by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pallas, Edisona, Hidalgo: The Manner of Fact

As outlined above, the next week or so is filled with what some might call ‘shifting influences.’ And since this is the week leading into a (Full Moon) Lunar Eclipse – which is to say because it’s a time we would expect to be a time when like it or not, when depending on our nature life becomes either more feeling and vital…or simply more emotional.

And let us not be coy here: “emotional” in astrological terms refers not just to the process of being emotional or exhibiting emotions, but to whatever evokes or provokes emotions – in our Self and in others.

One of the reasons to have posted the outpouring on Saturn is, in fact, all about the grid above. Saturn always represents the precepts of time, responsibility, maturation, loss, dedication, achievement, structure, and the slow, enduring effort which over a period of time leads to stable, enduring constructs – and that applies whether we’re talking about personal achievement, societal structures (including but not limited to corporations and nations). Saturn timings are also associated with patterns of income and economics, from the business of business to those social, societal and ‘mass movement’ ideas or theorems which in time become the common norm or the isolated (or elite).

Figuring out how to use Saturn in your own life is a process – one you may choose to use or not use. In a world which seems very much about building walls of late with everyone complaining about everyone else’s defensiveness and bristling however, choosing the periods of time in which to act or not act may be useful to you.

Hence the post on Saturn – specifically at the start of a week which seems filled with possibilities and opportunities for seeing things more for what they are, which would be our ticket for planning ahead.

You know…for figuring out how to make those Saturn gains without engendering equally gigantic losses or stirring up that most ugly of universal forces, negative karma?

Representative of all which promotes our understanding of dispassionate, unbiased wisdom of such clarity to cleave through all our assorted mental distractions, avoidances and nonsense, Pallas is going direct at a degree (24 Leo) which while representative of the generative power of Leo to create or ‘envision’ is focused on some simple and natural quality which itself is capable of becoming a sustaining force.

Coming into its April 7- 11 station-direct moment, Pallas has represented our clarification of Self and everything going on in our ‘inner’ world, be that personal at the individual level or having to do with our everyday world and collection of personal connections.

Once Pallas goes into direct motion, the process of clarification will shift to more external terms: we will be more aware of things around us and going on in the world and life of others AND all such things and people (and what we learn through interacting and/or witnessing their choices, actions and so on…) all that will continue ‘building’ our understanding of where we stand not so much in our (retrograde) personal world, but the (Pallas direct) world in which we live.

You know…the world which defines what we would have any opportunity to do in our personal life (or not)?

Next step: we add Edisona to our day-by-day picture.

Asteroid Edisona represents the simple quality of ‘spotlighting.’ Sometimes referred to as ‘the bright idea,’ sometimes that which we focus on in an ‘Edisona moment’ is “brilliant” and sometimes it’s simply that thing which is standing out (or outstanding) to us, whether it is to anyone else or not.

Edisona is going retrograde at 17 Sagittarius, giving us reason…or perhaps sufficient motivation to get (Pallas) clear about something having to do with whatever comes from Edisona’s station being in a degree typified by the Sabian symbol 'CHILDREN PLAYING ON THE BEACH, THEIR HEADS PROTECTED BY SUNBONNET.' The Sagittarian influence denotes something to be learned, and while what that is will be entirely individual, across the board this degree (17 Sagittarius) appears to speak to the protection of that which is immature (as children are) or which is not yet ready to stand or operate on its own, as might be true (just as an example here) with a business plan or other ‘pre-designed’ process which has not yet ‘come to maturity’ or which needs critical support.

With Hidalgo going retrograde on April 11th, something having to do with ‘protocol’ and/or ‘manners’ (read: ‘the manner of,’ ‘mannerisms’ and/or quality of presentation) comes into play as Pallas goes direct on the 9th, suggesting some sort of fact or set of facts being (Edisona) ‘spotlighted’ at a level which references a (9 Capricorn) quality typified by the Sabian 'AN ALBATROSS FEEDING FROM THE HAND OF A SAILOR' with the associated commentaries by noted astrologers speaking to ‘the overcoming of fear and its rewards’ (Marc Edmund Jones) and the culture of TRUST Dane Rudhyar points out as being the true and radiant power resident in any human being sufficiently willing to own their own harmlessness, that being the power which can (as he puts it) ‘…call the wildest creatures to him’ – an eloquent sort of way of saying what we put out comes back to us.

What we are experiencing is plainly a reflection of what we have put out there and it is not our denial of others which is the lie here, it’s our unwillingness to see ourselves as part of the universal (Aquarian Age) process.

And since Aquarius ruled first by Saturn and only then by Uranus, that would be why posting a mammoth scrawl on the subject of Saturn degrees seemed so apt.

Saturn is responsibility and requirement as solar systemic clockwork. No one gets dessert without first eating their veggies.

And even when we get dessert, that only means we get to get to work working up a new sort of (Saturn) appetite.

It’s all eternal..ongoing...self-feeding. And maybe that’s the most important thing to remember…as soon as we learn one thing we’re merely acquiring the knowledge which will move us on to our next opportunity to learn.

Sphinx going direct on the same day (April 12th) that Kassandra goes direct – with both objects in late Leo degrees – combines ‘pause’ with ‘hard to believe’ (or ‘disbelief’) in the sort of mix which manifests as astonishment…or even delighted horror or taking grim pleasure in seeing something done (and well, if painfully done). With both points going direct in an area of the zodiac known for friends as well as family connections, anything from fun at the amusement park to relieved delight at greeting supposedly long-lost loved ones is possible.

As is a hearty inhalation (and reason to stop to think a minute) as we perhaps recognize just how blind we’ve been about…something.

Thus we move forward with some portion of our essence, spirit or mentality overwhelmed, enchanted, dazzled and…as would be expected where Circe the enchantress connects with a celestial event like the April 15th Libra Lunar Eclipse…spellbound. Reduced to our lower denominators by an entirely human willingness to succumb to inner weakness as a means of celebrating mortal strength we give in, allowing ourselves to be rewarded with that we have missed out on through a lack of clarity based on inner vulnerabilities.

You know…those vulnerabilities we all so want to deny?

Yes, them. They're ours...they're us. Somehow we need to understand and accept ourselves for all those things too, for without the whole of what we are, we will never be whole in our own lives, never mind that of anyone else.

And since what we put out comes back...because how we regard others generates how they regard us in reactive turn, that's an important issue - one we would seem to have an opportunity to get additional clarity on now, which seems a rather nice thing indeed.

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