by Boots Hart, CAP

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

April 2017: A Quartet of Stations

'Bajo la Luna I' by Cme

Welcome to the last of a long line of scheduled 'monthly' (and monthly event) posts here at astroPPM ... which now that I’ve looked back through my files I can say is not just the end of seven years of blogging, but the completion of twenty-two years of writing astrology to the public with (I am happy to say) fully three-quarters of that work having been available to readers entirely free of charge.

Why? Because I've always believed in helping others who may not be in position to pay for assistance, astrological or otherwise. So yes I've done my 'bit' ... and yes, I know astrology can be of life-changing assistance to people, as was proven to me early on in private practice through two particular cases.

In the first, I was contacted by a reader who had been orphaned. After fighting to gain access to their adoption records they found the birth time missing and that their place of birth had been listed as being one of two locations which were (as I recall it) about 50 miles apart.

Could I help?

Sensitive to identity problems (growing up with narcissistic parents will do that…) I took on the challenge. The technique to answer such questions is called rectification, and what with computers and the software which would help with such research being still decades in the future, sharpened my pencils and - after getting several dozen 'life event' dates from the client - sat down and did a few weeks of calculations in order to find the one chart at the one time of day in the one town which would yield all those events and client dates.

Once I had an answer, I telephoned my client. And when they heard the news I was treated to a flood of garbled thanks about how happy they were now that they could be 'like everybody else.' They could fit in. They knew where they were born. They didn't have to 'hide' any more.

And while we are talking about hiding, the other client was a young woman who came to me at the end of her teens asking for a general consultation. Her request was a bit vague, but that’s not unusual - many people seem to have no idea how to talk to an astrologer.

(Hint: it isn’t hard. Just say what’s on your mind.)

Yet when I began looking at her horoscope, at least one reason for all the vagueness came clear. She was clearly hiding something very deep, dark, and tragic. 

She was also proving to me that 'like attracts like,' and how we are always drawn to people who whether we understand it or not, are in a 'like' place. So the whole situation was fairly uncomfortable, but when it came to the appointed moment of our phone conversations (phone consultations being the order of that day), I waded in, taking a very deep breath before setting out to walk the astrological plank - something every astrologer worth their consulting salt is called upon to do when a client shows up with painful baggage.

That's part of a great societal irony, I suspect. After all, there are so many 'authorities' so well accepted by society who are always left to wonder whether clients telling the truth or even telling them all the important data. Astrologers don't generally have that sort of problem, yet we get little societal respect - at least in western countries, that is.

In any case, it's still no happy task talking to someone about something they plainly don’t want to know - hence the plank-walk, an act which never gets any easier, no matter how many times you do it.

I put the truth out on the conversational table: You need to do something about the fact you are being sexually abused. Your family needs to know. It's either your uncle, a cousin or a sibling who is doing it, and you need to tell.

When that last word left my mouth there was a long and empty silence. I wondered whether she had hung up.

But she hadn't. A sob finally broke that silence. ‘I thought no one was ever going to know...! 

After the tears subsided, she confirmed it was her uncle and I provided her with phone numbers for several rape crisis clinics and shelters in her city. And though unfortunately (if predictably) her family exploded in angry denial when she finally confronted them, with help from a crisis center she was able to get out of the house, find a place to live and get a job, ending what had been years of sex abuse hell.

As someone who grew up in, and who has paid a lifetime of penalties for early abuse, I will always feel good about having been able to use astrology to see past the curtain of silence which shrouds so many victims.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Those two cases not only taught me the value of astrology, but the value of helping someone no one else can help, or perhaps be bothered to help, impressing me so profoundly I have made the personal effort to use astrology for its most human and humane benefit even after I came to understand how with the onset of the Aquarian Age, all things and all interactions will be and be becoming ever more (and ever-increasingly) transactional.

Now as I bring up the magic 'transactional' phrase, please know three things. The first is how not all parts of human interaction work well when approached as a transaction, just as how during the preceding Age (that of Pisces) they were not always won, or even a question of good and evil. Why? Because no Age is perfect - each comes with its own challenges.

Secondly: transactional interactions are not co-dependent, as transactions are an intellectual and non-personal (not impersonal, non-personal) process. That differs from co-dependence, which is emotional and entirely personal (or at least personal-feeling) on both sides of the equation.

And thirdly (and perhaps most importantly), by the term “transaction" or "transactional” I am referring to processes which manifest in many forms and involve many modes, means and methods of doing the deed of 'transacting.' In other words, this is not just about money - though as Aquarius is the sign of income, money is going to be a very popular measure and reference. Yet the 'transactional' sense of this Age is not ABOUT money, per se.

Nor should it be when we consider how any of us feels 'rewarded' (or ‘compensated’ if you will) by different things in different situations. Sometimes all we want is a pat on the back. Or a vote of support or confidence. Or a thoughtful word of advice.

The essence of transaction as a to-fro, cause-effect, agreement-based process is however, intrinsic to the overall Aquarian Age. And in being the first house of the Age, Aquarius and its tendency to function on an individual basis within a group (or collective function) is the basic 'currency' of the Age. So the idea of 'transacting' is bound to pervade and be (become) part of everything we do, think of doing, or attempt socially and societally.

And it's not an easy shift. But then, if you look back through history at those moments when the Ages change, they never seem all that easy.

As for 'transacting,' just as a 'for instance,' let's take an idea like charity. Charity is a quintessential 12th house, non-egotistical astrological process - whatever the Age, charity is 'read' through the qualities of the chart's 12th house.

So in the Age of Aquarius, with Capricorn is on the 12th house of the Age and with Capricorn being the quintessential sign of business, achievement and 'structure,' ('ways' by which things can be done, achieved, built or enacted), with Capricorn on the 12th house of the Age, our greatest and most enduring achievements as humans (collectively), people (individual experience) or as cultures (corporate, governmental, cultural, etcetera) will occur where achievement meets charity and our ability to be charitable to others, specifically where those who are the most vulnerable, lost, or injured are concerned.

Or to put it another 12th house way, we will achieve when we (a.) appeal to the greatest number of people (i.e., those who are not 'like us') and where we mentor, assist or look past the failings of those in greatest need - or where we work to structure or re-structure things which benefits all.

And as this is a 12th house activity, our greatest achievements will earn great love through our not seeking appreciation. The 12th is a 'behind the scenes' sort of house, which in the incoming Age says there are many who will achieve while (or through) working behind the scenes, and many 'of achievement' whose greatest accomplishments will not occur in public, but through sustained (Capricorn) efforts made in a 'behind the scenes' or 'not-for-credit' manner. 

In spite of this, much will go wrong during this Age. Capricorn on the 12th house of the Age also tells us not all transactions are going to meet that mark or be fair... or even altruistic. When and where they are not, ills will result from such choices. Plus the list of entities (besides governments and successful individuals) most likely to make things better and worse includes many institutions which under the previous Age were trusted to do only good. Charities, pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, prisons, pensions, hospitals and others will now (and going forward) come to be seen more and more as 'unfair' or simply greedy wherever business overtakes charity of purpose. 

And yes, all this will happen in our personal lives too - which will pose a lot of new questions about what it means to be human, or to have faith in human beings and humanity.

In spite of those negatives, Capricorn’s worldly capacities actually work well with the 12th house in that both the 12th and Capricorn are 'yin' or responsive signs. However, given the 12th as a water sign house and Capricorn as an earth sign, the combination can either be quite 'fertile' (supporting growth) ... or it can become the signature of 'muddying the waters,' which when we think of the 12th as the house of mass emotion, emotionality and that which ultimately 'sustains' us - be that money, love or faith - and how any of that might manifest or become a vital negative if (or) where entities representative of Capricorn (governments, authorities, leaders and those with public/collective authority or position) will use mass emotions, vulnerabilities or emotionality as a tool of (or) in the service of authority and/or authoritarianism, or where any idea of 'emotional flux' (or emotional incapacity) comes to be either exploited as a weapon or dismissed as a weakness.

Of course, this is the 12th house we are talking about. And as the 12th is where we all tend to experience 'the distance by which we fail our own expectations,' that which is not to the benefit of all is always likely to end up backfiring or becoming a detriment, particularly where we have used power, potential, achievement, status or experience to limit, eliminate, imprison, enslave or otherwise exclude others or their efforts, particularly where applied to issues of - or people whose loyalty is founded in belief, inspiration or vulnerability. 

Then again, the combining of Capricorn with the 12th house could make this the very age of mentors, professional gurus and professionals who guide others, singly or en masse. This may be done in person, or from some 'unseen' (behind the scenes) position - which brings up the negatives of scams and deception on one side and the positives of wherever business and ‘invisibility’ marry to give us things like crowd funding and social networking as ways for people to connect and be supportive on the other. Some will use such avenues to drag others down, and some will use such methods to lift others up, with this combination ultimately speaking to the opportunity to connect and whatever faith we have in working together as a means through which we can benefit all.

Against this however (and as part of this), Capricorn on the 12th also speaks to the ‘shutting out’ and the 'shutting in' of ideas, businesses, efforts, people - which whatever the means (through marginalization, imprisonment or other) may work well or not at all - and which may be (or) become a  goal unto itself, and all of which depends in some very real and ultimate way on our ability to accept facts as facts ... which of course also says that lasting success throughout the Aquarian Age depends on our ability and willingness to find and accept facts.

It's a challenge, perhaps. But it evidently is both necessary and a standing vulnerability of this time.

The point here is how we are indeed in a new astrological Age. And as such, more and more, people will value that which is achieved (and which they achieve) through transactional means. A hundred and fifty years ago, things which were handmade were thought on a par - or indeed better - than ‘store bought’ things. Now however, handmade things are most greatly valued when they come to be ‘store bought,’ as the 'mainstream' and 'commercial' aspects serve to 'validate' standards and/or quality, both of which are Aquarian notions - and unpredictable ones at that.

Never forget: in the Aquarian Age, knowing what the other person values in any given 'transaction' is the path to success. Convincing them of your values is a secondary way to go, but ultimately such convictions will form weaker bonds of loyalty and understanding than when we ask, and then meet the specific 'value du jour' the other person is seeking to fulfill in any given moment.  

Got it?

So while there is going to be much ‘coming together to celebrate’ individually and as individuals which is part and parcel of the Aquarian Age, there is and will continue to be much ‘separation.’ And unlike throughout the Age of Pisces - an age typified by two fish swimming in opposite directions while tied together by an immutable golden cord - the image of the Aquarian 'water-bearer' holding a jar while pouring out its contents speaks to our separation from our 'outpourings' or whatever 'pours' out of us into our world.

The image itself is a whole - but in that image, we are 'separate' and therefore, in a sense, 'separated' from what we are doing, which is one way of seeing the tendency to think it okay to do something simply because we have the ability to do it ... and which on a totally different level is very much the image of our feelings of being isolated, separated or simply feeling separate (or separated) from that which we need ... or from that which will 'quench' our mortal thirst.

The important thing about this image is that it is all about us. So who we are will not always 'connect' (or seem connected) to what we do, or how we are seen by others as we go forward. And with water being a metaphysical image of that which does 'quench' our most mortal needs, the image of the Aquarian water-bearer alternately speaks to a 'pouring out' of our feelings, women, money, memory, reflection, values and whatever else may have consciously or unconsciously triggered our reactive nature as well as our ability to be isolated from our feelings, women, money, memory, values and all the rest. The image is basically one which displays action and purpose, if no intrinsic connection between the actual water (our emotionality and values) and that mentality of the mind which is making all the decisions.

The result of this will be much which we do not think workable (or possibly even acceptable) ... and many forms of alienation, evasion, avoidance of responsibility and claims of non-culpability, even when we are caught not with our hand in the cookie jar (as it were) but certainly while holding the jar itself.

And let's not forget: Saturn is the 'in door' ruler of Aquarius with Uranus being the Aquarian outcome ruler. That means the thing we go in doing wrong never turns out the way we thought it would, whether that turns out for good or ill.

One more thing about Aquarius the constellation: the water we poured out of the jar is said to be that of constellation Eridanus, the river, which ends with fixed star Achernar at 15 Pisces, a degree Neptune has moved into orb of as of last year and which Neptune will transit conjunction during 2018 and 2019. This will have many effects, bringing many things to a head while eliminating questions as to our responsibility for that which happens, and that which has happened, with Uranus' shift into Taurus at about the same time bringing home how foolish we are to focus so much on that which is esoteric when so much which is so basic and vital is in need or at stake.

What this comes down to is how, throughout the past several thousand years (each astrological age being 2,160 years in length) there has been an implicit energetic ‘contract’ which due to the Pisces/Virgo polarity ruling the age has ‘caused’ us to care about how we (Virgo) respond and the responsibility of our response, whatever form it has taken. Our motivation having been Piscean, it represented that 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' concept. Virgo represented the golden cord connecting our emotional pro's and cons, causing us to understand how if we went too far afield there would be moral, ethical and physically consequential (Virgo) hell to pay. We understood how in order to be seen by others as responsible and 'worthy' we had to seen and taken (by those Virgo others) as ‘thorough,’ meticulous, skilled and moral in order to attract and validate the Piscean Age trust.

But all that is over with the advent of the Aquarian Age. All of that is now changing - and indeed, there is a lot of evidence to suggest the change has happened and is now in full effect.

What this means is that with Aquarius as the new rising sign of the Age, Leo is now on the descendant. So we can perform for others (or show we are capable of 'performing' in a capable manner) ... or we can entertain them. We want everyone to be connected, and yet we want to be special - and especially unique. With Aquarius being an airy, mental signs our minds will now work towards and with an expanding emphasis not just on the state of being famous, accepted/acceptable, unique or celebrated, but to 'show others' and to 'show off' that uniqueness - which is very much in keeping with the 'outpouring' of water in the constellation of the Age. The desire to be noticed is - and will increasingly become a basic form of validation and to some extent, a 'badge' of acceptance as a member of the many groups and facets of society which are likely to be predicated on achievement as the 'ticket' for admission. And that we are attracted to such things is - and will be a form of answering a developmental challenge from our Self which asks ‘do you have what it takes?’ to achieve those (Aquarian) hopes and dreams as outlined in our individual natal chart.

Who are we? Who will we be seen as? Are those things consistent - or even contiguous? Beneath the surface, that is bound to be at question - at least for many, as feelings we have about our Self may (or) may not differ from Who we are seen as by others - through life's (Capricorn) structures.
The uniqueness that we ‘are’ is and will be, or at least seem to be ‘everything’ throughout the coming Age. And that essence, along with our happiness or unhappiness with that essence will cause us all to pull away from one another in search of new and better ways to power/empower that uniqueness and thus achieve our ends, aims, goals and freedom, however we choose to define that.

Yet there is one more trick there. Under Aquarian Age dynamics, with every ‘freedom’ comes more responsibility - which is generally not how we want to think of things (or live). Yet that is how Aquarius works - and as Aquarius succeeds where things are universal, systemic, cyclic, functional and representative of our most productive and interactive 'marketplaces' (personal, social and societal), it doesn't allow for 'opting out' (or exclusions), even when we feel disconnected or isolated, and for whatever reason such situations exist.

In other words, this is just not a vacationer's Age - no matter how appealing the 'spin' we want to put on appearances.

Mixing metaphysical metaphors to make this more simplistic, all Aquarian Age functionality and success is much like a power grid which provides power as needed, but which does not 'empower' one user or outlet over another whether the 'power' is that of electricity, gas, money, respect, access, voice, thought, opinion or anything else - which is why Aquarius does not honor bias by gender, color, origin, ability (disability) or thorough human identifications with 'groups' of any sort, be they organized around any of the former (or) in the service of anything which excludes rather than includes.

Because of this, and because the outgoing Piscean Age did allow for (and support) such segmentation, isolation and biases emotional, financial, spiritual and cultural in a way the Aquarian Age will not, areas of bias are being exposed, challenged and clung to by those who see personal advantage to be gained through things they want to be true as without them, feelings of vulnerability would have to be faced.

Mind you, this is not necessarily about any real vulnerability - merely the feeling of it. The bottom line with the Aquarian Age is how nobody can gain exclusivity of power or control without damage or compromise to the whole, eventually undermining exactly that which has been gained. 

Or to put it one other way, in the Age of Aquarius the rewards of achievement becomes a form of ‘freedom.’ But with that freedom comes something of a carrot in the form of responsibilities which require that we preserve and maintain whatever we have achieved, with that serving to keep us far more actively involved than in times (and Ages) passed. 

One more observation about our new and increasingly pervasive Age: with Scorpio on the 10th house and Taurus on the 4th of the Age, our race is in for a few thousand years of learning how to cope in spite of feeling insecure, whether in our own mind or because of those around us - and whether real or imagined, too. A world which has long aspired to ideals will now aspire to power over life - their own, that of others, and life as a whole, with the whole of the fixed sign axis of this Aquarian Age being ripe for the development -- and separately for the purposeful installation of -- anxiety and paranoia, and just as surely capable of getting past that to the truth of any matter, when and where people care enough to seek truth ... or at least the truth behind why people seek and crave power (and the power of authority) to begin with. 

In a nutshell, we will act in an Aquarius/Leo manner while dealing with a Taurus-Scorpio internal world - which suggests some of the greater we will face will concern differences between reality and what we want reality to be even as we also sort (or struggle) through grappling with a greater understanding of power as a tool of competence versus power as a compensation for feelings of vulnerability, whether acknowledged or unconscious.

We each need to learn that we do (and always will) create situations we fear most out of a need to banish those fears. In other words, the only way we can harness the power of the Scorpio phoenix is through confronting whatever instinctive monsters are hiding under our psyche's Taurus bed.

(And no, none of us like having to tackle that task!)

Power will continuously be yearned, earned and used as often for the good as bad where the Aquarian Age requirement for open information is unserved or unserviced. And just as surely as that is going to be one hallmark of the Age, there inevitably will also be those who willfully and deliberately choose ignorance for themselves or others (embodying Scorpio on the 10th in negative mode) - which will result in some form of ultimate undermining or rejection  of their own goals. Why must it end that way? Because in the Aquarius Age, the 'foundational' idea upon which the Age 'rests' or is 'built' is Taurus - an earthy sign all about realities, not ideals

That the Piscean Age (the one just ended) had Sagittarius (an idealizing fire sign) on the 10th house and Gemini on the 4th of the Age is why things are still being phrased in ideal terms. But the fact that there is so much inequality of tangible assets ...the quintessential earth sign thing ... plus the fact that said inequity has been growing during the past several decades is the tip-off.

Those who can, will change - and are now changing over to the new set of parameters. Unfortunately, looking at just that growing rate of inequality around the world, those who have had the (Aquarian) resources with which to make their change 'ahead of the pack' are choosing to leave others behind in the process, using (rather interestingly) the 'old way' of speaking in ideals to placate, pacify and bamboozle others.

Stacking the human deck often feels good to people. Unfortunately on the metaphysical level, that choice also  damages universal potential, often for multiple generations. In other words, given human nature, there will undoubtedly be many attempts to create and maintain 'success' (however that is defined) through power, or the power of authority, heritage or any established (or even previously established) structure, status quo or accomplishment. However, as absolute power corrupts without exception (a very Scorpio/Pluto expression, that) and to an 'absolute' extent (given time and opportunity), such attempts ultimately lead to that which some refer as 'karma' - the inevitable self-undermining and downfall which in the end is most expressive of the (Taurus) lacks of satisfaction which drove the (Scorpio) attempt into (negative) self-biased territory to begin with, instead of holding to the 'universal caretaking' position which will typify Scorpio in its more positive mode over the next two thousand years or so. 

All that is just part of the Age and that we are each of us born to whether we are just 'the everyday individual' or not. And in spite of the fact Scorpio is ultimately far less (read: hardly ever) about 'them' and always about whatever has the capacity to evoke, provoke, test or teach us about our own personal and internal feelings of security, vulnerability and worth (so as to motivate us to fix our own internal glitches), not only are external things going to be the things which test us, but we are all going to be prone to trying to establish control (and feel more secure) through 'managing,' or the management of others rather than through the taking on of the solution to this puzzle, a solution which is about the detoxification and clarification of facts rather than through the empowering of suspicions, fears and conflicts. That the 10th sign derivative to whatever sign is 'rising' throughout the Age speaks to the positive of achievement as well as the negative of that which 'hangs over us' puts Scorpio in this position tells us we will never have a peaceful life or world, in other words, until we come to understand the problem isn't 'them' - it's in our feelings about who we are, and are not and how we feel about life, considering such ultimate truths. Karmic Scorpio being a water sign, it operates through feelings – principally ours, which means understanding how metaphysically, other people and events are not there and do not occur in order to ‘do’ things ‘to’ us, but so as to prompt recognitions and understandings about life, our Self and our potentials.

And that is the part of being human astrology is so very good at, as within your natal horoscope is all the information you could ever want about your life and times. Astrologers are merely facilitators. We hold up a mirror so you can see your Self in reflection. We prompt you with questions drawn from signs and symbols in your chart so that in answering those, you come to understand and feel more comfortable living with and as your mortal Self.

So there's my last word (here) on that - and with all that duly discussed, we will begin this last scheduled post with Venus in an Aries retrograde, a dynamic which is mirrored in our doing things (or needing to do things) which benefits that Self we were just talking about - with Venus' position in Aries being a general indication of working on, or by our Self. As April begins we may well be putting efforts into things which will benefit us in time. Or we may be doing things with an eye to caring for our physical Self or psyche. We may even be focused on matters which require our attention due to some qualification we may possess, even if things do not currently stand to benefit us directly.

Venus also happens to be in position so that we are starting the month with an out-of-sign Venus square to Saturn conjunct the Galactic Center, things of importance or which we may benefit from paying attention to may well occur or 'enter the picture' in some manner. Considering the astrology of black holes (the Galactic Center being one), this implies some sort of alternative or alternate idea or perspective. Or it may simply indicate a need, opportunity or effort to fully understand a situation or its potentials in detail. With Venus in retrograde, some factor or facet of this moment may be challenging or not to our liking. It may give us cause to consider or bring up factors indicating some form of modification which might prove beneficial.

This conjunction of the Galactic Center by Saturn began back on March 6th and will continue through May 7th. And while it is 'in force' (that being the astrological term for an active transit) realities, lacks, missed opportunities and the reality of various potentials become evident, outlining both what we could have done, and what we may yet do, or cause to be done. With the degree Galactic Center currently being 27 Sagittarius (it does move, if very slowly) some quality of personal 'calling' (or) purpose is also being touched on, which means with Saturn being the transiting object, work (or) effort yet to be done along with the pluses and minuses of all we have done (or could have done, or could be doing) are now being 'realized' - whether by us or the world around us. Have we done well? Have we played by the 'rules'? Have we fulfilled our commitments and promises? Have we been responsible about what we have done and how we have gone about doing it?

And lastly ... are we serving some real, true and productive purpose – or are we limited by some personal facet of an ethical, experiential or ability-oriented nature?

Being that Venus is in retrograde, even kudos and applause are unlikely to feel entirely satisfying or balmy - while critiques (even the mild ones) may feel terribly sharp or barbed. Everyone's sensitive quotient is elevated, and with Mars in Taurus representing the stirring up of insecurities and the exact sort of stubbornness which tends to keep us from focusing on the reality and size of challenges, some of us will back away while others will become more assertive or aggressive with either polarity speaking to feelings of internal vulnerability.

Even those vulnerabilities we do not want to admit to our Self.

Tannhaeuser und Venus (Tannhauser and Venus)
(1873, Alte Nationalgalerie)
Yet this resistance is not about strength. Yes, some of us will take strong positions or issue orders, demands or even ultimatums now, but these things are really just the manifestation of our own attempts to resist feeling weak - or even just weakened or weaker by comparison, whether the comparison is valid or merely the reflection of some emotional goblin rattling around in the cellars of our soul.

Plus, let us remember: we are all still working through the reverberations of February’s 8 Pisces Solar Eclipse, an eclipse which has stripped most of us of our most convenient defenses, particularly those we have used to shield our Self from feeling all those things we have tried long and hard to ignore, deny or otherwise eliminate.

And that, in combination with April 2017 as a month which  plays host to four separate planetary stations is a pretty clear indication of a 'playing field' which is soon to change, however that comes about. With Mars is trining Pluto (by sign) for most of the month, our ongoing desire (and most of our efforts) are aimed at creating more stable, ‘fertile’ and productive dynamics. Yet with April also playing host to a couple of transiting Yods, we are also given to know that certain 'guidelines’ and limitations (or limits) are going to come into play.

So! While bearing all that in mind, let’s explore the April banquet of days and dates: 

April 1 
Orpheus and Eurydice by Michel Martin Drolling (1820) 

Known to most of us through the story ‘Orpheus and Eurydice’ asteroid Eurydike reflects the choice of the story's heroine when she elects to sacrifice her Self for the sake of preserving the talents and gifts of another. It's a mythological tale of life choices, choices we knowingly make which we know will ‘cost’ us something, even if that 'something' simply involves chosing Path A over Path B. All parts of any mythic story being about us, this suggests Eurydike turning to direct motion may be either the moment of such a choice, when we learn where we have chosen well (or not so well) or, given overarching Venus, Saturn and Galactic Center influences, when we face having to do something worthwhile, if not precisely or particularly enticing.

So, which way will this go? In going direct at 7 Leo, Eurydike is happily tapping into an energetic known for ‘luck’ and a specific capacity to ‘turn' things towards betterment or improvement. Does this mean we will make (or have made) some sacrifice which turns out well for us? Might it mean we will now let go of some idea which we recognize will not work as we seize the moment and execute some sort of 'course correction'? 

That could be. Then again, with this station taking place less than a week in advance of Saturn’s station, whatever we have been working on or towards and things which we have worked to ‘earn’ may well get touched on now. Or our choices of the moment may get made in light of something we have been working on (or) which we have earned over time or through effort.

With this station taking place just as Venus is retrograding into Aries' earliest degrees, we also know two other things. One, that there is something 'basic' about this moment ... and two, that Venus will be exiting Aries and retrograding back into Pisces in a day or so - which heralds a change of personal and general mood. Does this mean something is going in our desired direction? Might it be an indication of this as a moment when that we take on (or) let go of leads to easier days, if also a few moments of wondering how we could have not known that which is - or is becoming - entirely evident? 

April 3 
Once Venus retrogrades into Pisces at 0:26 a.m. (UT/+0) on April 3rd, attitudes will become easier to accept, whether that means we agree with what we come to understand or not. However we feel about ‘priorities’ being expressed, we will  understand their place and purpose in some ‘greater scheme,’ all of which will be/become a factor taken into consideration during the remaining (just shy of) two weeks of Venus retrograde, smoothing things out to the extent we are able to understand the needs of emotional commonalty.

Against this, with Venus in retrograde there is some chance we will reject the idea of emotional connection or of being as human and mortal as anyone else - or that having that proven to us now causes problems. Should that be the case, these next weeks of Venus in Pisces, which includes Venus' direct station, will be more likely to manifest as situations which cause us to ‘see’ our Self differently, principally by  dissolving or removing our ability to resist.

Why any of this occurs, of course, will be individual. But with that said, something about what we go through now may also be being influenced by Terpsichore's going retrograde as of April 4th - and that Saturn will be going retrograde two days after that, all of which would tend to emphasize the serious rather than we do just for fun.

Plus there is also Mercury to think about. Having entered Taurus on March 31st, Mercury is now moving towards an April 9th retrograde station - which means we are likely to be feeling 'pressured' or very much focused on something (or getting something done), whether all is going swimmingly or not. This is entirely typical and not anything to be obtusely concerned about though as things slow down during the days prior to a Mercury station there is a natural tendency to ‘press’ too hard which astrological lore cautions against, suggesting that things which do not come about naturally but are 'pushed through' tend to end up being less than satisfactory.

'Dance 8' (photo credit: mani10mn)

April 4 
Representing either the literal or figurative talent, grace or ability to ‘dance’ our way through things, having Terpsichore take a turn to retrograde motion at 16 Sagittarius combines that sense of 'ease' with something which bubbles up or comes to a ‘boil’ now, with writings on 16 Sagittarius making very specific references to things which we normally do well enough out of habit or rote which now may go suddenly, or uncharacteristically awry.

Is that in some way a product of our doing something more or less unconsciously, because we are so well 'practiced' with it? Or might this be when we see and reflect on something about our abilities and talents and how we differ from others in some regard?

Either one may apply. Then again, with Saturn about to go retrograde on April 6th, Terpischore’s station fall within Saturn's two-day (before and after) ‘station allowance,’ implying that whatever occurs now has yet to ‘play out’ to full effect - which considering this is now Saturn's station we are talking about, as Saturn is the astrological symbol of (and grand pot stirrer with regards to) all things having to do with the earning and gaining of, utilization of or challenges to our achievements, status, sense of responsibility, lasting structures and efforts to structure, stability (personal and worldly), earning capacity, history, time, reputation and career ... well, let's just say things which arise now could end up meaning a good deal in short and long order.

Saturn (Kronos) by Ivan Akimov
(1802, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow)
April 6 
Saturn’s two yearly stations are always times when we both undertake things and let things go. It's also when things are assigned or given to us, whether that means we begin a task or are receiving the reward for having completed one. 

On a practical and pragmatic basis, that Saturn is currently executing its direct-to-retrograde stations under Sun in Aries speaks to what we are making of our Self, life and world - and the fact that we need to do things which benefit, support or hold that Self to standards, sometimes in spite of we like, want or hold as a personal priority, lest we (Saturn) earn the cost or loss for not having done so. And because the Saturn nature asks that we consider others and Aries isn't a sign which always does that, these years of Saturn stationing during April (under Sun in Aires) are bound to set up or reveal various 'conflicts' every time Saturn comes to this point in its yearly schedule.

With this year's edition of said station occurring under Venus in retrograde (and now in Pisces) we may now come to 'adjust' to some reality - or need to. We may also need to take some kind of 'movement' or emotional expression (not ours) into account, lest the necessity expressed end up undermining or invalidating some 'cause.'

Saturn doesn't always station during April. Every year, its stations move forward through the calendar as part of life's efforts to get us to grow. By 2020 Saturn will be going on station during May and under Sun in Taurus, indicating a time when we are all going to be working on what our values are and aren't because of things we would rather believe than face the reality of. And by the time we get to 2023-2024 when Pluto will leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius, shifting life's transformational focus away from things national or 'self' oriented in the public sense and onto that which concerns the 'marketplace,' things economic, political, and 'plural' in the sense that all things social and societal represents something which affects many individuals ... by then Saturn will be stationing and turning to retrograde under Sun in Gemini during June, mirroring events and life challenges which emphasize how we think, the necessity to think, and the need to understand life and life structures through the ideas of ambition, realism and all the benefits as well as the limitations of time, mind and choice - both on the individual and collective level, whether that 'collective' is a group of like mind, or some sort of more formal social/societal affiliation. 

With this particular station occurring under Sun in Aries and with Saturn's turn to retrograde occurring in conjunction with the current location of our Milky Way Galaxy’s Galactic Center, the 'black hole effect' is something to take into account. Capable of capable of bending and twisting time-space itself, this conjunction (among other things) will tend to represent some ‘bending’ or a ‘twist’ in things which either affects our efforts (or) our willingness or ability to do things - and in some cases, to even try. Plus with this effect occurring under Venus retrograde, that which is 'unanticipated' (or unwanted) may end up changing many a plan or planned response.

That said, because the Galactic Center can also be a point of metaphysical connection between our Self and our community, society or world, this moment may also provide us with a reason or opportunity to try harder, do better - or when the purpose, aim or some quality involved in our efforts changes, whether because we finally understand or learn something ... or because we recognize that without tweaking our purpose, goal or method, we are unlikely to reach the 'greater goal.' 

Given the reputation 27 Sagittarius has as a degree, whatever arises or comes to be at stake here, something about the moment (or the issue) will also involve or touch on a 'lack of subtlety,' whatever that may mean. Maintenance of balance is essential, and with Saturn involved may need work, particularly as this degree often manifests with (or through) an assertive or possibly brash sort of harshness which is often the product of, or proof of internal insecurity which has arisen from a lack of either aptitude (or) investment in understanding and learning about some process, method or approach.
Saturn Station-Retrograde (glyph chart)
April 6, 2017 - 5:07 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Saturn Station-Retrograde (text chart)
April 6, 2017 - 5:07 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Being this is Saturn we are talking about, this station has an equal chance of manifesting as that do not like as that we do based on what we have earned, whether professionally or from others in that singular 'for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction' sort of way. Limits, challenges and a feeling of things as being 'severe' are also as likely as opportunities, and as with all Saturn turns to retrograde, this time may indicate a need to consider, reconsider, plan anew, consolidate ... the success of which is likely to be played out (a.) over time, and/or (b.) at some time in the future (hint: after Saturn goes direct again in late August a couple of days after a solar eclipse I will be laying out the outlines for before this post ends).

Unkindness and feelings of an inability to cope may well relate now to an inability to cope with severe challenges or handicaps. It is also quite possible we will now see (or hear about) injudicious decisions and the penalties which come from such unbalanced choices. 

With the ruler of Sagittarius (Jupiter) in an inconjunct to Mars while also in opposition to the Sun, things are likely to feel, seem or truly be inconvenient. Jealousy - primarily as a projection of regret - may also arise now, particularly where we have acted in some insistent or headstrong manner, only to find our persistence did not 'work' or has not come to be 'favored.' Conflicts of time, resources and priorities may well complicate matters now, either making things more difficult or by leading to a need to pull back (or) to try something again at some other time.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg here. In going retrograde in conjunction with Ixion, Ras Alhague/Industria, Acumen, Pholus (all in Sagittarius) and Hebe at 1 Capricorn, any effort we are making - or thinking of making - intended to (a.) endure and (b.) support that which supports us in serving our ultimate purpose is going to have to survive whatever tendency we may have to (Ixion) do what we want in spite of knowing better.

With Saturn being the 'baseline' ruler of the Aquarian Age, this multi-month conjunction of Saturn and the Galactic Center may well test or exacerbate 'divides' in culture and opportunity. Then again, solving the questions and challenges which such divides represent is the core business of the next 2,000 years - so it should. In Sagittarius, Saturn sometimes represents everything we know. But its transit of Sagittarius is also about what we are afraid to learn - particularly about ourselves. 

And it has a curious habit of making that which we didn't - or couldn't imagine - become a reality, theoretically so that we will learn something about how to deal with our (Gemini, as the polarity sigh) mentality and brainpower in the true Saturn style, which is to say responsibly, consistently, reliably and yet not restrictively, as Saturn always encourages slow, substantial, deliberate, considered and ultimately enduring growth.

So as Saturn turns to retrograde at 27 Sagittarius at 5:07 am (UT/+0) on April 6th, all which we are bringing to the moment (or which the moment is dumping in our proverbial lap, be that in real time or in our mind) .... all that is in focus and up for contemplation.

Plus there is yet more. Because there is a square between Saturn and Chiron (in Pisces) at the moment, with transiting Chiron happening to also be conjunct Venus (which yes, is still retrograde), Chiron's position at 26 Pisces indicates something which we do not really know how to handle or deal with (the Chiron part) having to contend with something 'underhanded' or even criminal. And that issue - whether past tense or current - is likely to present an unexpected notion specifically in regards to something we value a good deal.

This may cause us to see some flaw in our plan or a gap in our estimations. Or it may simply confront us with having to choose what we are willing to give up in the face of not being able to have (or keep) everything we want.

And no, that’s not the end either. At the risk of this station delineation beginning to sound like a late-night infomercial, Saturn is also going into retrograde in trine to a tidy little coagulation in late Aries/early Taurus which is composed of Eris, Uranus, Euphrosyne and Charybdis in late Aries and fixed star Mirach along with asteroid Kassandra at 0 Taurus.

Sitting at the heart of this grouping, Eris and Uranus represent changes which aim to free and inform us, whether what we end up learning is what we came into some situation (or period of time) want to think - or think about something.

Where Eris is concerned, doing that which is needed vies with personal preferences and priorities, seeing if we understand the fuller nature of our life as a function of our times - often surprising us in the process. As opposed to that, Uranus represents all those moments and life forces which effectively 'break us out of' old molds, limits, perceptions and outmoded ways of thinking, acting, or the methods with which we respond. Neither one of these objects being known for their genteel nature, if (or as) we find ourselves embodying their energies (or if we meet up with them through someone else), such moments are likely to seem harsh, out-of-place or out of character - which whether a one-time display or the start of a newly established trend is generally part of the metaphysical point.

And with Saturn also active at the moment, also part of the process which is continuing to break down old ways and 'old regimes' (mental and otherwise), all of which is part of the continuing shift out of the Piscean and into the Saturn-Uranus ruled Aquarian Age.

The Mirror of Time by Cornelis van Haarlem (August 2012)

With Mirach conjuncting asteroid Kassandra, good intentions may go astray or awry now. Or we may have something to offer which gets ignored or ‘tossed aside’ without proper consideration. There are two central ideas involved in this little meeting: the (Kassandra) ‘disbelief’ factor and the idea of being ‘secondary’ to that which we may think more important but which is likely problematic until/unless we are willing to face (or) face down our innermost fears as to who we really are - and are being. In the degree 0 Taurus, both these objects are focusing through whatever about us or our history has molded our character, with its chief challenge (to us) tending to be how we go about handling ego issues and the necessary expressing of our ego, needs and positions.

Moving on through our list of modifiers and clues here, in addition to Mirach and Kassandra we have Euphrosyne as a symbol of 'merriment’ and everything positive or amusing, which in being positioned at 24 Aries is telling us there is some sort of energetic which if in a positive mode will be more or less purely creative, and which, to the extent or where negatively utilized (or negated) surfaces or manifests through sexuality or unneeded sexual energies.

This is not to say sexuality is bad, but rather that at the moment it represents some sort of 'lack of involvement' or waste. It is also worth noting how such a 'sexual' (or overly intimate or personalized) qualities are also something we would see when Eris is being used less than usefully.

And since this is Eris we are referencing, there is always that notable Eris ability to indicate the exposing of qualities about our Self that we had not yet suspected to consider.

It's all worth noting - as is Charybdis, the last object in this particular grouping. Sometimes thought of as 'the monster of habit’ or that which 'rises up to get us' in our vulnerabilities just when we think we the worst is past, the image of Charybdis refers to a ‘whirlpool.’ Therefore, like any whirlpool, Charybdis moments are those which can ‘suck us in,' or otherwise pose a danger to our ability to ‘think straight’ or to continue along some ‘appointed path.’

Typically, Charybdis manifests emotionally or through some situation which promotes or provokes emotional reactions, all of which is in keeping with metaphysical images involving water. And with Charybdis’ current position at 28 Aries outlined as a degree which brings out that which fails to be (or) become accepted, successful or part of 'mainstream’ activity or thought, the combination of Charybdis and Saturn’s station may well indicate something we stand to gain (or) lose in spite of all effort(s). Or it may manifest as something we now realize the real (Saturn) ‘worth’ of.

Or maybe we are just didn’t believe how important certain things were (or have been) until we are threatened with some reality of loss.

With all of these objects serving to modify Saturn’s retrograde station, either some fact (or) the entire idea of 'my reality' whether current, past or future is somehow sinking in. And with Venus still in retrograde, this is likely to arouse concerns about where things are going to lead or 'leave' us along with a few feeling rounds of the 'could’a, should’a, would’a' type as we reflect on what we would have done had we had understood something earlier or if we had taken someone or something more seriously - none of which is about 'them,' but rather all about what happens when we follow the priorities of personal desire.

With this Saturn station also occurring in an out-of-sign trine to the North Node and Regulus in early Virgo (without Saturn being sextile the South Node in Pisces), can we count on the current moment to not ‘bleed’ into (or affect) other things?

Theoretically, if we attend to our North Node business, yes. However, given Saturn's position at 27 Sagittarius, our chances of achieving things in isolation (or through some idea or position chosen or formulated by Self alone) are less than otherwise. This notion comes from 27 Sagittarius as a degree known for difficulties arising from jealousy as well as one which manifests through issues having to do with defense or defensiveness - which Saturn's station has every capacity to trigger. Wherever we are in life, Saturn is all about what we aim at and whatever it takes to earn it, with nothing ever being truly permanent (or "ours") because nothing is as consistent as the precept of evolution and those changes which come with, and over time.

The last aspect on this fairly long list is Saturn going on and through its station in an inconjunct to Sedna and Algol, with Sedna at 25 and fixed star Algol being positioned at 26 degrees of Taurus.

Inconjuncts (or quincunxes, as they are also called) are 150-degree aspects which represent things which we may not like having to deal with, but which we need to deal with anyway, with the plus-and-minus (or lack of same) which comes out of an inconjunct tending to be the opportunity, the success (and/or) the respect, trust or appreciation which is generated through what we do and (equally) through how we go about doing it. (And that last part - the 'how we do it' - tends to be a bit of a sticky point where inconjuncts are concerned.)

With Saturn in this picture, the idea of earning is underscored, as every Saturn positive requires that we put some effort into achieving our aims and goals. So with Saturn going retrograde here on April 6th with Mercury due to go into retrograde on April 9th, these days may well become a time for decisions, a time when something is presented to us (or comes into focus) requiring a decision, when details, the need to get into details and the need to understand details and nuances reveals expertise or skill (ours or that of others) ... or when, given Venus retrograde, we pull back (or away) from something which gives is (or at least is giving the appearance) of being either 'unworthy,' or not what we want to commit to, be associated with (or) devote further attention or effort to.

In general, Saturn plus Mercury combines as 'serious' or consequential thoughts, ideas, aims, interactions and processes - which may mean we need to think things through before proceeding, particularly where/if whatever is at hand stands to affect us either over time... or through taking up a goodly amount of time. What this will mean in real time to any one of us will be (of course) individual, though Saturn's conjunction with the Galactic Center suggests that some ratio or ‘balance’ between self-interest and interest in the ‘general welfare’ will ultimately affect what develops from this point whether we actively acknowledge that part of the metaphysical equation or not. 

April 9 
Following on the heels of Saturn’s retrograde turn, Mercury will be going on station on April 9th just as the Uranus/Eris- Vesta-Jupiter-Pluto grand square we have been living with ends by virtue of Jupiter retrograding out of orb to Vesta, which images the idea of ‘disconnecting’ (or) ending of some commitment or promise, whether to others or our Self. For some of us (even a lot of us!) this will simply echo things we are already going through, and which we naturally associate with Saturn’s station. Then again, this could also be an indication that something we have been (Saturn) working on is now either being ‘broken down’ into components or 'separate parts' - or that what we have seen as some sort of ‘amalgamation’ or total quotient or goal has either revealed that it requires (or) involves at least two separate ideas or ‘thrusts,’ each of which will need to be considered and dealt with separately.

On one hand this may indicate a ‘simplifying’ of things as we come to understand how to approach something. On another, it may indicate a failure to uphold some form of ‘sacred duty’ which we owe to those others we are ‘connected’ or ‘related’ to through some tradition, heritage, family, tradition or obligation.

What this does NOT end are the challenges, travail and effort. (Far from it, actually.) Once Jupiter and Vesta are no longer in orb, the astrological result is not one grand square, but three t-squares, each of which promises to present us with a situation which we think is 'only' about us (or unique to us) - and which can only be 'solved' by seeing things from that greater perspective which allows us to see our lives as equal to and connected to same problems or challenges being experienced by others. 

(How very Aquarian Age.)

The first two of these t-squares having Pluto at the 'hurdle' simplifies things somewhat, as that tells us the problem (which is to say, what we're not seeing) is how the very passions and desires which have motivated us a very large part of the problem. Wherever we see Pluto, we know our desire to control (or be 'in control') is at issue, with there being every likelihood that we have made one - or a series of choices and assertions based not on something we are capable of, but out of a desire to 'fix' something inside our Self which causes us to feel insecure.

Insecure about what? That varies, but it usually comes down to being insecure about the process of life itself with special emphasis on whatever causes us to think we are 'in control' of anything. Under Pluto influences, facts tend to get thrown out in favor of emotional motivations - and just as often turn out to be damaging to the cause (ours and that of others). 

So here are those two t-squares. One has Jupiter on the motivating end and the other has Haumea, Spica and Arcturus in the motivating position, suggesting both a desire/need to 'grow' or 'expand' our life or efforts (that being the Jupiter part of things) and a Haumea, Spica, Arcturus shift or change of position, presentation or approach ... or perhaps the need for a shift or change of position, presentation or approach.

With Sun, Lumiere and Child in the 'goal' position of one t-square and Uranus/Eris in the goal position of the other, we are seeking changes which will make life easier and clearer (at least for us) even as we are able to 'free,' 'free up' or 'come to be free' of some form(s) of external situations which we are experiencing as 'controlling' - whether they are actually controlling us (or) merely something we are surely certain would 'fix everything' even though the injury or conflict is within us and our emotional psyche.   
Then there's the third t-square, a circuit which in having the Sun, Lumiere, Child, Eris and Uranus at its apex speaks to changes we (and everyone else) are having problems with, greatly because we want things to serve our interests instead of that of a 'greater enlightenment' which we would all be a part of.
And let us not forget how these t-squares are coming into being on the same date Mercury goes retrograde at 4 Taurus. That one fact underscores the chance this moment may well be challenging, rewarding or of importance both now and down the line. Plus there is a shift being implied here, one which may be vital with regards to what we are thinking about, how we are thinking about it - or in even the perspective which would cause us to think as we do.

In the first t-square, Pluto's position at 19 Capricorn speaks to some 'gap' between how we think of things and how others (or the world) thinks of them, with this 'lack of universal application' - and how we feel about such things - being the part of what we are getting tripped up by. Of course, since this is Pluto we are talking about here, our feelings of conviction (along with all our other feelings) are likely to be strong, though why that is may have nothing to do with the current situation.

And that sort of gap - or any impulse which is triggering old feelings or emotional habits - can be tough to identify, control or to eradicate. As Pluto represents transpersonal energetic, we tend to not control Pluto situations or the dynamics involved. We might want to or think we do, and we may give it our best college try. But where Pluto is concerned, simply because the reference is Plutonic, there is something buried, something which we have not mastered which is in play. And with writings on 19 Capricorn indicating the possibility of violence or brute force being used to get our way, awareness of the need for choices and actions to reflect calm and a lack of personal bias (both of which are key to weathering Pluto challenges) is likely to prove useful.

Of course with Jupiter in this mix we may be tempted to go 'over' some line or boundary. And with Pluto at the apex of this t-square, we may not be in touch with either our motivations or some inner (Haumea) tendency to justify our Self and to maneuver or say and do things in order to 'win' or get our way which with Mercury's turn to retrograde may become problematic, especially where we have been pushy or 'pushing' some idea, value, effort, project or position as we have come to this time and particular moment. 

Maybe we need to think things over. Or perhaps we are going to need to wait for some piece of information, for things to 'fall into place' ... or simply for that ripe and perfect moment.

Mercury Station-Retrograde (glyph chart)
April 9, 2017 - 23:15 (11;15 pm, UT/+0) - Aries Wheels (Location Not Specific)
 Mercury Station-Retrograde (text chart)
April 9, 2017 - 23:15 (11:15 p.m., UT/+0) - Aries Wheels (Location Not Specific)
Whatever the subject is, Mercury’s position at 4 Taurus speaks to too much rigidity of a metaphysically ‘masculine’ or assertive, pro-active nature being involved - which given Jupiter's motivating position in Libra suggests something we may need to ‘adjust to,’ or which we realize we need to change before moving forward.

As for the t-square which has Vesta, Apollo and fixed star Pollux (one of the Gemini twins) at 23 Cancer in opposition to Pluto, there is either a pronounced search and need for truth ... or the desire to be released (or to escape) some 'known' or fact (i.e., the truth) involved in the negotiating of what some commitment is, or what we would like it to be. And with the Sun, Lumiere, Child, Eris and Uranus at the t-square apex, the problem being expressed by this t-square is how we are somehow being stopped or limited by something we are either ‘blind’ to (or) ‘blinded’ by - with there being every chance (particularly given Mercury’s station) that we are (or have) overestimated someone's understanding or capacity to do something, whether that 'someone' is us or someone else.
Also ... because Mercury is jumping into this retrograde without being in any 'standard' Ptolemaic aspect to any of the 'standard' astrological planets, some of us will feel 'isolated' in our thoughts now. Or someone may act on their own and then claim nobody stopped them. Mercury not being in aspect to anything is rather akin and often manifests as the idea of a 'flight of fancy' or some thought or choice which is not 'connected,' which has no bearing on anything else or which takes nothing else into account, which for some will manifest as productive concentration and which in other lives will manifest as being totally absorbed with one's own thoughts or ideas, whatever they may be or be about.

Given this lack of 'connection,' all the standard 'warnings' astrologers make about Mercury stations probably go double, so make sure you have everything before you leave the house, leave extra time for travel and try to attend to any needs for maintenance - whether to your car, your body, your computer or anything else - before Mercury goes into retrograde, lest something go awry at the most inconvenient moment.

Messages and timing often go astray under Mercury retrograde. It is also said that signing contracts or binding agreements under Mercury retrograde seldom works out the way we think it will. However... when things of import coincide with Mercury's station, that's another thing.

Things which occur at the time of any planetary station are often more than important - which is a thought worth thinking about at the time of any Mercury (or other planetary) station.

Mercury pausing to tie his winged sandals
(a Roman 2nd century copy of an original Greek bronze)
(photo credit: Wolfgang Sauber, July 2008)
Writings on the Sabian symbol for 4 Taurus (‘A Widow at an Open Grave’) vary in interpretation. But most such lore alludes to that which astrologer Marc Edmund Jones wrote -  ‘the impermanence of all material and social bonds’ - which as seen through a Mercury lens would seem to ask that we not pin our hopes or rest our thoughts on (or) in others, as that may lead not just to ‘loss,’ but the kind of ‘loss’ which in this case would leave us 'open' to grieving over our (Mercury) thinking or some choice we have made - or which we perhaps are having to face making now.

Unaspected planets are said to act ‘in their own nature’ and without hindrance, which sounds good, but can turn into 'too much of a good thing' (or a bad thing, if we are headed in some wrong direction!) With Mercury on station and unaspected, this time may involve, reveal, or teach the consequences of thoughts made without enough information and choices made without thinking. This is also a time when we are likely to speak without thinking - or when what we say may turn out to be thoughtless, lacking in substance, without sense, reason, taste or tact. This lack of Mercury being 'connected' to other planets may also play out through opportunities not playing out, or as communications, choices, actions or efforts which fail to 'connect' - at least in the manner, or at the rate we would have anticipated.

Known as a positive time for 'behind the scenes' work, repairs, investigations, recuperation, reworkings and research, Mercury retrograde favors efforts which allow us to catch up with ourselves and get organized (whatever that may mean in either the mental or physical realm) ... and just as thoroughly 'muffles' or tends to delay (or even block) that which is 'untimely' or inapplicable. And as Mercury's retrograde stations are also known for things 'slowing down’ or coming to a halt, we should not be surprised at delays or the need to reschedule something or change plans due to the need to work out some last minute quirk or situation
With this particular retrograde beginning in early Taurus, this particular round of Mercury retrograde will move from Taurus back into Aries, thus representing some sort of connection between who we are and what we are conscious or motivated by (or not conscious of and not motivated by) and our 'instinct,' whether that refers to what we value or how we go about protecting or defending our values - all of which evidently now needs some Mercury 'work' or revision.

Might that mean we need to learn more? It might. Might that mean we are (or have been) being sufficiently distracted by Thing A that now we are having to double back and pay attention to Thing B, C and D? That could happen as well. During this Mercury retrograde we may be considering what to do, thinking of why we do things (or value them as we do) and - importantly and equally - why we avoid, 'instinctively' mistrust or think of our values as more vital than those held by others. Priorities will count during this retrograde as part of what we go through (or) learn during this retrograde - and as with all other Mercury retrograde cycles it pays to be aware that things which occur now as Mercury goes into retrograde may well 'play out' or 'take another turn' once Mercury reaches its direct station in the early days of May, with the start of this retrograde in Taurus' early degrees with its end being at 24 Aries also serving to inform us that this particular round of reconciling and re-balancing our mental batteries begins in something of a 'personal mode' but ends in one an impersonal situation and mindset.

Given that and the t-squares with which this cycle starts, might that suggest a theme of 'change of approach' or perspective to this cycle? Indeed it might.
As for the specifics of 24 Aries, the 24 Aries energetic is known to be highly motivated, with writings describing its energy as curious, investigative, assertive (particularly when prodded) and either sexual (overtly and otherwise) and creative - which may suggest some quality (or) anything which we do which is creative, or native talents which are creative by their very nature.

So in some way, whatever this Mercury retrograde cycle brings, it's overall 'design' is meant to move us from some moment of loss, lack, possibility of loss or lack - or perhaps just feeling 'lost' (ignored, undervalued) to a place where we will be thinking in a more creative and 'fertile' manner.

Is that worth all those little moments of irritation we all so frequently run into under Mercury retrograde? 

We will hope so. Furthermore, as all of this initiating of Mercury's latest retrograde is occurring as we heading towards a Full Moon set to occur a couple of days from now on the 11th, wherever our efforts (or lack thereof) take us, more is likely to be learned in fairly short order, particularly if (and where) our efforts have been aimed at reaching, attaining or gaining access to something. 

April 11 
Every Full Moon is an emotional time - or a time when things which happen cause us to 'check in' on how we feel about things. So with this Full Moon occurring in Libra, something about this moment will pertain to - or call our attention to - relationships and whether (or how) we relate to others, certain forms of potential ... and general (or) specific situational dynamics. 

As part of that, whatever comes up now may say things about 'them' or 'that.' But a goodly part (read: the better part) of that which comes up now is both about us ... and about that which we may well profit from coming to understand, whatever that may mean in the given moment.

Full Moon at 21 Libra (glyph chart)
April 11, 2017 - 6:08 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Full Moon at 21 Libra (text chart)
April 11, 2017 - 6:08 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
With that in mind, the Full Moon which will occur at 6:09 a.m. (UT/+0), in occurring at 21 Libra this Full Moon places an emphasis on relationship polarities - specifically as they specifically apply to trust, which is to say either our trust and ability, capacity and willingness to trust ... or who it is we do or don't trust, and why that would be.

And again: no matter what anyone says, this isn't about 'them.' This is about our feelings, and - with Mercury freshly in retrograde - how we think, whether we think things through, whether we know the truth (or not) and whether our thinking (in general) is based on reality or values 'of worth' (or) which will prove 'worthwhile' to us in the long run.

This is a very particular issue here, as Venus - the ruler of Libra - is in retrograde. So it is equally likely ill feelings are part of this equation, with the negatives here being either supplied not by 'them' but by OUR unwillingness to face some truth, so lack of truth, some miscalculation, or that we are simply wrong about something, someone or some perspective we hold dear ... OR with negatives being brought out where some level of lack, loss, deprivation or 'inability to support' something has come to be of note or notice. Trusting too much (or) trusting the wrong people is possible here, as is a lack of trust in anything we are challenged by (or) unfamiliar (uncomfortable) with all of this being thematically powered by the fairly typical Venus retrograde dislike of feeling 'pushed,' even if, where or when our following such promptings could lead to some reward.

Some of us may now act out or 'raise the stakes' - as much to get, retain or regain the attention of others, even without there being necessarily any guarantee of honesty, integrity, or follow-through implied. This may be intentional or not, as the Sabian symbol for this degree (‘A Child Giving Birds a Drink at a Fountain’) implies either an innocent act of caring about those who cannot provide something life-giving (water) for themselves ... or an 'immature’ act or a choice which is either as-yet incapable of fulfilling its promise (or) being made without regard for what is truly at stake.

Being that Mercury has just gone retrograde as this Full Moon occurs, this Full Moon also stands a better chance than many of being a time of internal 'reflection' on things which have happened - or which lie ahead. And with every Full Moon also representing a moment when logic and emotion stand 'in opposition,' this is a natural time for 'seeing the light' or completing some task, either of which will cause a need to 'shift gears' and choose what to do from this point on.

With all that - and granting how unique chart factors indicate individual effects - because this Full Moon will occur at 21 Libra that also says we are going to experience something of a temporarily ‘resurrection’ of the ‘too much of one thing, not enough of another’ complications (and feelings) we have associated with the Pluto-Jupiter-Vesta-Uranus/Eris grand square we thought we had just gotten rid of.

Mind you, this grand square effect, because it is being caused by the Moon, isn’t going to last long - the Moon often moves one degree in just two hours. But at the moment of this Full Moon, the grand square does apply.

Probably the most immediate tangible effect of this grand square will come from Jupiter's position in conjunction with the Moon - a combination which indicates an upsurge of feelings along with a tendency to ignore or simply forget about rules and boundaries of various types. With Haumea conjunct the Moon but not conjunct Jupiter, feelings may now change, whether that pertains to reactions, or the changing of some stance, attitude, opinion or allegiance - with some feelings being genuine, and some merely being a means to some end as we attempt to put our Spica and Arcturus abilities to 'lead ourselves forward' to the test. 

All of that being here opposed by the Sun plus Child and Eris (together at 23 Aries) underscores that notion of, and possibilities for ‘immature’ choices and acts - with Eris adding in the notion of something surprising, as well as something which tests our clarity and priorities, perhaps allowing us to see or understand some facet of our (Aries) personality as others see it for the very first time.

Not all of the objects in the grand square (above) aspect each other. For instance, Juno and Rukbat being in aspect to the Sun, Moon, Pluto and Castor without being in opposition to Vesta, Apollo or Pollux warns against being ‘too strong’ in our approach to things while also suggesting that standards and established patterns will provide reasons to consider (or reconsider) the effects - negative and positive - which certain current dynamics may be having on our future potential.

Juno being conjunct fixed star Rukbat also suggests having (or needing to have) concern or consideration for our ‘standing’ and whether we do-or-don’t need to preserve or maintain some particular notion connected with the idea of ‘standing’ or reputation. Of course with Mercury in retrograde, we may be slow to notice many things which occur now – or perhaps understand their full importance. We may feel frustrated or constrained. Or we may be going through that very special kind of impatience we all experience when having to cope with situations and 'requirements' we do not yet understand.

All and all, this would seem to be Full Moon with a few feast-or-famine qualities which for some will recall recent experiences and the desire to ‘fix’ (or at least to not repeat) mistakes. Yet within this - and to some degree, in spite of whatever happens, unbeknownst to some of us, this Full Moon is providing important keys to understandings of a deeper and forward-looking nature.

And what might we think divide negatives from positives here?

That answer is named 2003 AZ84 - or AZ84 for short.

And what is AZ84?

AZ84 is a Plutino - which is to say an object which orbits beyond Neptune in the icy expanses of the Kuiper Belt, with AZ84's actual orbit being 'governed' by Planet Neptune's powerful magnetic resonance. 

The Plutino part of this object means AZ84 astrologically represents that which represents our ability (and, often enough, our habit) of leading our Self astray, most often through preferring something other than that which is/represents reality or truth.

Currently in retrograde, AZ84 will be going into 'station mode' as we experience our Full Moon, which considering the Plutino Effect means this Full Moon may provide clarity ... and then again, may be a moment when we literally choose to ignore reality. And since AZ84 is due to go direct on April 14th with Venus scheduled to end its retrograde and go direct again on April 15th (at long, long last), that suggests this Full Moon is more of a specific 'check point' with regards to reality and realities than we might suspect - even as we experience it.

That could mean anything, with the Plutino part of it all adding the note that the good or bad we experience may well depend on how well we currently are (or have been) dealing with reality, realities and truth. 

April 14 
The thing about Plutinos which makes negotiating their stations a bit tricky is the Plutino tendency to trigger that (or those) areas of life, personality and mentality where that we are devoted to is untrue, in spite of all our cling to it because we so want it to be true - sometimes in spite of, and in the face of hard and fast facts to the contrary.

Dreams are fine, of course. But longing for something to be true to the point that such idealization causes us to fool or undermine our Self isn't. And that is the grand and even grandiose issue where Plutinos are concerned. In being 'transpersonal' by nature, where Plutinos are concerned we are unlikely to be in control of the origin of our thoughts, the full parameters of any current situation - and certainly not its outcome, no matter how much we would like to be in control, and in spite of all our asserting that we are. (In control, that is.) Nor are we likely to be able to fully explain why we feel as we do as the 'Neptunian' part of the Plutino 'drive' represents not the thing we are 'aimed' at, but rather something we don't want to deal with and which is likely to be virtually invisible in the current situation and to those involved in any current situation, including us.

By transit, transpersonal objects like Plutinos tend to confront us with situations and ideas we are neither experienced with (or) which we may not have even considered. Through Plutino moments, we (and others) learn more about who we are through how we respond, with Neptune as the anti-ego symbol generally manifesting through Plutino energies as that which defeats or eliminates that which is solely about our advantage, often through showing us why such notions are unnecessary (or) unlikely to achieve what we really and truly want.

As for this station in particular, AZ84 being an object only discovered in 2003, its 'task' and the full expanse of its effects are still being studied by astrologers. However, it has already shown a tendency to be associated with ‘magnification’ of various kinds, which in turn calls our attention to something, whether that refers to our being (or becoming over-focused on something (in true Plutonic style), the need to get focused on something - or even having attention focused (or over-focused) on us as an individual.

Wherever we are starting from in our own personal saga, as AZ84 goes direct we are sure to find out something new about what we have - or could be (or have been) doing. Something illusion or delusion may be dispelled now. Or perhaps we will simply recognize how we have been focusing on the wrong thing or seeing something (or someone) incorrectly because we do not want to see what is truly at stake or at fault due to personal feelings, particularly those which pertain to, or which would lead us to feel vulnerability.

But truly ... have we made ‘a mountain out of a molehill’ as the old saying goes? And if so, what does that say about us?

Having gone retrograde back on the 2nd of November, Plutino AZ84 will turn back to direct motion on April 14th, with the idea that it will be doing so at the degree 1 Leo placing that AZ84 'focus' and capacity for magnification questions and issues of self development (as all early Leo degrees do) principally by bringing out or possibly exacerbating two things: our susceptibility to flattery (and) lacks of knowledge, confidence, self worth and/or courage which we tend to cover or compensate for using bluffs, bullying, showing off, shouting others down or behaving in any manner which can be described as either domineering or controlling.

With Mercury in retrograde and Venus on station and about to go direct, some of the pluses and minuses which occur now depend not just on our individual chart, but what we are trying to do (or not do). Venus being about to turn direct says some vital, telling and important things may happen now - particularly if and where we have been working on our own or in some 'behind the scenes' manner towards some thing or some goal over the last six weeks while Venus has been in retrograde. Then again, with Mercury in retrograde, some part of something may not be 'on time' or 'on course' - at least not yet. Or we may find at the last minute that something has been forgotten or remains in need of attention. With AZ84 on station, it will also pay well to remember how even when we who traipse through a Plutino station with no apparent scathing the ramifications of what we learn - the 'what it really means' to us part - may not be totally clear yet, too. 

April 15 
Famous in the United States as the date when income tax filings are due, April 15, 2017 is also hosting a Venus turn to direct at 26 Pisces - which for many of us will not be happening a moment too soon, considering how unpleasant Venus retrograde can feel ... and sometimes actually be. 

This being one of those stations we actually tend to feel, as (or just after) Venus goes direct at 10:19 a.m. (UT/+0), feelings will begin to soften and a subtle if pervasive feeling of gloom or feeling ‘put upon’ will tend to dissipate. And since Venus is doing its turn to direct in Pisces (a sign Venus is well aligned in) this date may also bring us a dose of good news, a gift, or some kind of opportunity to improve our personal situation.

However, this isn't necessarily a moment of sweetness and light. Despite the wishy-washy or 'weak' image many have of Pisces as a sign, the degree of this station (26 Pisces) has a pretty solid reputation for militancy, aggressiveness and a tendency to be motivated or driven to achieve one's own ends - most of which have to do with some form of desire to not come off as 'less than' in some sort of comparison, be that real or (as seems more likely) a product of some internal emotional issue - to such a degree and with such fervency and frequent disregard for others and consequences that one astrologer refers to this degree as being associated with 'gangsterism.' Concern about what others may do, say or think without sufficient thought to the strength of our response (or delivery) seems consistent wherever 26 degrees of any sign is triggered - and since 26 is an even-number, we know its energies (in whatever sign) are going to be in 'response' to something. All of this goes to - and alludes to a lack of broader considerations (and considering) which tends to go with 26 Pisces, with this particular degree also being close enough to fixed star Scheat to pick up on Scheat's typical habit of manifesting as some form of implacable refusal, 'denial' or assertive 'blocking out' of something (or someone) so as to provide ourselves with peace whether that ends up costing us (or our reputation) dearly in some short OR long run. 

Of course there is a positive side here too. Writings on this degree also speak of its strength or determination, particularly where used in the defense or support of others or some process or standard which is believed in.

So why does one person follow one route and another follow the other? Evidently the division here has everything to do with that most innate of Pisces conflicts, that being the contradiction between material reality and spirituality and how our tendency to favor one over the other causes us to come to be in denial of essential truths - truths which seeing how we are talking about a third decan degree (i.e., a degree between 20 and 29) are not simply or uniquely about us.

In occurring in square to Saturn (which yes, is still conjunct the Galactic Center), matters of the moment are likely to touch on, and perhaps challenge our notion of ‘value’ or ‘worth,’ with this station having more than the usual chance of having application wherever money, economics or finance(s) are concerned. And with Venus stationing in an exact conjunction with Chiron, something we do not know the full parameters of because of some lack where 'integration' is concerned may be, or be coming into focus.

To all of this, Niobe’s presence at 24 Pisces adds a note on pride and what we can or cannot be proud of as a descriptor of what goes on now. And with Mars exactly conjunct Sedna at 25 Taurus and a degree away from Ceres at 24 Taurus with both in sextile to Venus, there is a suggestion of strong feelings and nurturing or protective desires to see things as we think they 'should' be.

Might this mean Venus' station represents a moment when life or our efforts are working at get something (or us) 'unstuck' from our past? Might we now be working to - or succeeding at - 'separating' our 'now' from our 'yesterday' or 'yesteryear'? Indeed we might. Plus with Mars and Sedna sitting just shy of fixed stars Capulus and Algol (at 24 and 26 Taurus, respectively) there is every chance that we will either perceive, utilize or tap into the highly assertive and sometimes openly aggressive energies represented by these stars either in accomplishing our aims (or) as an example of that we want to 'cut off' or get away from.

The last of the immediate aspects involved with this station is Venus' semi-sextile to the Sun and Uranus at 25 and 24 Aries, an idea which is intriguing as Venus' station is occurring just as Uranus is initiating its next year-long cycle.

Could this be an omen? Might this indicate a 'turn of fortune' for some of us? It could indeed, though things which start in this moment should not be expected to be predictable or to run a 'reliable course.' Flexibility is useful and is likely to prove helpful particularly where Venus' turn to direct indicates a change of perception, schedules, priorities or goals. Given that this is a semi-sextile aspect we are talking about, some of what happens (or occurs to us) now is going to be less than thrilling - and maybe less than pleasant, as semi-sextiles tend to manifest through situations, encounters and moments which can be embarrassing, annoying, frustrating or just painful to one's ego.

It is possible that for some, the whole of Venus’ retrograde will have been about bringing us to a point or moment when we can (or will) understand giving something up - whether that 'thing' is an idea, a hope, an aim, or something else. Then again, the whole of Venus' retrograde may have been about learning the difference between that we find ‘rewarding’ and life's the world's priorities, preferences, values and response mechanisms.

Whatever happens now, because this is also the day when Uranus does begin its next cycle, inclusive of pluses and minuses alike, things of this moment may also go on to change (or be related to changes) in the way we see or deal with things over the long haul, too.

Sometimes Venus’ direct stations indicate a release from confines or restrictions, causing us to want to sing. This one, however, isn’t likely to feel quite that liberating.

Why not? Well, along with everything else we have just mused through, there is also a Yod which will take effect just as Venus goes direct. And for all the good things Yods may represent our learning to do (or take into consideration), they do also tend to represent things which limit options and thus ‘guide’ us towards some specific end or solution which by its nature will tend to force us (in the short or long run) to relinquish some previously adopted definition of what we think of as right, correct, useful or proper.

Having Saturn and the Galactic Center at its ‘base,’ this Yod is focused on something we are (or) which we have either worked long and hard on with an eye to benefiting the world or our greater community ... (or) which we have had the capacity to do or work on, but which we have resisted doing, supporting, participating in or some such.

Into all of this comes the two inconjuncts which create a Yod. And as any inconjunct indicates an ‘adjustment,' this means whatever 'point' we have been sitting on is now coming under a lot of pressure as something changes. Or maybe our attitude towards something changes. 

As for those two inconjuncts, though they share Saturn and the Galactic Center as a common point, the ‘adjusting’ comes from Vesta at 25 Cancer (Inconjunct A) and from Mars, Sedna and Ceres in Taurus (all of which sextile to Vesta) in Inconjunct B.

The Vesta part of this conversation concerns some sort of (Vesta) promise or commitment, whether to a person, company, tradition, idea or anything else. Whatever that may concern, with Vesta at 25 Cancer something about security is being touched on, causing us to question whether we are strong enough to stand on our own should we have to - whether there is any real reason to worry in the moment or not. Given the inconjunct, something about that is now affecting (or) being affected by our worldly efforts (or) that which we should be doing, with the net being some sort of 'adjustment' to our expectations, methods or plans.

As for the other side of this equation (Inconjunct B), that also represents something currently affecting our ‘operational parameters’ and responsibilities. But as its ‘adjusting’ energy comes from a combination of Sisyphus, Mars, Algol, Sedna, Ceres and Capulus, some kind of resistance, reaction or objection (ours, or that of someone else) is creating some sort of stress, strain or indecision - with Sisyphus and Algol adding a few drops of 'attitude' likely to manifest along lines which suggest the ability to do something is a valid substitute for doing something because it is correct, right or necessary.

With Algol conjunct Mars, something about what occurs now may not be entirely pleasant or comfortable. There is also some chance of overreacting, or reacting in haste. 

Fortunately for us, Yods come with solutions – or at least solution points. Defined as the degree in opposition to the base (the Saturn/Galactic Center in this figure), the solution to this Yod is described by 27 Gemini, a degree which lore suggests is unusual for Gemini in that it is oriented towards that which is 'tangible.’ Also thought to speak to challenges which pit possibility against reality inclusive of some need to choose, 27 Gemini prompts thought, insecurities and reactions of a ‘clingy’ kind (revealing emotional vulnerabilities) in part by confronting us with that which is unfamiliar to us, and in part by presenting situations and choices which cause us to reconsider the relative worth (and balance between) being 'our own person' and the need to hear, understand, work with and/or please others.

And that gets us back into Venus territory thinking, as Venus is all about what we do, present and embody in order to learn how to earn, evoke and promote those 'rewards' which are to our liking and benefit. So that all of this is occurring as Venus is going directs suggests a 'turn' in situations - whether that points to something we are doing of a worldly nature, or something we are facing in daily life or something we are contending with privately and internally as we seek to be able to function ever more effectively.

Whatever it is, once Venus turns to direct motion we will all be in a better position to feel a bit more like we know where we stand- both with others and our Self. And that will allow us to move forward with a greater understanding of what does – and does not matter. 

April 16 
Come each April, Earth moves through the tail of two comets while on its way around the Sun - an act which produces two separate meteor showers, the Lyrids and Eta Aquarids

The Lyrids are a product of Comet Thatcher and Thatcher’s 415.5 year-long cycle. The exact dates of any given meteor shower varying slightly from year to year, this year’s Lyrid shower begins on April 16th and ends on April 25th - which, if we think of this in basic astrological terms means the Lyrids begin while the Sun is moving through the highest and most social/societal (least personal) degrees of Aries and then taper off as soon after the Sun gets established in early Taurus, 'sparking' us to do things, consider things - and perhaps serving to help with those moments where we are particular sensitive to our own insecurities which can be triggered in early instinctual Taurus - the first sign which causes us to consider the existence of others, our relationship to others (where we stand with them, in other words) and the entire concept of support versus abandonment, alliance versus enmity and security versus lack (or fear of lack).

Because the Lyrids and Eta Aquarids (which will begin on the 19th) overlap, it is easy enough to ‘lump’ or 'co-mingle' their effects and think of them pretty much as a continuum. But they are different, and that difference merits a bit of factual attention. 

Thatcher’s radiant - or the place in the sky the comet appears to originate in or ‘radiate from’ - lies alongside constellation Lyra, a constellation which is nowhere near the Earth’s path around the Sun (the ecliptic) along and across which signs of the zodiac must lie in order to BE an astrological sign.

(We tend to hear of this rule every couple of years when someone again decides to lobby for Ophiuchus as a zodiac sign, an effort which is doomed to eternal failure simply because Ophiuchus does NOT lie across the ecliptic.)

As for Lyra, Lyra is astrologically known for something we have been discussing at length over the past few years: fixed star Vega. Positioned currently at 16 Capricorn, Vega has been being conjuncted by transiting Pluto over the past few years, bringing Pluto's 'transformational' and 'detoxification' energies to a star which represents charisma and that which 'attracts' us (or which we find attractive) ... all of which has corresponded to worldwide upheavals and 'changes of societal direction' while manifesting equally in a changing of what people have found attractive or 'desirable' (or even tolerable) even if all of this also stands to bring out many of our (and our world's) most toxic and challenging, problematic negatives, insistently prompting us to see and learn from our mistakes.

One thing to remember about this Pluto in Capricorn transit, namely how it is the opposition transit to Pluto in Cancer, a period (and generation of people) who built the world in the wake of World War I (which as a timeline of accomplishments takes us all the way into the 1960s and 1970s, as that would be when people born to this 'Greatest Generation' accomplished some of their greatest societal (and therefore Cancerian) goals. That in itself should tell us something about our times and the upheavals which have come with it.

It also tells us that all this has not yet reached it's 'fever pitch' yet either, as Pluto has not yet reached 20 Capricorn (the beginning of Capricorn's third and most societal decanate) and has therefore not even begun signaling some of experiences we would expect would be key during this passage.

Pluto will complete its transit of Capricorn during 2023-2024, moving then into Aquarius, where it will help move our thinking from what can be gained to what will function, or prove functionally benefit - a process which is every bit as important to the newly present astrological Age (that of Aquarius) as the computer has already shown itself to be. 

April 19
April 19th is a busy astrological date. For one, this is the date when the Sun will move from Aries into Taurus. It is also (as previously noted) the date on which the second of April’s meteor showers – the Eta Aquarids – begins.

The Tapestry of Bayeux (c.1077) records the appearance of
Halley's comet in 1066 (image courtesy of NASA/JPL photo archives)
Beyond that, April 19th is also the day when Mercury (which is in retrograde) backs into 0 Taurus, conjuncting the Sun as it does so, in advance of retrograding back into Aries.

As that is happening, Pluto is also on station. Due to turn to retrograde motion on April 20th, Pluto's being on station indicates an intensity of focus - or the need for same - which with the Sun and Mercury conjuncting fixed star Mirach at 0 Taurus (trining Pluto by sign) suggests the 19th (and the days on either side of the 19th) are ripe for determinations as well as the undermining of confidence (and all which may come from that).

As for the Eta Aquarids, as a meteor shower they are a product of Comet Halley - probably the most famous comet known to us living here on planet Earth. And that fame fits Halley well, as when we look at the two meteor showers associated with Comet Halley (the other meteor shower being October's Orionids) mark periods of time when we  face questions of how to advance ourselves and the pluses or minuses of fame.

(And yes, any meteor shower we are born under is a factor in our nativity.)

Beginning on April 19 and scheduled to run through May 28th, the Eta Aquarids open doors to Aquarian ambitions and Aquarian ideas - which differs from the Orionids, a shower which tends to bring with it more of a 'hunter' or 'searcher' indication. Either way, both of these Halley meteor showers reflect some form of our 'search' for accomplishment, with the Eta Aquarids adding grace in areas of inclusiveness where the October Orionids tend to 'spark' a need to understand who we are through our interactions and encounters with others.

Named for the star Eta Aquarii (which is just alongside this shower's radiant point), that the Eta Aquarids start just as the Sun shifts into Taurus and continues on through the whole of Sun in Taurus into the early part of Sun in Gemini speaks to this meteor shower (and this time of year) as one when more basic concerns tend to be central to our focus. That said, with Taurus and Aquarius both being fixed signs (and signs which are natively in square) speaks to problems, conflicts and quandaries which arise where our inner idea or 'picture' of the world gets challenged - either by facts or necessity.

Theoretically that will tend to 'spark' greater understanding(s) as to why things do or do not function well in reality ... which may say something about reality, our capacity to envision, or our grasp on how reality actually works.

Landscape with Diana and Kallisto by Cornelis van Poelenburgh (17th century)
Along with the start of the Eta Aquarids, asteroid Kallisto is also turning to direct motion now. And though this may not mean much to some of us in this very moment, anyone whose chart is strongly aspected by 1 Virgo (the degree of Kallisto's station) or who is now involved in serious, complicated and intricate mental activities (planning, calculating, negotiating, researching, debating, writing, interviewing, etcetera) is likely to find that (a.) things take longer than anticipated, and (b.) results are likely to be other than as predicted and occur on a timetable other than that originally expected.

With all this happening as the Sun is entering Taurus (at 21:28 or 9:28 p.m., UT/+0 time), it would seem likely we will find new reasons to feel motivated or to take action, though with Mercury (in retrograde) due to re-enter Aries on April 20th (one day from now) with Mercury conjunct the Sun it is possible this will turn out to be an indication of being ‘too close’ to something to see it with clarity.

Sun in Taurus (glyph chart)
April 19, 2017 - 21:28 (9:28 p.m., UT +0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Sun in Taurus (text chart)
April 19, 2017 - 21:28 (9:28 p.m., UT +0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Does this mean we are just all about our Self right now? It could be. Then again, this Mercury-Sun-Mirach moment may also be when something comes to a 'halt' - or when we recognize the need to talk or think something through, which would be an apt, what with Mercury about to retrograde back into Aries, the sign of all we do within, for, and by our Self.

Then again, with the Sun entering Taurus in a grand trine with the North Node and Saturn at the Galactic Center, there is something 'ongoing' to all our 'concerns du jour' ... and this may be when the realities of some responsibility, obligation, limit, loss or time limitation becomes entirely real.

As grand trines are indications of things already in motion and with Saturn involved, efforts which are required now would seem to be those we are already familiar with (whether they are burdensome or not). Plus, as both Saturn and the North Node speak to obligations with the North Node adding something about relating or relationships, what we choose to do - and who we choose to do it with (or for) would seem central to current concerns.

That doesn't mean we will be successful with regards to anything, mind you - just how for the moment, such things loom large in our mind.

Just to make the point here, with the South Node not being involved (if it was, we would have a Kite instead of a grand trine) there is less of a feeling of raw opportunity than we might otherwise like, or want. Options (or) the ability to ‘break into’ or 'break out of' something are also stymied here - which for some may feel like a relief (or reassuring). Then again, with active Saturn and the North Node energies, there is also some distinct chance of 'over obligation' (generating resistance) or oppression, suppression, withdrawal and/or limitation - all of which can be accepted or utilized as motivation where realities dictate a need to break through current restrictions or limits.

And let's remember - everything will be feeling very intense at the moment (or intensely interesting, boring, tiring, etcetera) because of Pluto being on station.

It all sounds rather exciting ... if not entirely comfortable. 

April 20 
Along with Pluto’s station and Mercury retrograding back into Aries as of 17:38 (5:38 p.m.) UT/+0 time, April 20th is also hosting Amphitrite's turn to direct motion at 5 Virgo and asteroid Achilles' retrograde station at 7 Capricorn.

This last (the Achilles part) indicates some ‘turn’ in affairs which rest or 'turn' on skill or ability, regardless of whether said ability is present or absent and whose skill or what ability (or the determination to use or not use it) is involved - all of which may be being stirred up by the fact that Achilles is turning to retrograde at 7 Capricorn, a degree known for jealousy, the tendency to hold grudges and the unacknowledged feelings of vulnerability behind such grudges and jealousies.

Neptune and Amphitrite by Paris Bordone
(c.1560, oil on canvas, Private collection-Europe)
In combining Amphitrite's and Achilles' essences, something is likely to not 'fit,' 'fit in' or appear 'fitting' or appropriate at the moment - and that is likely to be causing us either some degree of irritation, or possibly concern or consternation. With Amphitrite turning to direct motion now, there is every chance we can become accustomed to things whatever is at hand, though there is some reason to question what we may be giving up in the process - and that may prompt some degree of indecision, confusion, reluctance or skittishness.

April 20th also happening to be the last day of Mars in Taurus, that raises all sorts of issues with desires and expectations too. Any planet in any last degree of any sign indicates an 'urgency' or 'pressing' to get the 'business' of that sign done - which in this case will refer to Mars assertiveness or initiative pressing some case having to do with security versus insecurity (and) instinct versus real life necessities to face things, all of which pertains to us (very) personally, and all of which we are entirely likely to "blame" on others - which with Achilles and Amphitrite on station may say quite a lot about the nature and possibility for at least a temporary outbreak of dissatisfaction, or even hostility.

That all of this is happening as Pluto’s motion turns to retrograde indicates change - or changes which we are now confronting or dealing with. Those changes may be physical or tangible. They may require that we change what we do, or how we are doing it.

Pluto movements, transits and stations being all about that which we do not control but which appeals or touches us or our life in some unavoidable way. So to have Amphitrite, Pluto and Achilles all stationing in earth signs as Mercury is exiting early Taurus and shifting back into fire sign Aries suggests a need to 'fall back' on what we know (or) have the capacity to see or think through. It may well time some sort of confrontation with values, too - whether those values or expressions of 'worth' match those we hold dear or not.

As for how we will (or should be) respond to things, the general rule with Pluto is that calm thinking is an asset and emotional thinking ultimately tends to undermine us, if only because Pluto represents situations and dynamics which reward us where and if we are ‘on solid ground’ while also prompting, eliciting or bringing out whatever is ugly, toxic or badly adapted so that we can eliminate that which does not work, thus allowing us to become more productive, acceptable and respected in the process.

Any of this can be pleasant enough, to be sure, though Pluto 'moments' and effects are notoriously unsubtle. Yet even when Pluto manifests as the ending of something we thought would ‘last forever’ or which we have thought of as our 'destiny' it's transits are said to be ultimately positive simply because they force us to confront who we are - as opposed to who we want others to think we are, or who (or what) we think of others being.

Mercury Retrograding into Aries and Pluto Station-Retrograde (glyph chart)
April 20, 2017 - 17:38 (5:38 p.m., UT/+0) - Aries Wheels (Location Not Specific)
Mercury Retrograding into Aries and Pluto Station-Retrograde (glyph chart)
April 20, 2017 - 17:38 (5:38 p.m., UT/+0) - Aries Wheels (Location Not Specific)
So when and where exactly is Pluto going retrograde?

Pluto will go retrograde (at 12:46 p.m., UT/+0) on April 20th - and it is doing so at 19 Capricorn, a degree known for the energy of authority and the use (or) regulation of force, whether that force is physical, emotional, financial or of any other kind. With this being a Capricorn degree, laws, rules, limits, borders, boundaries apply, with both the structuring of such things, the maintaining of such standards and the consequences of changing, removing or violating them being at issue. With Pluto's move here being a turn to retrograde, the perception of some 'consequence' is likely to change now, though the reality of that - or our responses to such changes - will take us time to process.

Said to have a 'Plutonic' quality of its own, and with an innate quality and ability to focus feelings, even if it was some other planet stationing at 19 Capricorn we would be likely to find ourselves considering whether there was 'too much' of something at stake and whether we really feel the way we think we do about something (or someone). So with the object taking station really being Pluto, there would seem to be a distinct likelihood of 'too much' emotionality, or too much emotional sway (persuasion), whether that is happening just now, or whether it has happened to us at prior to now with this being when we 'catch up' with the truth of it all and how we feel about things.

Another interesting point about this station concerns Pluto’s nodes. Pluto’s North Node (yes, all planets have nodes) is currently situated at 19 Cancer - which puts Pluto’s current station (as seen from Earth) in opposition with Pluto's own North Node, an idea which may suggest needing to get out of our own way while taking care not to undermine ourselves in that singular Scorpio ‘stinging ourselves to death’ sort of way which tends to pop up where Pluto is concerned.

And while we are on the subject of planetary nodes, as Pluto’s station also opposites Saturn’s North Node, we are as likely to be tearing down that which needs rebuilding as that which serves us well because our own relationship to effort and responsibility as part of life’s necessities has gone awry.

With all nodes being a reference to ‘relationship’ - whether to people, ideas, needs and vulnerabilities (ours, principally), with Pluto being the emblem of all which supports and denies us on an inner emotional level (and which we tend to meet up with and have triggered through others and worldly situations) this station is going to trigger long-standing (and probably long-unacknowledged) complexes, with difficulties arising (in particular) wherever we fail to recognize the real source of our motivation(s) or the conflict(s) at hand.

Sound fun? Maybe not - but what is our choice? Contrary to what we humans so often like to think, we do not govern life, life governs us.

Adjusting to that is probably one of our greater Pluto struggles.

As for aspects to this station, Pluto is going retrograde in conjunction with Juno at 17 Capricorn. This may indicate the end of some sort of effort to ‘manage,’ contain or balance some effort, or it may indicate the need to create some sort of ‘managerial’ control over something which, with fixed stars Rukbat and Vega also present here, is likely to refer to some contention or belief we feel strongly about but which - with Pluto coming into this station at the of a t-square and as part of a square to Jupiter - we are likely to be failing to understand the core or key nature of.

Pluto’s squares to Jupiter are well known as indicators of powerful motivations. Generally such motivations are ours, through there are instances where the thing, feeling or idea which feels now at stake (or which is driving our efforts) is, or has been generated or presented by something or someone else.

Known for their compulsive qualities, Pluto-Jupiter squares often represent that 'over the moon' idea or that desire which though glorious, is unworkable ... no matter how much we want it to be true. So to have Pluto also sitting at the apex (or ‘hurdle’ point) of a t-square with Jupiter (in retrograde) pushing us to prove something (most likely to ourselves), there is a lot which seems to be at stake.

And that may well be true. Something may indeed be at stake. Then again, with Pluto at the apex of a t-square, the metaphysics of the situation are wanting us to understand how that thing we so want to 'get past' or 'get over' is not solely or uniquely about us - that being the t-square rule. Whenever we see an astrological t-square, we will tend to think it’s ‘all about me’ even though there is a greater issue or notion at stake. And because that 'greater issue' is really the problem, we are virtually guaranteed that we will continue to stub toes and hit 'dead ends' until we stop thinking of things in individual terms and think of them in more ‘collective’ or thematic (philosophical) terms.

No one is saying this is easy. After all, the thing we are depending on our Self to ‘let’ go of is symbolized by Pluto the obsessive, Pluto the controlling. Upon reflection, many will change - once the heat of the moment fades, Pluto necessities have a habit of working their magic on us.

And no, it may not happen instantly. However, before Pluto goes direct in late September there will be a Solar Eclipse at 28 Leo. And that eclipse will be aspecting the natal Pluto of everyone born with a Pluto between 23 Leo and 3 Virgo (by conjunction), everyone with Pluto between 26 Virgo and 0 Libra (or) between 26 Cancer and 0 Leo by semi-sextile, everyone with a natal Pluto between 25 Libra and 1 Scorpio by sextile, everyone with natal Pluto positioned between 23 Scorpio and 3 Sagittarius by square ... and last (but not least) everyone born with natal Pluto positioned between 23 Sagittarius and 3 Capricorn by trine. 

Because I've looked ahead (call it an astrologer's privilege...) I can also tell you this August’s eclipse will turn up amidst a time when we are likely to witness the exploding of many myths along with many a glory too - not because of Pluto, but because the Regulus of basically everyone alive is also going to be eclipsed.

To that we can add the vast number of natal Sednas which are also going to be eclipsed - which as with all of the above applies whether the natal horoscope is that of a person, product, company, pet or nation. The time span involved here is between February 1950 and February 1977, with the Sedna of such charts getting trined by this August’s eclipse - with anyone born (or anything created, founded, etcetera) during (or) after April 2013 standing to have their natal Sedna squared by this eclipse.

Either way, whenever and wherever we find Sedna, we know some long-ingrained idea of ‘how things are supposed to be’ is at stake or issue, which means this August’s eclipse is bound to wash away many a personal myth amidst a bout of stormy, conflicted seas.

Beyond that, having taken a cursory stroll through my chart files I can also say this event is going to trigger the 'eclipsing' of issues on at least a half-handful of continents, and not just in the lives of everyday people, but in the lives of many of the Names which turn up so often on the news one would think they were starring in a nightly television series.

And then there's the list of countries, which isn't short - and some of the Names head those stated countries. 

As for U.S. specifics, the 29 Leo Ascendant and 12th house 26 Leo Mars of America's current President will be getting eclipsed by conjunction at the same time that his 24 Taurus Midheaven/24 Scorpio Nadir is being squared this August, pointing to eclipse issues concerning (or surfacing through) ambition(s), identity, reputation, acts and actions past, current or projected, all of which could also pertain to the President's physicality (and/or) his ability to 'relate' or to be 'related' to by others.

As a reference, the last time this eclipse cycle came through, the President married his wife - which even though there well may have been other important things going on in Donald Trump's life at the time is something we often see when an eclipse (or plural solar eclipses) aspects one's personal Ascendant/Descendant line (even without bringing the Midheaven/Nadir into it, though that does indicate an additional 'public aspect' to all of the President's dealings, even those he would rather not be public or publicized).

This cycle seems far more focused (perhaps not surprisingly?) than the last time on the kind of public nature which is affected by (and/or affecting) far more people, plus matters foreign, legal, educational and media-oriented, whether on a governmental level or in his personal life. Plus, with the President's chart being aspected by both this August's and next February 2018's solar eclipse, there is something either of a 'one/two' or 'ricochet' effect to be anticipated, whether his public life affects private matters or vice-versa.

Bottom line, this is a sign of substantial change which can affect others, but which begins and ends with Self - which seeing how the natal charts of many of the President's closest functionaries and advisors are also getting eclipsed is rather interesting. Is this systemic? Or is this just a highly unlikely (read: lottery-worthy) set of coincidences?

Whatever it is, something widespread is coming down the proverbial time-space pipe with a due date of August 2017. And as that 'something' pertains to the President's advisors, without even going through that full list, Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway, Omarosa Manigault, Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon, a man with a natally stationary Pluto (read: a Pluto on steroids). They, along with associated names everyone has heard such as Paul Manafort and the Breitbart News Network are all squarely in this solar eclipse's hard aspect sights - and that's not a comfortable thought for such people individually, collectively, and in terms of what they do, are, or have done.

One further note on Mr. Bannon as well: depending on his time of birth, Steve Bannon either has a late Leo or early Virgo Moon. If his birth time is earlier rather than later, that puts his Moon in conjunction with Pluto, which is the sort of natal signature which, even without Pluto being stationary, is a more than powerful indicator. Known as massively constructive if applied to self control and personal development in an honest and self-aware manner, Pluto-Moon conjunctions are also known as rampantly problematic and indicative of active, passive and even unconscious destructive urges which are fully capable of undermining that given individual (in this case, Steve Bannon).

And yet, as intense, volatile and insightful (if sometimes emotionally duplicitous and detrimentally biased) as this combination is, it can get totally 'wiped out' by a solar eclipse just like anything else can. Plus Steve Bannon's Pluto is conjunct dwarf planet Haumea (queen of shape-shifting without regards to others), 'I'd sell my own flesh and blood to get back at someone' Tantalus and an asteroid named (of all things) - Vladimir.

All that, plus Bannon's Moon are set to be eclipsed by this solar eclipse at 28 Leo - a fact which bears special mention as Mr. Bannon is so important to an American Chief Executive whose Midheaven, Nadir, Ascendant, Descendant and Mars are not only all getting hit by this eclipse, but having that done under Mercury retrograde, which means far more than usual when we consider how America's current Chief Executive, Donald Trump, has a Sun positioned in Mercury-ruled Gemini.

FURTHERMORE ... (you thought we were done?) ... all of this is very firmly tied into the workings of the August solar eclipse.

How so?

That 'so' is sewn in by the station-direct degree which goes with this particular Mercury cycle being at 28 Leo, the degree of the eclipse. And that means the whole of this Mercury retrograde cycle -- from soup to nuts and shadow beginning to shadow exit -- is likely to time out moments and the arising of situations which test how we think, and force us to do some serious considering or reconsidering. And within all that, the Mercury direct station of September 5th is likely to mark a period of several days when things truly 'take a turn' - in our thinking, in our perspective, or even in how (or why) we are thought of (or not thought of) by others. We are likely to make some new (or different) 'connections' now, some of which will prove fateful.

All of this is hardly apart from what Mercury retrograde at the time of a Leo solar eclipse may mean to stock markets and certain economic sectors or considerations which tend to be sensitive either to issues of a lack of confidence or problems having to do with over-confidence or being "over-sold" on things. 

Furthermore, to all of that we can add 56% of the current presidential Cabinet (56% of them, to be precise) plus the Congressional leaders on both sides of the political aisle (in both houses of Congress) as being in line to experience hard aspect transits to their natal charts, courtesy of August's total solar eclipse.

But don't think in overly confined (read: just the United States) terms here. From the research I have been able to do, there are plenty of similarly important people in any number of other countries who are also going to be affected by the Leo eclipse. Just to start with, 57% of the world's current national leaders have natal planets about to be eclipsed. And a similar percentage of their Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers and highly placed officials are going to join them on the 'getting eclipsed' lists.  

Put all this together and it means that, though there are surely nations which are altogether unaffected by the 28 Leo solar eclipse, there are a goodly number of places in our world where both national horoscope and the natal chart of a current leader will both be challenged by this eclipse indicating stress, trials and conditions which if nothing else, are bound to change - whether one wants them to or not.

Does this suggest some sort of natural or cultural disaster? Is another world war necessarily on its way down the proverbial pike? No. Unless the pluses and minuses of human nature (read: ego and the tendency, desire or habit to want to be selfish and care only about one's Self) get out of hand, probably not. 

Yet if we ask 'will there be changes'? Are we in for challenges, much debate (internal and external) and many an 'ending' of many a thing plus moments which feel unsettling?

That answer is 'yes.' After all, change is what happens around the time of eclipses whether that change happens in us, to us, or around us. So it won't be shocking on the astrological level if we do hear of regional conflict(s) getting under way - or maybe ending about this time.

It's just a time for a lot of changes. So individual countries (or maybe even regions) are likely to find themselves facing or dealing with 'old things made newly problematic again,' whether the cause is human or otherwise during the latter part of 2017.

And since this eclipse is in Leo, the underlying question (generating the eclipse's metaphysical effects in each of our lives) is something about how we see things, whether our reality is a reality which works in reality (i.e., with regards to others) ... and what happens when there is some sort of conflict between what we want (or) have long wanted and what is fairly apparently going to be (or) not be possible - and what that says about not what we think about, but how the whole of our thought and internal 'development' process works.

Or whether it works - that's possible too. 

The bottom line here, however, is how this eclipse is certainly not just about the United States, though the United States will evidently certainly be going some sort of unavoidable pile of laundry (dirty and otherwise). And hopefully America will be prepared to look in the mirror as this eclipse will hit the U.S. national Regulus and Nessus in Chart USA's 12th house, indicating uncomfortable and possibly ugly truths on a national scale, which of course isn't exactly the happiest of happy thoughts.

Then again, looking at where this eclipse falls in a dozen or so other national charts (as small sampling), that perusal shows this eclipse activating all sorts of national questions, complexes, idiosyncrasies and things ignored or being ignored, which isn't a basket of sugar cookies either.

Eclipse hits on National Charts (2001-2024)
The testing parameters used in generating this graph included aspects by eclipses to 'standard' astrological planets, the lunar nodes (North and South) and all four axis points (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, IC). Accuracy of results presented from 2017-2024 are predicated on no changes to national horoscopes through gains or losses of territory, changes of national format (and/or) amending of constitutions.
Yet this is also not to say this eclipse is 'about' anything strictly political or governmental at all - it can affect anything we are used to thinking of as tangible or possible. Eclipses (total or otherwise) are not about difficulties as much as they are about the metaphysical (some say spiritual) need for evolution. That means any solar eclipse - and in particular any total solar eclipse - is likely to time out when things in, and about life causes us to evolve. The essential metaphysical image of the solar eclipse is about just that - about how something in, or about daily life (or our 'conception' thereof) getting 'blocked' or 'blacked out' by something unavoidable, creating a situation we must adapt to and cope with.

And the astrology of the eclipse is the image of our reacting to whatever that input is, complete with all the various parts of our coping, rethinking, restructuring - whatever it is we end up doing. Disorienting by nature when they aspect our chart with any exactitude (because things will be in major flux), on an individual level solar eclipses represent something which 'overtakes' our life or world - which when taken to a global level (by using nations) gives us a picture of national and/or international activity as well as a straightforward picture of the shifting level of world population which is experiencing stress or challenge at any given time.

(You could say it's an image of our all being in this Life on Earth together.) 

That is not to say that any given nation could not have a disaster during a year when the overall eclipse level is low - for one, any disaster if awful if it's happening in your own back (or front) yard, and some pretty spectacularly terrible deeds have happened in 'low' years. So here's the point: though 2017 does not earn the highest of percentages rating when it comes to a sheer number of nations being affected (aspected) by August's 28 Leo solar eclipse, with this eclipse occurring during a period of continuing elevation in terms of national 'eclipse hits' (aspects), that is being (and will continue to be) felt as a 'heightened' level of challenge, stress, change, losses and shifts being experienced pretty much around the globe, for whatever the reason(s) may be.

And not one of us is exempt. From the high to the low, from mighty to the weak, we all will be experiencing this August eclipse which, in occurring in trine to Uranus, in square to Sedna and in an inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces, sets us up to experience that which is unpredictable, sudden, startling ... perhaps untraditional, groundbreaking or breathtaking - in very individual ways which are about no one but our personal and singular Self.

And if all that wasn't eye-opening enough to contemplate, the solar eclipse which follows the one at 28 Leo (meaning, we are now talking about the solar eclipse of February 2018) will be positioned at 27 Aquarius -- which means virtually all of the same points (and therefore people, things, efforts and processes) which are getting eclipsed this August are going to get what might be thought of as a 'reciprocal' form of energy during early 2018.

The solar eclipse of February 15, 2018 at 27 Aquarius is a partial eclipse which
will only give Earth's south pole only a 'glancing' blow, suggesting a focus on that
which is either not 'central' or 'mainstream' in nature ... or completely 

unusual, unique or esoterically theoretical - which would be very Aquarian.
During the time that all this is going on, a rather 'subterranean' struggle will also be going on with/within the Pluto in Leo Baby Boomer generation (born between 1939 and 1958). Not only is the latter part of this generation getting their Pluto eclipsed, but this very large generation is also facing an ever-increasing dichotomy as a result of the changing of the astrological Ages. Their very ideas about power and what the goal is (or "should be") is being challenged. 

But why would that happen? Simply because Leo opposes Aquarius on the zodiac wheel. So if Aquarius is rising on the wheel of the Age, Leo is setting. And though that doesn't necessarily indicate any real life diminishing of personal worth, when you're talking about a generation born to be motivated by the idea of 'their moment in the sun' (Leo is ruled by the Sun, after all) even the IDEA of any 'sunset' which would require switching into a responsive as opposed to 'on stage' mode is not likely to be received with great Leo roars of jubilant joy.

And let us remember: Leo is a fixed sign. So along with the resentful snarl at any perceived threat to their ability to continue developing personal passions in the limelight, there is also likely to be a whole lot of marked tendencies to cling, snarl, swat, fight and in general, to not "surrender" to the idea of anything 'new.'

Of course not all of us are Baby Boomers. But even if we are not, we all do answer to the energetic of Aquarius on the Ascendant and Leo on the Descendant, wherever those signs fall in our personal chart. 

Going back to a separate subject -  the idea of Regulus - for a moment, royal star Regulus is currently positioned at 0 Virgo, well the five degrees of conjunction orb to a solar eclipse at 28 Leo. Like all royal stars, Regulus promises success only where we avoid a certain human failing (which in the case of Regulus is any desire for vengeance or revenge) ... which means a solar eclipse hitting Regulus is exactly the sort of astrological 'trigger' we would expect to unleash not just a slew of current bad behavior, but a metaphysical avalanche of backlash (karmic and otherwise) for vengeful acts from our past.

With Regulus having been positioned at 29 Leo from August 1939 until mid-2001, a lot which is about to come out in the dirty human wash concerns aspects of 29 Leo, a degree which is said to center on marriage and family and all those things which go on 'behind closed doors,' whether those doors lead into our homes, our minds, or our souls. Remember: solar eclipses ‘explode’ mythical and metaphysical ‘barriers’ which exist between OUR consciousness and reality, revealing both extremes and the need for change, growth or restructuring in the process. So with Regulus being eclipsed, issues of vengeance and revenge are sure to surface - in part so as to tempt us to run afoul of them... which with several generation's worth of natal Plutos, and Sedna position also getting eclipsed may both herald the setting of new records for 'Attempts to Manipulate' (hardly an Olympian event, but we'll go with it...) and other underhanded maneuvers. Yes, there may be a gaggle of stupendous discoveries and accomplishments which are sparked or developed now. But it is also an astrological given how when you trigger Pluto, with healing and advances comes some measure of inevitable 'harm' to the status quo, with that 'harm' having to do either with eliminating that which has outlived its purpose (or) arising from whatever we each fear most.

And when we add in the eclipsing all those natal Regulus, surely the thing Regulus forbids - vengeance and revenge - are going to be seen and/or 'evidenced' not just where we would expect, but coming from at least a few shockingly unexpected corners we would never think of as being subject to darker temptations and hidden deeds. Given natal Pluto placements, this eclipse will hit a goodly proportion of movers, shakers, authorities and those who are currently ‘in charge’ around the world - in all fields and walks of life - affecting the rest of us.

Coming back into present tense, with Vega and Rukbat conjunct Pluto and Juno, something about ‘appeal’ and the maintaining of, or loyalty to something is currently up in the air. And given how Libra and Capricorn are both cardinal signs (cardinal signs try first and learn through results), we may well feel confronted by some form of situation which is going to challenge our ability to be (Eris, Uranus/Lumiere) understanding or understood. Whatever we are encounter will ‘gift’ us with some point of insight (about ourselves), but with that more likely to be useful in a long run, the short run is going to be less about that which will become possible in the future and all about what needs doing now.

Also, let us not forget how as Pluto is stationing, Saturn (now in retrograde) is still in that grand trine with Uranus, Eris and the North Node, suggesting that the whole of this station may well be part of (or connected to) changes in what we do, or how we go about doing it - which goes hand in hand with the idea that this station is also fully capable of promoting and provoking a lot of deep-seated feelings.

And whether we know it or not (or believe it or not), everything which happens now is a form of a test we have set up for our Self, particularly where matters are tied to some reality we will come to recognize down the line, whether we plan to, want to ...or are prone to checking the little box which reads 'none of the above.'

April 21

Mars in Gemini (glyph chart)
April 21, 2017 - 10:33 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheels (Location Not Specific)
Mars in Gemini (text chart)
April 21, 2017 - 10:33 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheels (Location Not Specific)
As of 10:33 in the morning of April 21st (UT/+0 time) Mars exits Taurus and moves into Gemini, ushering in six weeks of activity during which we will plan and learn, prioritize - and perhaps come to recognize why priorities matter. Known as a combination of sign and planet which generally indicates an increased pace of life, with this year’s Mars in Gemini is beginning under Mercury in retrograde we may feel held back, get delayed or simply be working apace, remaining undecided about something until Mercury goes direct on May 3rd (UT/+0).

Or, considering how Mercury retrograde in Aries often indicate a need to prepare ourselves or something else which amounts to a ‘slow reaction,’ this may indicate something which takes time to clear up (or) to get started. Or maybe some message will get lost or misunderstood, causing confusion. Fully capable of manifesting as some form of lack of grace, Mercury in Aries may also manifest as a picking up of cues which we need to 'put together' in order to understand or some sort of lack of physical coordination which leads to difficulty or injury, whether to someone's body, to an idea, a plan, a choice, relationships - or anything else. 

Early Gemini is the position of the Hyades, a group of stars associated with ‘stirring up’ all those things we need to consider in order to survive and make a life for ourselves. So as Mars enters Gemini, particularly as this Gemini ingress is happening just a day after Pluto’s station (i.e., while still under station effects), we may end up acting in haste. Or this confluence may indicate some sort of ‘blow up’ or compulsive choice, action or reaction, any or all of which may be in response to the intensity of feelings which typically get raised by events at the time of a Pluto station.

Given Mercury’s being in retrograde, simple misunderstandings are not unlikely, and it will be easier (and more likely than usual) for us to ‘almost listen’ to someone and to end up missing the crucial details.

That Mars is entering Gemini in a t-square to the lunar nodes also suggests how priorities of this moment may not ‘fit’ with (or be able to become part of) something we may have already agreed upon with others. Is that a problem? It could be. Then again, it may simply represent something about the order (or priority) in with (or with which) something is being done which is somehow problematic or being questioned.

As for the t-square itself, it's a busy one. But because t-squares work in zodiacal order, that means the 'generative' issue is coming from late Aquarius and early Pisces, pointing to activities, processes and motivations which are neither strictly personal nor 'unique' to us.

With Moon conjunct Damocles, there is good reason to think some situation is both more sensitive than we suspected - or that something unexpected or unanticipated problems enters the picture now. Adding in the South Node and asteroid America at 1 Pisces, being or becoming occupied with our own ‘thrust’ or opinion is a factor, and one which with Plutino OR10 at 3 Pisces may bring us to the crux of some issue - whether we like it or not.

And not to put too fine a point on things, with royal star Fomalhaut next door at 4 Pisces, though we may feel like we want to rebel or and do as we please, if and where such choices represent our humoring our own feelings at expense to standards, honesty, morality, ethics, responsibility (etcetera), that's unlikely to work all that well for us - particularly wherever we are trying to move forward or 'go our own way.'

The t-square's ‘hurdle’ representing the thing we have to get past or over to 'solve' our current problem, with Ceres and Algol as part of this 'image,' either we are objecting to someone else’s plan, or they are objecting to ours. This is an aggressive-defensive combination, which with Mars at 0 Gemini suggests a possible ‘war of words’ - which though it may be better than warring with weapons is not likely to be less wounding, even if there’s less blood.

With Sisyphus sitting at 2 Gemini (conjunct Mars but not Ceres-Algol), it is also likely some part of things which is about that which can be done ... which is not the same thing as saying something ‘should’ be done, which with Sisyphus involved here may simply speak to a whim-filled ill will, or some negative being done (or committed to) because of self-serving reasons, whether that means someone is bored, someone doesn't want to wait for something better, because someone wanted to 'prove' something (to themselves or to others) ... or simply because someone has decided they do not have to follow the rules everyone else follows because they are (at least in their own mind) so very ‘special.’

With Mars at 0 Gemini at the apex of this t-square, there are aspects of things which now need understanding - on all of our parts. We may very well be feeling like it's 'us against the world' when this Mars at 0 Gemini at the apex of a t-square represents a capacity and opportunity to advance our cause through understanding and joining with others through our ideas, aims and abilities - which is an entirely different thrust. 

As for the aim or goal of this t-square, that is being described here not just by the North Node and Kallisto at 1 Virgo, but by Regulus at 0 Virgo and Amphitrite plus Psyche at 6 Virgo with Psyche due to station and go direct five days from now on April 26th.

So you could say that whatever our growing concerns may be, at some level our task now involves some new outlook which allows us to understand how finding our answers has far more to do with how we think (our thought processes), inclusive of our ability to resist being bothered by what others say, don't say, like or think.

Does that mean something which takes place now stands to affect how we deal with our own misgivings? That’s possible. Then again, with the North Node and Kallisto both sitting at 1 Virgo, everything about this moment may be thought of as a form of ‘fishing’ - through which we come to understand which way we need to go, whether that becomes an original path or 'the road less traveled' or not.

With 1 Virgo being a degree noted for warning as to resentments we might allow to generate acts of revenge, having Regulus and the North Node just a degree apart (and in Virgo’s earliest degrees) suggests something personal is involved here - which with Kallisto suggesting some form of endurance being required before we received any real rewards, this may be a time when we find ourselves having to 'work through' some idea as part of gaining knowledge or comprehension. Or it may simply refer to the effort required (on our part) to cope or continue with projects or activities while waiting something (or someone) out.

Whatever happens now, with Psyche lingering in the degree of its upcoming station (6 Virgo) something is on our mind, and we will be thinking it through - if for no other reason so we will know what we think and why we think that way, in case some question comes up.  

April 26 
Five days pass before Psyche turns to direct motion at 6 Virgo. And with 6 Virgo being known as a degree which manifests as some sort of act, commitment, course of action or ‘lifestyle choice’ which we get into (or) live out before finding out what the ‘cost’ of that choice really is, that suggests some degree of mental debate about who we are (who we are being or who we have become), particularly in light of how hard we find getting past certain aspects of our own personality (and hidden fears) really is – for whatever reasons, be they big or small.

Negatives here are rooted in overindulgence, whether that indulgence is physical, financial, moral, emotional and the tendency to operated based on estimations (read: judgments) about who is 'deserving' based on a tendency to forgive ourselves everything. Plus, in turning to direct motion with Amphitrite and Orcus just ahead (and thus set to be conjuncted as Psyche again begins moving forward) we are bound to be needing to deal with that which we are either having an (Amphitrite) difficult time becoming accustomed to, which we instinctively ‘run away from’ or that which we simply don't want to face even if (Orcus) we know deep inside that whatever the truth is, it cannot now be changed.

However ... with Psyche making its turn to direct in trine to this month’s New Moon at 6 Taurus, we may also be about to make some ‘new start’ - which means this may merely be a moment of decision or turning away from something, someone, or some situation as it has been up until now.

As for the New Moon, the 6 Taurus New Moon in question will be occurring at 12:17 p.m. (UT/+0 time). With Mercury in retrograde as this New Moon occurs, it will be natural to instinctively think things through more carefully than we might have been doing - another gift from Psyche.

New Moon at 6 Taurus (glyph chart)
April 26, 2017 - 12:17 p.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
New Moon at 6 Taurus (text chart)
April 26, 2017 - 12:17 p.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
As with any New Moon which occurs in early Taurus, this one is going to (in part) focus on our relationship to what we are doing with our days and life - and how we feel about what we are doing with our life and whatever options we feel we do or do not have. As a specific degree, 6 Taurus has a reputation for subtleties and the kind of sensitivity which is useful when interacting or communicating with others.

Will this be useful now? It may well be, considering how this New Moon is occurring in exact conjunction with Charybdis, suggesting a ‘stirring up’ of feelings, whether they stem from a tendency to be uncertain about particular things (or) some desire to put others off-balance because our own insecurities are acting up. Whether we are being believed, and whether we are able to hold the attention or respect of our 'audience' (small or large) is also of issue as here what with asteroid Kassandra and fixed star Schedir being together at 8 Taurus. 

As a fixed star, Schedir - 'the chained maiden' refers not to gender but to feelings about being confined or limited in some way, and to those situations where our very feelings come to be (or need to be) held in check. So with Schedir in conjunction with Kassandra, we may not believe our own feelings. Or we may not believe that airing those feelings (opinions, assertions) may not be in our best interest. We may be outraged, or become simply stunned if someone doesn't believe us. Or, with this New Moon occurring in an inconjunct to Black Moon Lilith at 8 Sagittarius, perhaps there is some sort of objection now being raised - or which will be raised during the course of this lunar month - which we will find uncomfortably 'confining' or in need of 'reining in.’

And an important point here: other than that inconjunct and a trine to the North Node emphasizing things we 'should' do, this New Moon is not aspected - which is to say it is unaspected by any of the 'standard' planets. That means this is a moment and a moment when we may either feel very much ‘on our own,’ when we may be finding it harder than usual to ‘connect’ to things or people, (or) we may simply now choose to ‘operate’ on our own or go our own way, whether for reason(s) positive or negative.

For some, this will manifest as a month which is so focused on something that we become virtually 'disconnected’ from everything else. For others, the lack of New Moon aspects will symbolize not being ‘in step’ with others (or) as the defeat or rejection of some effort or idea which might have worked at some other time.

We can also expect a bit of 'backwash' from the February solar eclipse this month as events and situations ask us to 'admit' to some mistake, flaw, deficit or vulnerability at a level which is tough for us emotionally - even if the only person we have to do any admitting to is that face in the bathroom mirror. 

April 28 
That Venus will reenter Aries at 1:14 in the afternoon UT/+0 time in the wake of a Taurus New Moon suggests some extent of deference - or the deferring of gratification. Beyond that, this is a shift we are all likely to feel, as every time Venus exits and enters Aries, some notion of the genteel, soft and kind tends to vanish from everyday conversations and occurrences.

Venus Re-enters Aries (glyph chart)
April 28, 2017 - 13:14 (1:14 p.m., UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Venus Re-enters Aries (text chart)
April 28, 2017 - 13:14 (1:14 p.m., UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Representing what we do (or strive to be) in order to get some sort of ‘response’ or ‘reward,’ Venus in Aries is not thought of as Venus’ easiest transit because Aries is all about a I-Me-Self-centric consciousness and Venus is connective, which means we will be in the position of rewarding ourselves - a state which tends not to feel all that rewarding unless we are doing something we are sure is going to benefit us.

As for altruism and patience ... ? Those aren't Venus in Aries strong points. But that’s okay, as our occasional Venus in Aries fits of frustration (or impatience) are exactly what will get us into productive mode and attending to those things we truly want to see done.

Beyond all that, Venus in Aries is also associated with being (or feeling) 'out of touch' - which may simply mean we are unencumbered and free to do what we ... or that we feel ignored, discounted, or less than good or worthy. Some will experience loss now and some will feel lost, lonely - or simply underappreciated during the next five (plus) weeks of Venus in Aries - with all of these Venus negatives tending to be stronger prior to May 25 New Moon than after.
On top of all this, remember that Yod we talked about back on April 15th when Venus went direct? That Yod is not only still in force - it is being joined by a second Yod which 'hooks' into the first through mutual positions.

That ‘mutual' position’ being focused on Saturn, the Galactic Center, Ixion and fixed star Acumen, issues which concern being constrained or ‘hemmed in’ by situations or influences in our environment are likely, with questions as to whether we are entitled (or properly credentialed, or experienced enough, etcetera) to do something - all of which may or may not be important, but about which we feel rather strongly. In light of this, Acumen plus Ixion poses questions as to whether we have learned where or what 'the limits' are - or whether we are of a mind (or mindset) to continue doing exactly as we want and/or think best (which may or may not be the same thing) until we corner our Self with something (or some situation) which proves to be non-viable, useless and quite possibly detrimental?
With the South Node at 0 Pisces in sextile to Saturn and the Galactic Center taking the easier path may work well enough ... or somewhere in life where we have been taking 'the easy way out' may now be coming to an end (or) be catching up with us in some way. Considering this month's New Moon month (and echoes of the recent solar eclipse at 8 Pisces) we are still dealing with an influence which supports the professional and business side of things, but not the personal or mixtures of the two with the degree 8 Pisces being known to favor that which is truly for the general good (and from which we may derive reward or success) while tending to defeat or undermine that which leads us to be less than fully accountable for our choices and responsibilities - inclusive of how they may affect others.

The base of any Yod tending to describe what we or where we think our interests lie, at the moment that 'thing' or 'standing' is described by Vesta at 28 Cancer, referring to some form of commitment or ‘promise’ which may well concern money or some 'worthwhile exchange.' And given how Yods work, whatever this issue or idea is, that is what we are likely to deem ‘the most important thing’ at the moment - in spite of all options or limitations.

Does this mean we will 'adjust' our (Vesta) promises - or compromise now? It might. Yet according to astrological lore, that will not solve anything, and a Yod's ‘solution’ is found through examining the point in opposition to the base - which in this case is 28 Capricorn, a degree emphasizing the need for dedication in spite of whatever amount of effort or sacrifice is required to shoulder important responsibilities, with there being a likelihood that serious attention will be needed to be given to every detail so as to produce stable outcomes and ultimate success.

With both of these events occurring two days prior to Hebe going retrograde, some of us will step up and take on the challenge. Others will ‘give up,‘ or ‘give in.’ Conflicts and problems may also now turn up now where pride and position get in the way of asking for – or providing – proper assistance or advice as well. 

April 30 
Though we seldom think of mythic Greek figures as having ‘jobs’ (at least as we know them), Hebe is the Olympian servant whose story proves Olympians can have 'a bad day at the office' just like the rest of us entirely mortal folks.

And just how did Hebe prove that?

Simple. She got fired.

Hebe by Francisco Javier Ramos y Albertos (1784)
And what got Hebe fired? Well, apparently Hebe’s toga fell away a fold too far, as she was fired both for immodesty and incompetence, thus bringing her immortal employment to an end while also setting a standard for countless humans who would do likewise in centuries to come.

To be thorough here, this story starts with the idea that Hebe's job was specifically that of supporting other Olympians by bringing them that which would sustain them (which was generally ambrosia, suggesting many an  Olympian might have been on a diet). And that after getting fired, Hebe was replaced by Ganymede - an androgynous male figure much associated with sexuality - also suggests Hebe may be is a figure of 'early times' support as the shift from nourishment to sexuality mirror the path of human growth and maturation, as well.

Or maybe this sequence is a mythic and metaphysical comment on how sexuality is less about what we take in and those we associate with than what we bring to the table.

However we see Hebe, in going retrograde at 3 Capricorn  Hebe is presenting (or representing) some question or situation which asks whether our abilities will be used, what we will choose to use them for (what we will support) and whether our life, surroundings and associates (friends, family, co-workers, etcetera) are themselves mature and bent on good or bad.

In other words, we can be brought down now (to whatever extent) by being surrounded by, by helping, or by being helped by the wrong people.

Due to be in retrograde until August 5th (when Hebe goes direct at 17 Sagittarius), having Hebe go retrograde motion in the wake of Venus re-entering Aries may underscore our feelings of being unsupported - or at least not supported in a manner we are satisfied with). We may feel isolated, or 'left on our own' to solve some problem - or we may well lack (or feel that we lack) sufficient ability or resources to get something done. And as Hebe is going into retrograde just beyond the 5-degree range of orb to Saturn and the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius, that means as soon as Hebe gets into retrograde it reenter that conjunction, either indicating a need to be supportive - or some experience which teaches us the value of support, especially where others or our communities are concerned.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That may seem a bit of a cliffhanger on which to end our monthly traipsing through the celestial tulips, but that is where the astrological tale for April ... and monthly articles on monthly astrological doings here at astroPPM both end. That is not to say I will never post anything, only that there is no schedule to come. So thanks to you for coming along on this stretch of my path - I trust the information has (and will continue to be) a reservoir of, and for reference. 

As for where you will get your cup of fresh astrology next month, that I cannot answer. But I do know that with every new generation there are new astrologers and new writers -  which means somewhere out there in the wilds of the internet, some other stouthearted soul unafraid of challenges larger than Jupiter has surely been moved by the idea of helping others on a monthly and day-by-day basis.

And you never know ... maybe my signing out here will be just the thing which inspires them. Stranger things have happened, after all.

Whoever they are, I hope you transact happily with them and learn much from their efforts to provide you with tools for your own self-enlightenment and personal success.

As for me, upon accepting the inevitability of our new Age as one which is transactional, I sat down and calculated the time costs for writing astroPPM every month. 

Yes, that is probably a sign that I used to be a motion picture accountant. But more importantly, once my trusty calculator spat out the number I knew that no one this side of a very generous and societally minded Medici could afford to underwrite this sort of effort. And seeing as the era of such patronage is long past (not to mention how the history of the Medici clan is just nasty enough that not getting mixed up in it is probably a good thing), in keeping with my own chart and life I am accepting being satisfied with the service I have provided as I begin thinking of life and things in broader terms.

Maybe even moving abroad (again) terms, you never know. With no ill intention intended, it's just a fact: I have never much fit with the thrust of mainstream American life. And given that, with no family and much feeling half-past tired with the unwillingness on the part of so many with so much to care about the simple survival of others, I'm thinking to make a change. In my book (and I am a writer, so I can say that...) I'm not sure any country can call itself civilized, ethical, prosperous or possessed of a belief in integrity when it leaves citizens to fail for want of basic civic support and leadership not of the economic (read: political), but human type.

Nor do I think that makes any real economic sense. But I do understand it all perfectly through the astrological lens, as with Scorpio on the 10th house of leadership and governance, there is going to be a lot of 'gimme' and possessiveness as the goal of individuals as well as those at the top of every society.

That's just going to be part of the Age of Aquarius formula.

However, with Scorpio on the Midheaven of the wheel, there's also that 'karma' thing which needs thinking about. So while remembering that karma (unlike simple 'cause-effect') seldom 'comes back to us' from any expected or anticipated quadrant, what kind of karma are we creating both for our selves and in terms of what we are bound to meet up with in, and from the world? 

All this will certainly change if we humans move to another planet. (Which may yet happen during the Aquarian Age, which is why I bring it up.) But until then, so long as we humans are all living our human lives here on Earth, we are in the Aquarian Age pot. (Or stew, if you prefer.) 

For my own part, after most of a life with intellectual church well and traumatically walled off from all emotional states, in spite of how that 'separation' is such a plus when doing astrology (which works best when treated like a science), because I have done the psychological self-confrontation I can can connect experience to feelings, making this a time for me to explore and find a place where I feel more in sync with and rewarded by my surroundings (and the people in those surroundings).

After all, that's not just the only place I'm likely to do well and feel successful, but (again) that is the way forward in the Age of Aquarius.

And like I say, I've done what I know how to do hereabouts, so it's natural to contemplate moving on to other things and other ways to contribute and be supportive. And as that pertains to me (i.e., anyone) leaving their homeland, sure, some will call it a shame -- and where people are indeed the potential and pride of their country, I suppose I would agree. To the astrological point here, throughout the next two thousand years (i.e., the Aquarian Age), if and where people aren't the pride of their country (and focus of their leadership's support - not the other way around as it was throughout the Age of Pisces with its Sagittarian10th house), now with Scorpio on the 10th house of the Age that will may exacerbate problems all around, bringing out feelings of lacks of support and security being felt on both ends of the personal and societal scale, which given how the typical Scorpio war (emotional, financial, sexual, physical or otherwise) is a symptom of Taurean self respect issues (which get projected) on the part of all parties is not a particularly pretty idea.

But let's remember: Scorpio is a sign which takes on the question of emotional reflectivity, the basic premise of which is how whatever feeling, value or lack thereof we put into anything - that's exactly what we get back from others. This is the heart and soul of why earned respect and the earning OF respect is a Scorpio requirement - because it truly represents our grappling with our Self and our inner feelings. It's why the Scorpio positive allows us to earn from others only when and if they recognize our reliability and honesty with regards to the person we are being to others because that's who we are within our Self.

This quality works individually as well as collectively and with Scorpio/Taurus as the 'identity' axis of the Aquarian Age is a concept we are all now actively challenged by. So where Scorpio functions only on the emotional motivation level, moving, motivating and tempting us to acquire (control, influence, manage) or take a position or even make a choice without having done our Taurus work, that generates trouble sort of in the famous 'do not pass "Go", do not collect $250' sense - whether the 'no go' arrives as outright trouble or just problems with feeling satisfied, however things turn out.

It's all part of Scorpio's native and reflective water quality, a quality which warns us how that which is not 'grown from the ground up' or 'rooted' in that singularly Taurus way will eventuality be 'washed away' whether through some emotional act or next tide of growth or conflict because we have not yet fully learned the endurance or ability to accept responsibility for who we are, what we do and how we feel (or don't feel). Where we learn and do our earning (or where a nation or government does), Scorpio becomes the power of guidance, guardianship, coordination and inclusion, embodying the very promise of benefit through the opportunity to achieve.

Throughout the Age of Pisces, Sagittarius stood at the top of the wheel. So we led with a mixture of philosophy and a concern for and instinct to seek that which is right, correct or capable of opening a door through what we would learn. Now, with Scorpio now at the top of the wheel of the Age, whatever insecurities or vulnerabilities which lie within US (individually or collectively) will drive us to want and to be tempted by that which we feel incomplete about in our Self - which is where the Scorpio tests about power come in.

And that is as it should be with Scorpio on the Midheaven of the Age. In other words, for all the opportunities 'out there,' there is also a sense of danger within - the unresolved Taurus quotient. And given human nature, that will generally have us focusing (or even fixating) on 'them' or 'that' before we consider or confront whatever in or about our own nature or experiences may be causes us to first and foremost feel wariness instead of curiosity. Unresolved internal conflicts (call them our instinctive Taurus soft spots) are the means and methods through which Scorpio (and thus the greater powers of this Age, regardless of who we are) engineers the undermining of any feeling of success or peace which should come from success.

And it continues to do so as long as we continue to do or be anything which causes us not to address such issues.

Just to make the point here, where such Scorpio metaphysical effects are concerned, those means may be prompted by... or result in things which are either negative or positive. It's all about 'as above, so below' - or as we say these days, 'for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction,' the greatest portion of which is not about what the world is (or is 'doing' to us), but rather about that which we create by failing to acknowledge and address our own weaknesses of calculation.

And again, let's be real ... we all run afoul of such things at some point. 

How do I know that? As an astrologer, I know that simply because every chart comes with a 2nd and 8th house plus the signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

All of them. 

In any case, for me a whole new Scorpio-Taurus period starts with the end of this post. So if you happen to be on Facebook, feel free to drop by the astroPPM page and give it a ‘like.' Should you need the services of a professional astrologer, feel free to message via Facebook, via - or by just leaving a note in any of the comment sections at the end of any post, an act which will send Google's digital minions scurrying away to let me know you want to be in touch. I don't take on every request or client (no astrologer does, as we all have specialties), but as you have probably gathered by now, those I do work with will be getting my years of expertise and a lot of detailed information.

Beyond that, and barring any further posting here (which may happen ... no commitments), I urge you - as do everyone - to use metaphysical energy wisely, lest it use you unwisely. That's an old astrology lesson I learned long ago from famed American astrologer (and teacher), Robert Hand. But to put it another way, with Scorpio on the Midheaven of the chart of the Age, that puts karma in charge. So whatever we do or put out into the world - and all which we have put out (particularly for those of us born prior to 1980) - all that now stands to come back to haunt us.

Or at least muddy our emotional waters - which are ours, not anyone else's to deal with and clean up, which is very much in keeping with Scorpio as the sign of purification, resurrection, detoxification and emotional confrontation. Yes, we tend to like projecting that last one (the confrontation) on others, but Scorpio is much more about facing that which scares us most about our own life.

And don't say you don't get scared. You do. We all do. That's a given if you're human. 

In any case, doing the work seems far the better choice, seeing how the alternative is a Age filled with an overhanging sense of karma we are convinced is that of others until - as with all things Scorpio - it collapses in upon us.

And no, it isn't easy. Each astrological Age comes with its own set of challenges and while those of us living into the onset of a new Age (as is happening now) aren't finding having life change the rules part way through life - and meanwhile every one of us who was born after into-and-under the newly instigated Aquarian Age (i.e., after approximately 1980) is struggling with as society which has as yet not fully shed the scales of its Pisces Age habits.  

So in short, whether we meet again or not, whether I post here again or not, I hope you are wise and considered in all you do, for only the good we put into what we do in and for this world is likely comes back around - or manifest through us - as the kind of 'transaction' which ultimately rewards us with sufficiency, security and kindness.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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