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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Venus in Gemini / Jupiter Square Nodes

Venus by Simon Vouet (1590-1649, oil on canvas)

As opposed to Taurus, a sign all about the useful against the ill of our values, sense of personal (individual) security and all motivations which arise from such notions, Gemini is our individual experience of mentality, replete with whatever will teach us to use, tolerate, moderate, organize or prioritize in the interest of achieving our goals. Taurus - being a ‘yin’ sign by nature tends to manifest as our holding onto what we have and the desire to grab hold of whatever we think we need which is entirely different than Gemini, a yang (pro-active, generally curious) sign all about our human mentality at work - which of course begins with our thinking, but since thinking is what gets us to do anything...that’s the Gemini way: get the thought or idea...develop it...then try it out.

That’s the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity. Gemini is where we get the idea and work it through and plan things out...Sagittarius is where we learn what works, what doesn’t work, why things work or don’t work and from that - both information on how to improve our tact, effort or thrust along with information on the world around us.

All signs have polarities. Going around the wheel of the zodiac they alternate: Aries is yang, Taurus is yin, Gemini is yang...(etc.) - and that holds no matter where the sign falls in your chart, despite the fact that horoscope hemispheres have their ‘yin/yang’ quality as well.

(To those of you who are students of astrology, yes - I know this can give you a headache when you first encounter it, but trust me - bear these simple facts in mind when you’re delineating charts and you’ll bless your lucky asteroid.)(Providing you have one, that is.)

So then we get to Venus, the energetic which signifies the turning of cause into effect. Venus will be entering Gemini on June 23rd at 12:35 p.m. (UT/+0) and remain in Gemini until the early afternoon hours (UT/+0) of July 18th.

Just as a notion, Venus in Gemini speaks to all we go through in order to achieve our best results - which yes, sometimes includes thinking through our failures, failings and all those simple mistakes which we might say under the heading ‘no harm, no foul.’

Often a sign of connecting (or recognizing, or thinking through) how and why cause becomes effect, Venus in Gemini is often associated with financial transactions as well as discussion economic, relational or of the relationship type...and by this last (‘relationship type’) we would mean either the relationship of some cause to some effect in your life, or the value(s) expressed in or felt about relationships you may be involved in - or may want to be involved in.

Or maybe not. (There is always that option, surely...)

Priorities will seem to matter more during this passage - even to the point that it may become a subject of Gemini-like conversation, debate, confrontation or decision.

Is “it” (substitute your subject for the word “it” as needed)...Is “it” worth my time? The effort? Is it worth whatever might need to be (re)organized, changed, sacrificed, implemented or “it” worth it?  Should I prioritize this...or that?

Do I even care which - and if I do, what makes one thing [Venus] worth more in my [Gemini] mind or thinking?

Because we know this particular Venus/Gemini ingress is occurring under Mercury retrograde, a fact which may manifest as wanting to hold back on saying something or making a choice or making some change until the information you for some reason need until Mercury goes direct (on July 1st) - or at least until we reach June 29th, that being when the two-days-prior/two-days-after ‘station allowance’ for Mercury’s station will begin.

Moreover, it would be typical of this not-unfriendly-if-not-excessively- (personally) -outgoing Mercury/Venus combination to say that  until July 1st most of our considering and thinking through the truest sense will be personal (which is not precisely an invitation to talk to yourself, but that might work, too.) (It might even be profitable.)

Yet let’s be real: no one lives in any vacuum. So we should expect that with Mercury still in retrograde, until July 1st life will be filled with all those quirks and interruptions which prevent us from operating on our ‘schedule.’

And that could be frustrating even where we ultimately learn that those interruptions or corrections or recalculations...or that reformulating of our plan was part of a greater process which works not just in this next while, but as something of a new ‘tool’ in our tool bag - something which we will use time and again as time goes by.

Unfortunately, none of us can know in advance if that annoying, awful situation will prompt us...or of something someone says will trigger some sort of internal, brilliant epiphany.

You don’t know, it just could happen - not that acting in haste would seem advised, as hasty, as eager, as loudly as some may demand that decisions get made and plans get pushed into motion.

All that means listening versus not listening, the valuing of our own thoughts against those of others is the first place we’ll start - a concept pictured rather adeptly by Venus being conjunct Sisyphus, Phaethon and Juno upon entering Gemini. Juno is about ‘management’ - hence the organizational and priorities theme, though Juno is also about ‘tending the hearth,’ ‘guarding the home’ and since this is Juno in Gemini, minding and managing what we say so that it [Venus] functions properly.

As for Juno itself, as Venus enters Gemini Juno stands in a square to Neptune indicating some matters which are at the ‘highly optimistic’ or ‘holding to the ideal’ end of the spectrum while at the other stands the experience of haplessness, insecurity and possible (perhaps probable?) confusion. The more positive outlook here comes through allowing ourselves to be sensitive first to our Self and whatever internal questioning we’re going through (this being under Mercury retrograde) with that notion of ‘being sensitive’ being slowly but surely extended to others as/once Mercury goes direct.

One other note on this Neptune square: because Neptune will be in opposition to Pallas [logical perspective/perspectives based on dispassionate thought], Atropos [endings] and Apollo [truth, enlightenment] as Venus enters Gemini with Gemini’s ruler (Mercury) still symbolically representing ‘inward insight’ because of the each of our lives something has gone wrong, gotten off track or out of hand or even escaped us.

And yes, about now we know exactly what happened - not that we can change it.

Will we [Neptune in Pisces] accept some loss, some mistake, some end with inner grace - and if we don’t, why won’t we do that? What in us (or in our history or ego structure) causes us to react as we do? 

Once Mercury goes direct, the pace of conversation and the present-tense value of what’s being said will surely pick up. But more on the ‘short-run’ side of things, where is another configuration...Jupiter squaring the Lunar Nodes...which is going to be coming into focus all week, coming to exactitude on Friday, June 27th (UT/+0).

The great basic keyword for Jupiter being ‘expansion’ (be it of our experiences, feelings,  knowledge, waistline, debt or anything else), when ‘squared’ against [Lunar Nodes] all the ‘intersecting’ we do with others and our world comes up for questioning. How far is too far? Why shouldn’t I do what I want to do if I can do what I want to do?

Strengths and weaknesses are likely to be shown up as the days go along, with the fact that this Jupiter/Node relationship (all puns intended) will culminate at the moment of the June New Moon (at 5 Cancer). Because this square is occurring at 25 degrees of cardinal signs (Jupiter is in Cancer and the Nodes are in Libra/Aries) we can also expect a lot of energy will be being expended ‘out there’ and by others.

And yes, by our Self. Instinct will tend to lead us towards a focus on Self, personal preferences and basic (traditional) orientations with regards to land, agriculture, family, real estate and any of a plethora of matters surrounding culture/nationality past, present and future.

(No, I don’t know how many are in a plethora, but it’s more than a handful, that’s for sure.)

As for that Self Focus concept, because Jupiter is sitting at the apex of the t-square (at the ‘t,’ if you will) that’s not likely to work. Why not?

Simply put, that answer would be because t-squares aren’t “solved” by putting anything in purely personal terms. T-squares ask us to see the bigger picture. They ask us to go beyond our cause or that thing so desired by our ego to where the idea itself is universal.

Where we don’t do that, or where something we have already participated in has fallen short of that ‘greater group’ nodal standard, problems - or at least unwanted details - now arise.

Considering that this happens at the moment of a New Moon, one would suspect this week will be filled with various sorts of ‘pushes’ (and pushiness) arising from the desire to get things done.

And some things will get done.

Other things will merely serve to show us where things have been undone...or where we are undone....or where we have yet not done that which will open a path into the future.

Any time the Nodes are involved in any configuration we should expect the unexpected. After all, the Nodes represent where we ‘intersect’ people and the world around us, which means input sources are virtually unlimited. So when we combine that with ‘expansive’ Jupiter....?

For happy and sad, for productive or destructive, this Jupiter-square-Nodes connection speaks to a lot of energy. Positive use requires directed focus - which may be a challenge particularly in any group [Nodal] situation/interaction seeing as much which goes on now has roots in the days around/after June 8th as the Nodes and Jupiter came into orb of each other.

And of course June 8th is just after Mercury went retrograde on June 7th - which would seem to make lovely metaphysical sense as Jupiter perfects its Nodal square at the beginning of our ‘next month’ New Moon cycle which leads directly to Mercury’s station and our ‘emerging’ from our mental time-cocoon of retrograde reflection.

* * * * * * * * * *

A short personal note...

Thank you all for bearing with me. These last several months have been hugely stressful in ways I can’t yet even begin to describe and I am grateful for your supportive comments, your emails and donations.

They are all appreciated more than you know. Things are still no-kidding difficult: physical limitations and financial problems are what they are until they heal - and as we all sadly know, dealing with the loss of anyone (never mind multiple people) takes time.

And that flood? Well, suffice it to say I have a whole new reaction to waking up in the middle of the night wanting a drink of water, all of which starts with the fact that said water shouldn't be on the floor.It also shouldn't be coming out from under a wall or be brick-colored.

And drinking water definitely shouldn't twitch.

Frankly, my life has been dizzying since last October - and of late it's been honestly half-past panic attack. So I’m really touched by your support.

And yes, I care about you and your life as well. But then, you know that...I keep coming back to write, which is my other way of saying 'thanks so very, very much.'

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