by Boots Hart, CAP

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Leo Moon: Moving Hope, Maintaining Scope

 Dawn in Sydney (photo credit Taro Taylor, October 2009)

A New Moon will grace us come 3:55 p.m. (UT/+0) this Friday, August 17th. Occurring at 25 Leo, it’s a sweetly powerful, ultimately exultant influence which will give us reasons to try anew. With it comes a renewed hope that we can grow our lives into something which beyond ‘worth’ creates in us a feeling of life as a worthwhile pursuit…and maybe even that we’re worthy of that life.

To get there, all we have to do is lay aside our precociously presumptive need to feel ourselves in everything we do. Whatever we do it can’t all be ‘about us’ and we can’t presume we either know everything or that we have the right to do whatever pleases us.

Yes, that is a tall order – taller for some than others.

Defined by the presence of royal star Regulus at 0 Virgo (just on the edge of orb in the direction future will carry us), how we do whatever we do matters. To resist the urge to strike out at those who we see as ‘lesser’ party to any situation or the offensive in their manners or mannerisms behooves us and supports our efforts providing we know where we are going and are willing to accept the responsibility for self and for leading the way forward, not in the sense of ‘being in charge’ but in the sense of being aware, conscientious and timely.

Being observant of details is fine. Making corrections during these next weeks will, like as not, be necessary. 

With that will come the reckoning with our sense of regret, annoyance – even shame where we feel ‘we should have known’ or done better.

Learning from mistakes is key. Owning up to our errors is the great step forward; making amends (where necessary) is a salve on our soul which may engender anguish – even tears – where we realize the price of our arrogance.

You know, ego. That thing which is given us as humans so that we may know ourselves has come in time, in this day and time to be our mask, our shield…and for many, a drug of choice.

Yet we cannot be such a closed system. We cannot consume that we excrete in the cause of self-awareness, lest we become blinded through resultant mental-emotional convictions which blind us to others. And beyond that, blind to the true goodness and quality of our potential – that actual greatness we achieve when we stop thinking about the rewards and focus instead on the process, the effect, the potential inherent in all we do, say and are.

That’s Leo. Leo is all about our potential. Here we are given a moment to recognize what we can be and can do and how good those good things and words really say when they’re given to us spontaneously.

In other words, when they’re earned.

 Yosemite Falls in California's Yosemite National Park
(photo credit Nubarb June 2009)

Coming to us with a t-square built in, this Full Moon asks us whether we are willing to 'take the plunge’ (Sedna)…whether we’re ready to stop waiting for some ‘right time’ or ‘right sense’ of ‘enough-ness’ (Sphinx) to stop thinking in terms of (Taurean) security and instead think in terms of how we could create, recreate or provide ourselves, our world and our posterity with a life which would be securer and happier than the one we live in today.


If we can get there, in the moment of that decision, that revelation…then the shell of our defensiveness changes into the fire of joyous motivation (Algol) which shatters all barriers of (Hybris/Black Moon Lilith) entitlement and denial …(be they ours or those of society)…enabling us to take flight.

And it is at such moments – and yes, there will be several – that we realize our own power to do good or ill (Sisyphus) in our own lives and those of others that we get some (Edisona) idea of the enormity of our own power, a power which can harm, heal or nurture us as easily as it can others (Kallisto).

Will we do one thing? All things? Will we harness our own power or share it? Should we go it alone or must we remain in lockstep with others?

The object here is Juno in Scorpio: that mastery of understanding which allows us to build functionality into life – ours and that of those around us – and by that, advance the cause, the capacity of all.

Maybe this post says nothing to you.

Maybe it means everything.

That it could be either is told - astrologically - in the figure of the t-square, which guarantees that whenever we don't get past our own ego issues we encounter feelings, if not literal rejections and defeat.

We tend to think life has defeated us. In reality, we have - simply by not letting go.   

Whichever way that goes, that’s the measure of how well you know yourself. And in life, that is the measure of all. You cannot be anything to anyone – including yourself – without consciousness of who that Self is and how that self feels, operates and aspires.

Only once you can cry with and for your Self, once you can be angry, happy, regretful and hopeful…perhaps all at once…only then can you love yourself.

And it takes loving yourself to love anyone else.

And for them to love you.

Leo is the great gateway to inner consciousness of existence. To those who move into that space is given the opportunity to understand what it means to be alive.

To those who move beyond that space is granted the chance to be a blessing to others and blessed in every breath they take.


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  1. For those who caught my time typo (I typed 3:55 a.m. instead of p.m.)...yup, I saw it once I got up this morning, rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and had a cup of coffee.

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