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Friday, March 1, 2013

Dateblog: March 2013

The better part of March has a whole lotta Pisces going on! As the month starts, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune are ALL in Pisces. Mercury is even in retrograde. Oh – and there’s going to be a Pisces New Moon on the 11th!

Life is fishy indeed. So are you in the swim of things? Or have you been totally swamped by some tsunami?

Since the astrological element of water is emotional, everything and anything which evokes or provokes emotionality is what’s basically at stake. Your physical home is an earthy, tangible thing. But the security you get from having a home and that sense of being settled, or getting cozy with your family – that’s water. Money is often thought of as a ‘water thing’ in astrology terms, most particularly in the sense of ‘wealth’ as it refers to security. Income? Income is Aquarian and airy as it’s a barter, a trade made in ‘theory’ or on a theoretical basis: I do this, you pay me that. I…SPEND this much time or INVEST this much of my knowledge in you or in your project and you give me XYZ.

Just to finish the thought here, people who have a water sign on natively airy houses always think of wealth in theoretical terms. This is why some people understood Mitt Romney (as a man with Pisces on his natively Aquarian 11th house) when he spoke about economics and his ideas on earning while some people felt like his mental feet weren’t on reality’s ground.

 Mitt Romney at a February campaign stop
(photo credit: Gage Skidmore, February 13, 2012)

Anyway…we’re distinctly in an emotional time here. So those whose natal charts have such overlays will be gravitating towards whatever makes them feel secure: water signs on natively air sign houses (house numbers 3, 7 and 11) will be wanting to put things in a theoretical manner. Those with water signs on natively earthy houses (house numbers 2, 6 or 10) will be in that ‘if I just had ABC, I’d feel better.’  Those with water signs on intrinsically fiery houses (house numbers 1, 5 and 9) will be imagining better times and inclined towards philosophical discussions.

Bottom line, it’s still all about wanting to feel comfortable. But beyond that, this first week or so of March also offers a distinct opportunity to think through why whatever makes us feel uncomfortable makes us feel that way. If you can get to the root of that and solve that issue, you’ll not only feel comfortable in the short run, you’ll have ‘cured’ yourself of a little portion of human insecurity!

Not bad, eh?

One of the earliest items of specific note for March is the New Moon at 21 Pisces - yet another Moon in a series which is at 21 degrees of succeeding signs. Some of us will see this as a time to begin 'letting go' of something. Others of us will remain shy about anything which could expose us to situations which provoke those feelings we so don't want to feel. 

As of March 12th, Mars moves into Aries: levels of assertiveness rise. We’re all going to feel more motivated (perhaps restless) during the next five-plus weeks of this Aries/Mars transit.

 Mars by Johann Baptist Straub (1772)
(photo credit Rufus46, September 2008)

But then Mercury goes on station (as of March 15th) to go direct on the 17th (UT/+0 time). Mercury’s going direct at 5 Pisces suggests actions based on faith and made as ‘offerings’ turn out best. Making this all the more interesting is the fact that March 16th plays host to a Yod composed of Pluto-in-Capricorn, Saturn-(retrograde)-in-Scorpio and Jupiter-in-Gemini. The knee-jerk response here will be to talk more, scatter our bets or to spread ourselves thin where the successful move now is to do something very considered and responsible. And if you’ve put a lot of work and thought into it before you arrive at this point, so much the better!

Barely has this passed when we reach the Aries ingress – the change of seasons. But since as the Sun moves into Aries, transiting Mars conjuncts transiting Uranus (within orb of the Sun), life gets very unexpected. Maybe even explosive or chaotic. Thinking on your feet is essential, and we all can expect an emotional few days which start in a very ‘universal mode’ but which become far more personal and self-focused as Venus moves into Aries on March 22nd.

 Known as 'The Venus de Milo,' this Parian marble statue was found
on the Greek island of Melos in 1820 and presented as a gift from the
Marquis de Riviere to King Louis XVIII of Frank in 1821. Thought to have
been carved somewhere in the vicinity of 130-100 BCE, this Venus
(which originally would have been an 'Aphrodite' as that was the Greek
name for the goddess) is now housed at the Louvre in Paris
(photo credit: Jastrow)

But as focused on ourselves as we may be, March’s last astrological ‘act’ is a Libra Full Moon on March 27th. This is a moment when we will do ourselves a goodly favor by remembering others…and that how we act determines how others re-act.

Mercury’s still in Pisces. So we’re still thinking with our hearts, souls and feelings. That could be a detriment, but let’s hope it serves to make us all more aware of each other and aware that we all need and fear pretty much the same things.

The summary here is that this is a month which begins with emotionality and all the indecision or conflicted ideas or confusion which goes with that. But through events and moment large and small, we evolve and get on with things - hopefully for all the right reasons!

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