by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Personal IPO (Initial Published Offering)

Never let it be said that as an astrologer, I don't practice what I teach! As this post goes up it's June 27, 2012 and first Saturn, then Venus have both gone direct.

To coincide with that, I've released my very first eBook. It's called 'TRAVEL GOSSIP,' and that it got released at this moment - that the astrology would have this be the right time to release it (and that I got through all the formatting work to get it out!)...that all I take very personally.

Let's just say that this release coincides with the birthday of someone important connected with this book. (No spoilers...and in case you're thinking I'm talking about myself, I'm not - I'm a Pisces!)

Is this book pure astrology? Absolutely not! But you can bet the ink in my mental Mercurial pen that there are many astrological comments sprinkled throughout.

I've put up a page here on the blog so you (and your friends, yes) can hear more about the book.

And yes, it includes a link to where you can buy it - or you can just click on one of the pictures in the sidebar, each of which will take you to my book page at either Amazon or Lulu.

But for those who want more...

So! With that, I now return you to our regular astro-doings (yes, the commercial is over!)...and more to be posted mucho soon!

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