fire signs are so known for...there’s a whole lot of December ‘that’ which will be going around.

That could be great. It could also be awful. And whatever it is, with one planet (Mars) and a Full Moon early on in the month in air, this isn’t a month likely to be known as much for the idea of the thing as for that which inspires.

Yet around the 17th, things start getting elementally earthy - which is to say a bit more pragmatic (and for many a bit less frivolous). Using holiday terms (which would seem to be apt, this being December), we aren’t necessarily talking about anything unpleasant, but more like a shift from joy to warmth - even if Saturn changes signs (into fire) on the 23rd (UT/+0), promising boundaries and barriers yet to be broken.

But that’s after New Years. which is not what December is about...and that being my last comment for the moment, I'll now return us both to my previously scheduled conversation.

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